Jayco’s Jay Flight/Autumn Ridge ‘Green Certified’

January 28, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

TRA certified logoJayco’s Jay Flight and Starcraft Autumn Ridge travel trailers have been “green certified” by TRA Certification Inc., an internationally accredited certification organization.

The Jay Flight and Autumn Ridge travel trailers were awarded a Gold Level Performance Rating, making Jayco and Starcraft among the first RV manufacturers recognized for building products with green manufacturing processes and materials, according to a news release.

There are four levels of TRA’s green rating for RV manufacturers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Emerald. The Jay Flight Autumn Ridge travel trailers achieved Emerald ratings in three out of five categories (water efficiency, indoor environmental quality and operation and maintenances) and Gold ratings in the other two categories (resource efficiency and energy efficiency).

Tom Arnold, president of Elkhart, Ind.-based TRA Certification Inc., in explaining the green RV concept, said, “A green RV incorporates environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the development and manufacturing process. The design, construction and operation of a green RV focus on energy and water efficiency, resource-efficient RV design and materials, and indoor air quality.”

“Jayco is proud that our Jayco and Starcraft brands are among the first to be named gold-level green certified products,” said Sid Johnson, Jayco’s director of marketing. “It is one thing to say you are a ‘green’ company but it is an entirely different standard when your company is certified green by an independent testing firm. Operating as a good corporate citizen has always been the Jayco way of doing business. Paying attention to environmental standards and being efficient with resources are just a couple of the ways we can demonstrate that responsibility.”

Johnson stated that other Jayco and Starcraft products have yet to be tested and will be going through the same process in the near future.

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‘Green’ Certification Takes Hold in RV Industry

December 21, 2009 by · Comments Off on ‘Green’ Certification Takes Hold in RV Industry 

MC90631_8cc41509366160cRVs are starting to go “green” in what could be an added incentive for consumers to lift the industry out of its doldrums. If the signs at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville earlier this month are any indication, “green” and “RV” can go hand and hand just fine, according to a news release.

Six RV and park model companies boasted products at the show with “Green Certified” insignia on them, provided by the independent certification firm, TRA Certification. TRA has developed a set of green requirements based on the ANSI consensus standard for new construction, which also fits the RV industry.

TRA Certification is a long-time, internationally accredited certifier of quality management systems. In recent months it has turned its attention to the RV and park model industries to implement a set of consensus green requirements from the construction industry that are modified to meet RV and park model construction practices. This is the first time such a program has been applied to the RV industry.

“Everyone has become more green conscious about everything,” said Tom Arnold, president of TRA Certification. “We know the RV industry has a customer-base that is particularly attuned to environmental concerns. This provides a tremendous opportunity for RV manufacturers and dealers to tout this special kind of added value – provided their claims are backed by some agreed-upon requirements that buyers can trust.”

TRA Certification anchored its show presence in the EverGreen Recreational Vehicles LLC booth, where TRA Green Program Manager Mandy Leazenby described the reception of their first appearance at the annual show as “overwhelming.”

“A lot of people were asking for our white paper on the topic and we had some very enthusiastic responses from dealers as well as manufacturers. RVers are looking for what’s new and this program fills that bill nicely. Especially since we can offer a third-party certification that takes into account companies who are doing right in terms of protecting the environment.

“The TRA green certification insignia we place on complying vehicles aren’t just someone’s opinion but are based upon the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) consensus standard, which is being applied fairly and uniformly throughout the industry,” said Leazenby.

RVs sporting TRA Certification insignia at the show included a top Emerald rating for EverGreen RV units, which were the only RVs to utilize an Energy Star rated roof. Other products receiving certifications from TRA included the Jay Flight travel trailer from Jayco Inc., the Autumn Ridge travel trailer from Starcraft RV Inc., and the Surveyor and R-Pod travel trailers from Forest River Inc. Park models from Woodland Park have also received certification insignias.

A sample of green practices used to make these products includes such things as:

  • Cutting wiring to exact lengths to eliminate waste.
  • Operating a separate recycling facility.
  • Using eco-friendly insulation that is formaldehyde free and contains recycled glass and sand.
  • Efficient installation practices for insulation.
  • Recycling of vinyl siding.

“There are many ways in which a company can show its greenness,” said Arnold. “Often a company many not even realize what product or practices can be called green. That’s where we can help. Products like awnings, for example, not only provide campsite shade for RVers, but also for the RV, thereby reducing cooling loads.”

“We’re really just getting started with this industry,” said Leazenby. “We will be working with many more manufacturers in 2010 as well as educating dealers about the extra benefits they have to sell. Companies are recognizing the need to market themselves as green and gain the trust of potential buyers. This is yet another way in which the RV industry is growing more sophisticated to meet the demands of their changing marketplace.”

For more information, contact  Leazenby, TRA’s green program manager, at (800) 398-9282.

About TRA Certification

TRA Certification is an internationally accredited certification organization which provides ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certification for environmental management systems, an outgrowth of its parent company, T.R. Arnold & Associates Inc. Founded in 1967, T.R. Arnold & Associates Inc. is involved with every aspect of the industries it serves. With corporate headquarters in Elkhart, Ind., it serves all of North America, Europe, South Korea and the Pacific Rim.

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