Study Reconfirms Affordability of Traveling by RV

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Go RVing Canada announced the results of a new ‘Family Vacation Cost Comparison Study,’ which compares RV vacations with several other vacation modes.

According to a press release, this is the second installment of the study conducted by PKF Consulting and the results reveal that an RV vacation can be up to 78% cheaper than other forms of travel. This statistic has increased by 3% since the last study, conducted in 2009.

Several forms of travel were compared, and in all cases RV vacations were more economical than any other type of travel, regardless of trip duration, distance, or region of the country where the vacation took place.

The study compared an RV vacation with two other popular forms of family vacation: driving the family vehicle and staying at hotels, and traveling by air and rental car with hotel accommodations. All costs associated with a family vacation were analyzed including fuel costs, air fare, restaurant meal cost, grocery cost, rental car cost, campsite cost and hotel/motel cost. It is also important to note that the study also factored in vehicle ownership costs.

“The margin of savings is amazing. No one can deny that a family vacation in an RV really is incredibly affordable,” stated Alana Fontaine, Go RVing Canada national spokesperson. “RVing is an excellent choice for families seeking to maximize their vacation budgets.”

The cost benefits of RVing come from the flexibility of cooking in an RV and the affordability of campgrounds that offer both electrical and water hookups. According to the PKF Study, the average cost of campgrounds was $368 for a ten day trip from Halifax to Quebec City. The same trip averaged $1,754 in hotel costs with a car/hotel vacation.

As an example, the average cost of a seven-day RV vacation from Vancouver to Banff National Park using a lightweight travel trailer was 41% cheaper than the same vacation with a car/hotel option; and about 54% cheaper than a comparable air/hotel option. The average cost per day of a three-day camping vacation to Algonquin Provincial Park from Montreal using a folding camping trailer was found to be about 43% less expensive than the cost of a comparable car/hotel combination vacation; and about 78% less than the cost of a comparable air/hotel vacation.

“This is the time when families are starting to think about their summer vacations. “Ninety percent of RV owners agree that RVing is the best way to travel with children,” said Fontaine. “Many families are looking for affordable ways to see the country at its best and RVing is the perfect opportunity to accommodate a budget with a fun and flexible vacation.”

For more information on RVing across Canada, please visit

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Go RVing Canada Campaign Aids Salvation Army

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Go RVing Canada today (Dec. 9) launched its second annual “Stuff the RV and Feed Someone’s Tummy” national holiday campaign, which serves to benefit The Salvation Army.

According to a press release, Go RVing Canada is encouraging all Canadians to give to their local Salvation Army over the holidays and participate in the charitable events the organization will be hosting across the country over the next several weeks. Go RVing Canada is also promoting its very own iKettle, a user-friendly tool that allows participants to donate to The Salvation Army online.

“Go RVing Canada hopes that Canadians will get in the spirit of giving and lend a hand to those who are most in need by joining us and taking part in The Salvation Army’s annual Christmas campaign,” said Go RVing Canada spokeswoman Angèle Lapointe. “The Salvation Army is an important organization and we are extremely happy to work with them over the holiday season. We are hoping to fill an RV full of non-perishable food with the help of cities across Canada. This allows us to give back and help Canadian families who are less fortunate.”

Go RVing Canada is planning different charitable events across the country, and is asking Canadians to get involved in the campaign, as The Salvation Army is in need of help more than ever. According to the organization, approximately 3 million Canadians, or one in 11 people, live in poverty, making access to everyday needs like food, clothing and shelter difficult. With its 2011 holiday campaign, Go RVing Canada hopes to raise awareness in regards to this important fundraising event, which helps hundreds of people every holiday season.

“The Salvation Army is thrilled to partner again with Go RVing Canada to raise funds in support of our work with Canadians most affected by poverty,” said Graham Moore, spokesman for The Salvation Army. “The support of partners like Go RVing Canada and other Canadians make it possible for our organization to meet our goal of giving hope and dignity to people in need in 400 communities across Canada.”

For more information on Go RVing Canada’s holiday campaign and related events, visit or visit Go RVing Canada’s Facebook Page. Visit to donate to The Salvation Army through Go RVing Canada’s iKettle.


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Go RVing Canada Says 3Q Sales Close to 2010

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Go RVing Canada today (Nov. 18) released RV sales figures for 2011’s third quarter, which “clearly demonstrate that strong sales and revenue performance in July and August helped bring total RV retail industry revenues close to 2010 levels,” according to a press release.

Go RVing said that this data reinforces that RVing remains a popular travel option for Canadian families, who are discovering the fun, flexibility and affordability that the RV lifestyle provides.

With a strong rebound in demand in July and August, total revenues in the RV industry now stand at just over $2.3 billion dollars, bringing it close to the equivalent sales period in 2010. These solid 2011 sales results can partially be attributed to the strong Canadian dollar. The relative strength of the Canadian economy as a whole throughout the turmoil of recent months and years is also bearing fruit for the retail RV industry.

“This is wonderful news for the RV industry,” said Go RVing Canada Spokesperson Angèle Lapointe. “Much of the sales rebound in this year’s third quarter can be attributed to strong demand brought about by the continued affordability of RVs in Canada. This has come largely as a result of our strong currency.”

Depending on the RV model, a typical family RV vacation can be up to 75% less expensive per day than other forms of vacation travel. According to a cost-comparison study conducted by PKF Consulting, an RV trip is shown to be more economical when compared to a traditional week’s vacation for a family of four, when the costs of flights, car rental, hotels and eating out at restaurants are considered.

“Though Canada is not immune to the economic difficulties currently faced by the rest of the world, our performance has been far superior to most developed countries in terms of economic growth, employment and retail sales,” continued Lapointe. “Canadians are still opting for affordable travel options and RV vacations are just that!”

For more information on RVing and upcoming RV shows across Canada, please visit


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Go RVing Canada Holds Gas Giveaway Contest

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In order to promote its new page on Facebook, Go RVing Canada recently launched its “Great Gas Give-A-Way” contest for a chance to win $100 worth of gas.

According to a press release, users are encouraged to go on Facebook’s website, join in on the conversation with other RVers and ‘like’ the new Go RVing Canada Page.

To enter, visit Go RVing Canada’s Facebook Page, click on the ‘Contests’ tab, and fill out the information form. One gas card will be given out every week until Dec. 20, so participants are invited to visit every Monday and enter for an opportunity to win a new gas card.

Go RVing Canada’s new Facebook fan page is being developed to better interact with the Canadian RVing community. This fan page will also help facilitate broadcasting information to fans, as well as create a community of like-minded people, further establishing Go RVing Canada as the destination of all things related to RVing.


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Saskatchewan Led Canadian RV Sales in 2010

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Recently released data from Go RVing Canada on provincial sales in 2010 showed that Saskatchewan was the leader in RV purchases on a per capita basis. In addition, residents of the province were almost three times more likely to purchase an RV in 2010 than Canadians in other provinces.

Go RVing Canada said that “the numbers clearly demonstrate that Canadians are taking advantage of continued affordability in the marketplace and discovering the fun, freedom and flexibility that an RV vacation provides.”

“This highlights the degree to which Saskatchewan has become a leading destination for RVers of all ages,” said Go RVing Canada spokeswoman Alana Fontaine. “More and more Canadians all over the country are discovering the fun and flexible travel options that RVing provides, and the best part is, it is extremely affordable.”

Earlier this year, Go RVing Canada released provincial sales data for Saskatchewan and the month of March 2011, demonstrating that RV sales in the province jumped an impressive 19.3% this year over last. While consumer prices in most other industries have been on the increase in recent months with relatively high inflation, RV purchase prices have remained stable at the record-low levels consumers have been enjoying for several years.

“Affordability drives demand and RV prices have never been better for Canadian families looking to experience the RV lifestyle without breaking the bank,” said Fontaine.


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Go RVing Canada Partners With Make-A-Wish

August 12, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Go RVing Canada is helping the Make-A-Wish Foundation ensure a young boy’s RV vacation wish comes true.

According to a press release, 10-year-old Eric, from Alberta, made a wish to the foundation to fully experience an RV vacation, and Go RVing Canada is making sure his wish gets fulfilled.

In celebration of 2010’s holiday season, Go RVing Canada donated a complete RV vacation to Make-A-Wish Canada. This donation included a fully stocked Class C motorhome with enough food, drink, gas and campsite bookings for the adventure. Go RVing representatives also assisted Eric and his family plan the exciting five-day trip through Alberta.

Eric and his family will begin their RV adventure in the Dinosaur Capital of the World, Drumheller, Alberta. They will stay at the infamous Dinosaur Park in Drumheller before driving to Banff and Lake Louise. The family will have the opportunity to visit and explore the many popular activities these cities have to offer during the summer months, including an abundance of walking and hiking trails, unique hot springs, and glacier expeditions. Eric and his family’s trip will conclude in Jasper, the largest and most northerly of the four Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

“We are extremely grateful to Go RVing Canada for all their help in planning and funding Eric’s wish to go camping,” stated Cathy Gabucci, executive director for Make-A-Wish Northern Alberta. “It’s going to be a dream come true for Eric! Thanks to Go RVing Canada, Eric and his family will have memories they can treasure forever.”


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Go RVing Canada Rolls Out Blog/Mapping Tool

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Go RVing Canada announced today (Aug. 3) its newest website feature: a blog/mapping tool available for viewing by all RV enthusiasts who visit

According to a press release, this new feature will be an excellent source of personal RVing stories, tips about RVing, suggestions for campgrounds to visit and ideas for the next RV adventure. The information tool will be guided by RVers who will blog about their exciting RV experiences at particular RV parks and campgrounds across Canada. Once they have written their review, the park will be plotted on a map to show exactly where the park is located geographically.

The address and website of the park will also be provided in each entry, allowing RVers to not only view the precise location of a particular park, but also have an idea of what the park is like and what to expect upon their visit.

Go RVing Canada hopes this innovative tool will encourage more RV enthusiasts to take advantage of the hub of RV-related information found on the Go RVing Canada website.

“We are very excited to launch this new online blog/mapping tool,” said Go RVing Canada spokesperson Angèle Lapointe. “We hope that these personal RVing stories, tips and reviews of Canadian campgrounds will encourage more individuals and families to get out and enjoy the fun, freedom and flexibility that an RV vacation provides. And the great thing is, it is incredibly affordable.”

For more information on the RV lifestyle and to read more about the RV experience, please visit


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Go RVing Canada Sponsoring Photo Contest

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Go RVing Canada logoTo mark the beginning of summer, Go  RVing Canada is launching its  2011 Take Your Best RV Shot Photo  Contest. The online photo contest  opens today (June 21) and runs until  Aug. 29, wrapping up the summer,  according to a news release.

Go RVing Canada is encouraging all  RV enthusiasts across the country to submit their best RV-related camping photos online for a chance to win one of five prizes. The grand prize for best overall photo is a $750 gift card to Henry’s, Canada’s Digital Camera Center. There will also be four chances to win a $200 President’s Choice gift card. Contestants can submit their photos into four categories:

  • Fun-filled discoveries and activities.
  • Family portraits.
  • Memorable sunsets.
  • Breathtaking nature.

The release stated, “Go RVing Canada hopes to encourage those who take advantage of fun and affordable RV vacationing to share their RV experiences with us. As we know, Canada is full of spectacular campgrounds and this summer is a perfect opportunity to enjoy more vacation time within our country. With the increased success of the Canadian RV industry, RV sales have seen an impressive jump in sales figures across the board, signifying that a record number of Canadian families are discovering the fun and flexible travel that the RV lifestyle provides.”

“We are so excited to launch this fun, summer themed contest that is open and available to everyone across Canada,” said Go RVing Canada spokesperson Angèle Lapointe. “In this current digital age, it has become increasingly quick and easy to upload photos instantly on-line. We look forward to receiving Canada’s most memorable photos over the next two months which will only encourage more people to get out and enjoy the RV lifestyle.”

Contestants may enter at For more information on the RV lifestyle, visit

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Go RVing Canada Touts Economy of RVing

May 25, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

With volatile gasoline prices, a vacation in a gas-guzzling RV may not sound like a great idea.

But, as reported by the Canadian Press, Go RVing Canada is pushing this type of holiday as being more affordable than some other options.

“Yes, it is affected (by high gas prices) like all other forms of travel, but it’s a lot more flexible than, say, flying and using hotels,” said Go RVing spokesperson Angele Lapointe.

“You can control the amount of road time you do,” she added. “You can decide to stay in a campground a little longer.”

At current gasoline prices, a 10-day trip for a family of four traveling from Halifax to Quebec City and back would cost less than $3,000 in an RV, compared to almost $8,000 using airlines, a rental car, hotels and restaurants, said Lapointe.

Rental costs for motorized RVs vary from province to province. At a pair of Ontario dealerships, for example, the price ranges from $94 to $200 a day, said Lapointe.

Retail sales of RVs across Canada rose 18% last year compared with 2009, Go RVing said in a release. The group also said the industry is seeing increased attendance at its trade shows.

RVs cost anywhere from about $6,000 to $200,000, said Lapointe.

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Go RVing Canada Kickoff Makes a ‘Splash’

May 20, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Go RVing Canada kicked off the RV vacation season with a splash at an exclusive press conference event hosted at The Niagara Parks Commission (NPC), in magnificent Niagara Falls, an all-time favorite RV camping destination for Canadians.

Go RVing Canada highlighted the increase in summer bookings in Ontario campgrounds, indicating that RV owners will be enjoying more vacation time within Canada this year. Go RVing Canada also emphasized the success of the Canadian RV industry, with RV shows and sales seeing impressive increases in attendance and sales figures across the board.

Total retail sales at RV dealerships in Canada have surged close to pre-recession levels, signifying that a record number of Canadian families are discovering the fun and flexible travel that the RV lifestyle provides, and are taking advantage of the continued affordability in the marketplace. Sales are up an impressive 18.4% across the country for 2010, representing a very strong outcome for an industry coming out of one of the worst economic downturns in recent history.

“These figures confirm that regardless of the increase in fuel prices, Canadians still believe that RVing is the most affordable and flexible vacation option,” said Go RVing Canada spokesperson Angèle Lapointe. “Today we are celebrating the beginning of a new RV vacation season, but we are also here to remind Canadians that an RV vacation remains an extremely economical way for families to travel.”

Depending on the RV model, a typical family RV vacation can be up to 75% less expensive per day than other forms of vacation travel. According to a recent cost-comparison study conducted by PKF Consulting, an RV trip is shown to be more economical when compared to a traditional week’s vacation for a family of four, when the costs of flights, car rental, hotels and eating out at restaurants are considered.

“Ontario Niagara Parks is about preserving a rich heritage, conserving natural wonders and inspiring people worldwide,” stated NPC Chair Fay Booker. “A great way to explore all that Ontario and Niagara Parks has to offer is by traveling in an RV. I want to thank Go RVing Canada for launching the season here in Niagara Parks, with the spectacular natural wonder of the Falls as our backdrop.”

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