VIDEO 3: New Snap L-Pin From Progress Mfg.

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To view a video of the new Snap L-Pin from Progress Mfg. click here or scroll down the right side of the home page.

Progress Mfg. Inc., makers of The Original Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch, announced a hardware design change that will help hitch owners save more time while hooking up the Equal-i-zer hitch.

According to a press release, the Snap L-Pin replaces the standard L-Pin and cotter clip used to secure the weight distribution bars onto the L-brackets.

“Progress Mfg. works to continuously improve and innovate the Equal-i-zer Hitch,” said Rich Elliot, sales manager for Provo, Utah-based Progress Mfg. “The Snap L-Pin combines the standard L-Pin and cotter clip into one unit, so customers have one less thing to worry about while towing.”

The Snap L-Pin flips up or down in one quick and easy motion to secure the weight distribution arms saving customers time and effort, versus placing the pin and inserting the clip.

Beginning in the spring of 2013, Equal-i-zer hitches leaving the Progress Mfg. factory will include the Snap L-Pin. The new Snap L-Pin can also be purchased in a retail 2-pack. Visit for more information.

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Equal-i-zer Hitch Awarded in TL Readers’ Poll

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Equal-i-zer sway control hitch

The Original Equal-i-zer Sway Control Hitch garnered first place in Trailer Life magazine’s 2012 Readers’ Choice Award poll in the travel trailer hitch category.

According to a press release, the Equal-i-zer hitch has been “a leading sway control hitch in the RV industry for many years, and enjoys an extremely loyal customer base.”

“Our recent surveys have shown that over 99% of Equal-i-zer users would recommend the hitch to their friends,” said Progress Manufacturing Inc. CEO Jed Anderson. “Having these customers come forward in this independent survey is a great outside confirmation of that.”

Progress Manufacturing’s products have also been recognized as top choices by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), Popular Mechanics magazine and Truck Trend magazine.

“Our goal has always been safe and happy customers,” said Rich Elliott, director of sales for Progress Manufacturing. “A response like this from customers lets us know that we’re accomplishing that goal.”


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