Dicor Products Debuts Innova Euro Cabinetry

December 15, 2011 by · Comments Off on Dicor Products Debuts Innova Euro Cabinetry 

Dicor Products is introducing the Innova cabinet component line, providing a range of design choices that simplify the Euro-style build process.

“The panels are made in Italy and are some of the best we’ve found in the European market,” said Dwayne Nickel, director of marketing for parent company Dicor Corp., in a press release. “Innova panels help provide an alternative style to grab the RV customer at the point of sale. Virtually any design can be custom built for different floorplans and tastes.

“The cabinet components are very lightweight, which makes them ideal in terms of aiding fuel efficiency and bringing a distinctive look to small RVs, with the marketing cache of modern Italian design and quality. Our Italian partner supplies many of Europe’s leading caravan manufacturers, and has done so for 50 years.”

Nickel added, “The Euro look is an emerging trend here in the U.S. market, but it has needed a local source to help with efficient design concepts because of challenges in the production process. We think our Innova panels are a real answer to those challenges.”

Dicor said that RV manufacturers have found that curved and flat-panel doors/panels require very different designs and manufacturing techniques. “RV manufacturers typically don’t have the experience required with Euro-style products to achieve consistent, well-fitting results without a very time-intensive effort,” said Nickel. “With Innova panels, we can help manufacturers with an easier, more foolproof way to achieve this popular look without the headaches.”

Dicor Products also takes care of the import paperwork and logistics. Its design support can create a custom program for each manufacturer to help them make best use of the materials.

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