Wash. Retailers Plagued By Rash of Break-ins

April 9, 2013 by · Comments Off on Wash. Retailers Plagued By Rash of Break-ins 

RV dealerships and nearby trailer owners in Fife, Wash., have been hit by a rash of break-ins. According to a report by KOMO TV, the thieves don’t try to steal the RVs and trailers — just electronics.

“And they’re not taking the remote controls,” said Patti Bellucci, who works with Sumner RV.

Their Fife location has been hit twice recently, with around a dozen of their RVs broken into. The small company doesn’t have a bulk discount with big manufacturers. They buy all the electronics right of the shelf, so the loss hits twice as hard.

“This is all coming out of our pockets, basically,” Bellucci said.

At nearby Fife RV, Matt Cazier walks by a range of high-end motorhomes, some that cost as much as $500,000. Some have power cords and exposed cables inside because thieves have broken into more than thirty of his campers just since December.

“They know that they’re fairly vulnerable. It’s quick. It’s in and out,” Cazier said.

Fife RV has lost an estimated $30,000 in equipment and decided to hire a security guard. That has helped the thefts taper off, but it has cost man hours and even more money.

Bellucci is simply disappointed. She fears drugs and addiction are fueling the odd crimes. She wishes her homes, mobile or otherwise, could be safer.

“It just really hurts. It’s really sad,” she said.

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