Go RVing Unveils New Leads-Plus Program

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Today in Louisville

Today in Louisville

Go RVing unveiled the new Leads-Plus Program to the RV industry and the expanded media plan for the upcoming year at Outlook 20011: “A New Era Begins” today (Nov. 30) at the outset of the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

In a presentation titled Go RVing: “Inspiration for a New Era,” Go RVing co-chairmen Bob Olson and Tom Stinnett detailed how new computerized enhancements to the Go RVing consumer leads database will increase the value of Go RVing leads by prioritizing them and making it easier for industry members to follow up more effectively and efficiently, according to a news release.

“This program can analyze every lead received and tell us whether they are a hot lead itching to buy soon or an interested lead deciding where in the buying process they are,” said Stinnett.

The Leads-Plus Program uses a mathematical model to process all leads generated by the national advertising campaign. Beginning next year, all leads will be run through a computer program that looks at profiling factors for each individual and then prioritizes the resulting leads into four groupings: Highly Likely to Purchase, Likely, Moderately Likely, and Interested in purchasing.

“In these times of reduced staff and lower marketing budgets, the Leads-Plus Program is a major step forward that will put the Go RVing campaign to work for your business,” added Olson.

Go RVing Ad Program for 2011

Plans for the upcoming Go RVing advertising campaign for 2011 were also detailed during the presentation. New to the media plan will be the cross-platform buy on the popular Food Network with Go RVing messaging and ads appearing on Food’s television programming, in Food Network Magazine and on

Also new next year will be Go RVing content on “First Look,” pre-movie entertainment programming produced by National CineMedia and shown in theaters nationwide.

It was also announced that Go RVing will continue advertising on television sports programming including NASCAR programming on the SPEED Channel; PBA bowling, Triple Crown horse racing and bull riding on ESPN’s family of networks; Go RVing courtside signage at 150 NCAA basketball games airing on ABC, CBS, ESPN and ESPN; and a new sponsorship on MLB network.

Go RVing advertising will also appear on 40 widely varied cable networks, in 28 highly read magazines, and on over 40 highly visited websites. In addition, Go RVing will continue its low-cost, high-impact investment in social media, using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to generate millions of impressions at no cost.

“The various elements of the 2011 media plan are designed to keep RVing top of mind with consumer as the economy improves,” said Olson. “By reinforcing our message of affordability we will bring in new leads for manufacturers, dealers, campgrounds and all industry partners.”

It was also reported that the “Go Affordably, Go RVing” campaign mounted by Go RVing in 2010 played well to consumers as a mood of frugality took hold in the marketplace.

All response measures indicate that the new Ambassadors of Affordability creative and website helped build awareness of the value of RV ownership and draw more consumers to the industry.

“The new ads featuring the Ambassadors of Affordability were a shot in the arm for the industry, and consumers loved the ads, too,” said RVIA Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Gary LaBella. “In the midst of economic turmoil, rising unemployment and gloomy news reports, Go RVing gave our audience entertaining, humorous characters with a timely, relevant message.”

Research shows that new Go RVing advertising campaign is having an impact on target consumers. According to the Advertising Effectiveness Study conducted for Go RVing by Russell Research, an impressive 50% of prospects have seen Go RVing ads. Further, those consumers aware of the campaign are twice as likely to indicate they will purchase an RV someday and are significantly more likely to rent an RV.

“The study shows that we’re achieving what every advertising campaign hopes to do, and that Go RVing has had a significant impact on the non-RVing public,” said Olson.

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