Equalizer Systems Key to Days Corp. Longevity

November 8, 2013 by · Comments Off on Equalizer Systems Key to Days Corp. Longevity 

Equalizer Systems is leading Days Corp. into its next century as the fastest growing division of the Elkhart, Ind., company that marks its 100th anniversary this year.

According to a press release, Equalizer Systems began in 1990 with the acquisition of a hydraulic leveling company from Nebraska. Leveling systems at that time were changing from a dealer installed item to an OEM standard feature. With so many RV companies around Elkhart, the possibilities for the new company looked promising.

Equalizer’s subsequent development of landing legs for the commercial (racecar, horse, utility) fifth-wheel trailer market, along with the development and patent of its AUTO-LEVEL leveling system, gave the division a strong start.

Today, with the expanded designs in slideouts, growth in RV fifth-wheels, and renewed interest in the smaller Class C motorized market, Equalizer has experienced growth in the RV market as well as in the other markets it serves.

Equalizer occupies more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and installation space in Northern Indiana, and is “uniquely positioned to provide the service and support of a small company with the resources of a large corporation,” the release stated.

Owner Jim Sproatt, who joined Days Corp. as a minority owner in 1988, noted that Equalizer’s success is part of an ethic that has kept Days Corp. growing and going for the last 100 years.

“We believe our company is 100 years old for three reasons. Our diversification, our tradition of excellent service, and the loyalty of customers built on the development of strong business relationships,” he said.

Along with its Equalizer business, Days has seen a growing list of accounts with its export packing division. “We see significant interest in the exporting of boats and RVs to Europe, Australia and even China,” said Sproatt.

For more about Equalizer and Days Corporation, visit


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Stabi-Lite Offers Solution for Smaller Coaches

May 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on Stabi-Lite Offers Solution for Smaller Coaches 

Stabi-Lite legs from Equalizer Systems

After receiving excellent results with several RV manufacturers, Equalizer Systems Inc. is now introducing its Stabi-Lite automatic electric RV stabilizing system to the RV dealer and retail aftermarket.

According to a press release, results of OEM assessments have shown the Stabi-Lite system to be a durable solution for Class C and Class B motorhomes and smaller RVs that can experience a noticeable lean and constant swaying when RVers walk around inside with the slideroom extended. Stabi-Lite eliminates this insecure situation by providing a solid, level platform through a system that deploys automatically with a single touch.

Providing this kind of stability makes Stabi-Lite an effective aftermarket application for the lighter Ford and Chevrolet chassis. It is also the only custom-fit, bolt-on, electric stabilizing system for the increasingly popular Sprinter chassis. Weighing less than 80 pounds, Stabi-Lite is a fuel-efficient and green add-on, including its low-profile design that decreases height required by traditional systems, adding to the aerodynamic profile of contemporary RVs.

Most attractively for the aftermarket, Stabi-Lite is designed to be easy and quick to install with a chassis-specific clamp style mount that requires no welding or drilling. RVers with basic mechanical skills should be able to install the whole system in about two hours. They will also find the system to be an affordable alternative to more expensive hydraulic leveling systems.

“Stabi-Lite has received rave reviews from our RV manufacturing customers,” said Jason Loose, outside sales representative for Equalizer Systems. “So we thought the time was right to bring to the aftermarket this simple and affordable solution for the instability people can feel in a smaller slideout RV.”

Loose added that Equalizer is constantly designing custom brackets for additional applications, noting, “We expect Stabi-Lite to become an attractive system for race trailers and other special uses.”

Equalizer Systems, a division of Days Corp., is based in Elkhart, Ind. For more information visit


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Equalizer Systems Grows Sales, Service Staff

May 8, 2013 by · Comments Off on Equalizer Systems Grows Sales, Service Staff 

Elkhart, Ind.-based lifting and leveling system supplier Equalizer Systems announced the hiring of new sales and service personnel to handle the growth and expansion of its RV operations. According to a press release, the three new hires bring with more than 30 years of combined industry experience.

They include:

• Jason Loose was brought in last summer as an outside sales representative for the eastern United States. Loose’s experience includes working 11 years for Quadra Manufacturing as a dealer and retail sales manager. Responsibilities include setting up a dealer network for service and installation; assisting with the design of new products and upgrades; setting up distributors in both Australia and China; developing a full e-commerce website; and generally involved in various aspects of marketing and product development. He also provided after-hours technical support for customers.

• With the addition of Jason Reed this July as outside sales rep for the western United States, Equalizer will better reach out and serve customers at the OEM, distributor and dealer level, marking a significant increase in its sales and service capabilities. Reed comes with 11 years of RV industry experience, including seven years as northern Indiana market manager for Sherwin-Williams Co. He also spent time as an account manager for Precision Painting Inc., leading its aftermarket interior renovation division, Precision RV Interiors. Prior to taking this position he was a sales coordinator for Heartland RV LLC.

• Jamey Lehman began at Equalizer in January as manager of its service and warranty department. Lehman’s career has exclusively focused on the RV and automotive industries, including 12 years with a hydraulic leveling and slideout manufacturer. During this time, he served as sales and production manager as well as customer service and warranty manager. His background includes experience in all areas of product design, engineering and quality management, including extensive experience in the production of hydraulic cylinders. Among other projects, he also established a larger network of dealers and service centers and executed the training program for it.

“Equalizer Systems has made an investment in these three employees because of increased sales in a variety of markets throughout the United States, as well as internationally,” said Kevin Schmidt, Equalizer division manager. “Since our objective is to provide quality products and services at a fair price, we needed to strengthen our staff to be able to respond to our customers’ changing needs.

“The additional personnel allows us the opportunity to grow our business, while at the same time provide superior customer service and support. We look forward to utilizing the variety of skills each one brings to the table to strengthen our products and processes.”

Equalizer Systems, a division of Days Corp., is a leading supplier of hydraulic and electric lifting, leveling and slideroom solutions for a variety of  industries including RV.

Jason Reed

Jason Loose

Jamey Lehman

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Supplier Equalizer Systems Taps Aftermarket

April 8, 2013 by · Comments Off on Supplier Equalizer Systems Taps Aftermarket 

Equalizer Systems, an Elkhart, Ind.-based manufacturer of leveling and lift systems for RVs and other vehicles, has entered the RV aftermarket following a recent growth spurt.

According to a press release, the new commitment to aftermarket sales includes a Platinum Sponsorship with, one of the largest online RV communities. Equalizer said it will be using the popular site to promote its new lift and leveling systems for fifth-wheels and Class C and Class A motorhomes. Along with advertising, Equalizer personnel will actively monitor the site to offer visitors advice on leveling issues related to RVs.

“This new investment in the RV aftermarket is the logical next step for Equalizer to grow its presence in the RV community,” said Jason Loose, outside sales representative for Equalizer. “For ease of use and rugged dependability, Equalizer offers an affordable, high-quality system that is unmatched by our competitors, and we want to make it more available to the RV user and the RV dealer. Our reputation is well established among manufacturers, and our product line has seen exceptional growth in recent years. We now want to build on that growth and reputation around the RV campfires and at RV dealerships.”

For dedicated do-it-yourselfers and RV service centers, new Equalizer components offer an enhancing add-on for new units as well as a significant upgrade for older RVs.

“Automatic, push-button leveling for a variety of camping situations goes a long way toward simplifying and improving the enjoyment of RV camping,” said Loose. “With a very affordable price point, our system provides a great add-on offering at the point of sale for dealerships and a great value-added option for RVers who don’t want the added fuss and less-than-dependable operation of other systems out there.”

To further facilitate aftermarket add-ons, Equalizer has also established an online store featuring systems and parts for quick and easy ordering by both RVers and RV service centers. The company will also be providing a direct-from-the-factory installation facility in Elkhart, complete with overnight parking with electric for RVers who want to bring their units by for an upgrade.

Loose said effective customer service would also be a priority in the aftermarket, noting, “Our service staff is dedicated to seeing that RV owners and dealers are satisfied every step of the way. This includes a 24/7 Tech Support Line for emergencies as well answers to many questions on our Service & Support web page.

“This is a great new adventure for us and we’re looking forward to establishing some great relationships with RV users and dealers. We believe those relationships will serve to make our product better and RVing better — for everyone.”

To access the online store and more information about Equalizer Systems and components, visit


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RVIA Holds Successful Trouble Shooter Clinic

March 30, 2009 by · Comments Off on RVIA Holds Successful Trouble Shooter Clinic 

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) held another successful Trouble Shooter Clinic March 9-13 at Ivy Tech Community College in Elkhart, Ind., continuing 20 consecutive years of providing expert instruction on key RV systems.

The week-long hands-on program was made possible through the support of Industry suppliers Norcold/Thetford, RVP/Suburban Manufacturing, Marshall Gas Controls, Manchester Tank & Equip. Co., Cequent Performance Products, Parallax Power Components LLC, Shurflo, Atwood Mobile Products, Cummins/Onan, Dometic Corp., Dexter Axle Co., RVP/Airxcell, and Equalizer Systems.

The clinic focused on basic electricity, propane theory and safety practices, with each supplier offering in-depth instruction on design, operation, maintenance and trouble shooting procedures for their products and providing units for demonstration and hands-on student work. The intensive workshop courses are designed to give service technicians the latest in diagnostic trouble shooting procedures and increase service proficiency to benefit RV owners, dealers and manufacturers alike.

Immediately following the clinic an RV Service Technician Certification test was given to those seeking to become Certified and Master Certified Technicians. The program is designed to assist RV owners and industry members in identifying those professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to satisfy established standards in RV diagnostic and repair procedures.

Service technicians came to the Elkhart clinic from numerous locations, traveling from as far away as Nevada, Texas, Florida and Canada to take part in the program.

The clinics will begin again in the fall and are currently scheduled to be held in Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Texas and Indiana.

For more information on the program, contact the RVIA at (703) 620-6003 or visit

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