Excel Spotlights 13 Notable Films About RVs

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In the tumultuous world of Hollywood, it’s hard not to admire steadfast stars that transcend genre and improve with age – even if those stars aren’t actually actors.

The RV has been a cinematic staple since the mid-’50s and Excel Distributors, the online purveyors of RV mattresses, honors the best film performances of an RV in their latest roundup, “Starring the RV: Cinema and the Illustrious Career of the Recreational Vehicle,” according to a news release. Thirteen films feature the RV in 13 very different roles — Excel breaks it down by genre and discovers that whether it’s a Winnebago or Fleetwood, the RV is the lynchpin that ties this collection together.

“The RV has had an amazing cinematic career,” says Scott Oster, general manager of Excel Distributors. “It has rolled onscreen in both starring and supporting roles in nearly every film genre and the tank has never hit empty. Actors should be so lucky.”

Starring the RV showcases 13 films ranging from Lucille Ball’s 1953 slapstick “The Long, Long Trailer” to the 2008 introspective documentary “A Finished Life” – and everything in-between. Excel classified the 13 movies by the RV’s function in each: as a comedic device, for example, or to propel a horror story, or to display different levels of wealth.

The vast range of the RVs starring roles is what makes Excel’s roundup so remarkable.

“Take the RVs in the movie ‘RV’,” explained Oster. “You get absurd car chases, an RV perched on a cliff, an RV sinking in a lake – it’s pure comedy. On the other hand, the RV plays a vital role in the very un-funny slasher-film, ‘Motorhome Massacre.’ Two very different movies – two equally great RV performances.”

Click here to read “Starring the RV: Cinema and the Illustrious Career of the Recreational Vehicle” and see the entire list of RV 13 movies.

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Excel Chronicles the ‘Evolution of the RV’

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excel-logo Excel Distributors, an online purveyor of RV mattresses, RV mattress protection pads and RV pillows, is celebrating the  centennial of the RV industry with a look back through history. The company has published an illustrated timeline of the  RV’s evolution spanning 100 years of road trips, rambles and rustic adventure titled “Evolution of the RV.”

“Even though RVs are still as popular today as they ever were during the past century, not many people know how the RV got its start, or even that it has been around for a hundred years,” explains Scott Oster, general manager of Excel Distributors. “This is our birthday gift to the RV: educating the camping collective with a road trip through history.”

Excel’s RV evolution timeline starts in the early 20th century when American’s first felt the urge to start exploring the great outdoors for fun. Most built their own recreational vehicles out of wood and on top of existing car chassis.

“Early RVers were ingenious,” says Oster. “They knew what they wanted and made it happen. The automotive industry had to catch up.”

Catching up didn’t take long: The Evolution of the RV shows the skyrocketing popularity of RVs and travel trailers in the 1930s, the lull in the ’40s, and revitalization during the ’50s and ’60s. The timeline incorporates vintage photos of different vehicle designs to help illustrate how the RV developed into the road warriors cruising today’s highways. “It was an exciting project. We’ve been in the RV industry for years, and we are still learning,” says Oster. “We hope this timeline sheds some light on the rich history of the RV.”

Click here to visit the Evolution of the RV.

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Excel Names Its ‘7 Wonders of the RV World’

July 8, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

Trailer Park Taj Mahal in Zeba, Mich.

Trailer Park Taj Mahal in Zeba, Mich.

Roadside attractions are hardly recognized at the worldwide level. It takes a special person to seek out the giant balls of twine and enormous fiber glass animals that grace the highways of the United States. To honor these road warriors, Excel Distributors, the purveyor of aftermarket RV mattresses, has created the “7 Wonders of the RV World,” a list of the kookiest, most creative and completely sensational roadside attractions for roadtrippers to visit, according to a news release.

Airstream Ranch in Dover, Fla., is the first of Excel’s “7 Wonders of the RV World.” Two others have a definite RV angle: the Shady Dell RV park in Bisbee, Ariz., and the Trailer Park Taj Mahal in Zeba, Mich.

It’s about time someone has given them Wonder status.

Shady Dell RV park, Bisbee, Ariz.

Shady Dell RV park, Bisbee, Ariz.

“In 2001, Bernard Weber fronted the campaign for the New 7 Wonders of the World to highlight the significant cultural feats of the contemporary world. We loved his vision and decided to spotlight some quirky wonders that didn’t quite make it into his New 7 Wonders,” explains Scott Oster, general manager of Portland, Ore.-based Excel Distributors. “These are the wonders of the road.”

The “7 Wonders of the RV World” span across North America, with one pit stop in remote Alberta, Canada. Every Wonder is a roadside spectacle, be it the wall of Airstream trailers buried nose-down in Dover, Fla., or the eclectic Official Center of the World in Felicity, Calif. Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta is home to the largest beaver dam in the world, a 2,790-foot structure that is visible from space. “Each of the 7 RV Wonders is spectacular, and deserves to be visited,” says Oster.

Airstream Ranch, Dover, Fla.

Airstream Ranch, Dover, Fla.

“We love highlighting such a vivid part of our country’s cultural heritage. RVs have been popular in the United States since the early-1900s, and roadside attractions have been around for even longer,” says Oster. “It’s about time someone has given them Wonder status.”

To read about all seven, click here.

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