Go RVing Canada Updates RV Dealer Initiative

April 1, 2013 by · Comments Off on Go RVing Canada Updates RV Dealer Initiative 

Along with a new website, Go RVing Canada has instituted many updates and added new features to the “Go RVing Canada Dealer Tie-In Program” for 2013.

According to a press release, one of the improvements is an electronic consumer lead distribution program that automatically e-mails Go RVing Canada consumer inquiries originating in dealers’ areas so they may pursue the lead.

Other enhancements include:

• Easy-to-update dealer information.

• Instant receipt of leads as they are generated by consumers at

• Automatic retrieval of passwords to archived leads.

In addition, the Go RVing Canada Marketing Advantage Program (MAP) includes use of: tie-in logo files; digital files for posters, banners, postcard mailers that can be customized and printed locally; a photo library of Canadian images and RV images; and video footage that can be used at shows and for recruiting staff.

Also new for 2103, according to Go RVing of Canada, are new marketing materials to support advertising campaigns, including new 2013 campaign posters that will be sent to all dealers in March, new videos for download and a 25-second radio ad available with five-second dealer tag.

Tie-in dealers will have an enhanced listing at the Go RVing Canada website at and a special logo designed for subscribers to the program will appear next to their name in all the listings. They will also benefit from a full communication and media kit with sample PR releases, crisis management fact sheets and talking points to use when conversing with media representatives.

Go RVing Canada said it will share monthly social media content calendars for updates based on initiatives. This will allow dealers to trend on specific and engaging topics in the online environment. The organization said it is also working on enhancements and value-added services to improve the experience for all tie-in dealers that include:

• Carrying out search engine optimization audits that will lead to a rise in rankings for Go RVing Canada dealers through the website.

• Reviewing proposal for the creating of informational videos or webinars based on topics suggested by dealer feedback, such as new trends in social media, marketing and mobile as a way to gather sales.

• Gathering metrics from dealers on the success of tie-in program in generating leads/sales.

• Delivering a targeted survey to tie-in dealers to gather information about what programs and investments should be developed in 2014.

All subscribers to the “Go RVing Canada Dealer Tie-In Program” receive a complimentary copy of the manual entitled “Leads Management 101: Building Your Business through Effective Lead Management” to assist in maximizing the benefit of the leads you receive. Subscribers also receive access to the image bank and research reports on the “Industry Only” area of the U.S. Go RVing website at

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RVDA of Canada Cites Many Go RVing Successes

January 25, 2010 by · Comments Off on RVDA of Canada Cites Many Go RVing Successes 

Go RVing of Canada logoEditor’s Note: Following are excerpts from a story in the current RVDA of Canada eBulletin.

The Go RVing Canada website generates warm leads – that is, consumers looking to buy an RV who have expressed a willingness to be contacted by dealers.

A recent letter from Go RVing Canada to Tie-in Dealers noted the following:

Go RVing Canada reviews its lead generation program annually to ensure that the program is operating as successfully as it can. Here are some interesting statistics from the recent Go RVing Canada lead conversion study:

  • 15% of those contacted own an RV – up from the all-time low of 12% in 2008.
  • 2/3 of those who own an RV bought it from a dealer.
  • 28% of those surveyed indicated they were somewhat or very likely to buy an RV in 2010.
  • 53% indicated they visited an RV dealership in the 2009.
  • Go RVing Canada generated 4,991 high quality leads from our website last year.


  • Only 11% of survey respondents said they were contacted by an RV dealer!
  • A whopping 82% reported they were not contacted by anyone (and 7% couldn’t remember).

Two things are apparent from this information:

  • Things in the RV industry may not be as bad as many feared.
  • Dealers are allowing high quality leads go uncontacted, losing potential sales.

Extrapolating the 82% to the total number of leads sent to dealers in 2009 (69,069), 56,637 consumers were waiting for your call.

With 1 to 2 out of 10 website visitors buying an RV, that’s a lot of lost cash.

For those already signed up as Tie-in program dealers and receiving weekly leads that are again complimentary in 2010:

The Go RVing Canada letter goes on to state:

Lead generation is one of the key services Tie-in dealers receive from Go RVing Canada. Potential customers visit our website and ask to be sent more information. We send them a DVD outlining the benefits and pleasures of RV ownership, and we provide their names and contact information to you. When you ignore the leads, you’re telling these potential customers you don’t need their business – You’ll agree that this is not the impression we, as an industry, are trying to create.

I strongly urge you to begin following up on the leads you receive. Put your best foot forward. It benefits you, the manufacturers you represent, and the industry as a whole.

Check with your sales staff to ensure they are receiving leads and monitor their handling of leads. Your complimentary copy of Leads Management 101 should assist you.

If you would like to know how many leads were sent to your dealership last year, contact the national office at

For dealers not yet participating in the Go RVing Canada Dealer Tie-in Program:

Sign up for free weekly “warm” leads now.

The program is again complimentary for 2010.

If you have an enhanced listing at the Go RVing Canada website (, which includes being situated in the upper list, you are already in the Dealer Tie-in Program.

Dealers who would like to join the program and receive “warm” leads and promotional aids need to sign a contract, available by contacting the national office at (604) 718.6325 or, or by downloading from the “Member Services /Go RVing Tie-in” link on the member side of Contact the national office at should you need a reminder of your ID and password.

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