Extreme RVs Segment to Showcase Forks RV

March 13, 2013 by · Comments Off on Extreme RVs Segment to Showcase Forks RV 

Editor’s Note: To view an accompanying video from WSBT, South Bend, Ind., click here.

Shipshewana, Ind.-based Forks RV Inc. will soon be in the national spotlight because of the high-end travel trailers it makes.

A crew from the Travel Channel spent the last couple of days at the company’s headquarters in Shipshewana, shooting a segment for one of its shows called “Extreme RVs.” Their focus – to showcase the high-end travel trailers and fifth-wheels made by Forks RV.

Their show takes a look at manufacturers that take their time building towable units that involve a lot of handmade efforts. “Forks RV uses a large amount of craftsmanship and just kind of go above and beyond. They are very specialized in what they do and Forks RV is definitely one of those companies that fits the bill,” said Extreme RVs Director Dennis Zerull.

“The fit and finish to the product is above anything else in the market,” said Forks RV Director of Operations Eric Stutzman. “Typically, to get in this level of finish, you’re into a class A or higher-end, customer bus of some sort.”

Forks typically turns out a limited amount of units every year.

“The bar is high,” added Stutzman. “It’s not volume-based production facility. We do maybe 25 coaches a year, so the focus is on the quality side of things.”

He says he and the workers feel it is “a great honor to have been picked for the show,” adding, “It’s a chance to show the quality of their product to a national audience.”

“When we have the recognition from the Travel Channel like this, it’s exciting. You know it opens up, it broadens our horizons quite a bit,” said Stutzman.

Producers of the show point out that firms are not selected arbitrarily to be on Extreme RVs. “We do an extensive amount of research,” said Zerull. “Extreme RVs is now in its third season, and a large part of that has been here in Indiana.”

The segment of the program that Forks RV will appear on is slated to be on the Travel Channel late this spring or early this summer.

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