Adhesive Maker Henkel Holds ‘Technology Day’

September 13, 2011 by · Comments Off on Adhesive Maker Henkel Holds ‘Technology Day’ 

Global adhesive, sealant and surface treatment manufacturer Henkel Corp. held a technology day on Aug. 11 specifically focused on the recreational vehicle market, according to a press release. The educational program took place at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind.

Led by Kenneth Forlenza, Henkel’s RV focus segment business manager, the event offered technical presentations on adhesives and sealants, metal pretreatment, liquid moisture cure adhesives, panel lamination, and Henkel and Loctite capabilities. The educational program included product demonstrations, applications and one-on-one discussions.

Henkel reported that the event was well attended by engineers, designers, production personnel, maintenance professionals and company owners. While the sessions were educational in nature and focused on the proper use and application of Henkel technology, the event offered an opportunity for the free exchange of information including assembly and maintenance challenges currently faced within the RV industry.

“The RV market has long been a key focus for Henkel,” explained Forlenza. “We continue to invest our resources in technological advancements and innovations that will improve quality, lower manufacturing costs and speed production for RV manufacturers. This seminar was an opportunity to share our latest product solutions, overview existing technologies, share troubleshooting tips and discuss ways to resolve production challenges.”

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Henkel Corp. Debuts New Hot Melt Adhesive

August 13, 2010 by · Comments Off on Henkel Corp. Debuts New Hot Melt Adhesive 

RV 1To reduce distortion of FRP panels exposed to direct sunlight, Henkel Corp. has introduced a new urethane hot melt adhesive formulated to withstand high temperatures in excess of 200°F. Highly-durable Purmelt R-200F+ improves distortion resistance up to five times longer than traditional polyurethane adhesives, and allows manufacturers to use dark graphics and full-body paint on sidewall designs, according to a news release. Suitable for roll coating processes, patent-pending Purmelt R-200F+ was developed to allow RV manufacturers to create aesthetically pleasing graphics and paint schemes without straining the fiberglass-reinforced plastic substrates on exposure to sunlight. Results from long-term durability testing show no distortion on panels made with Purmelt R-200F+ after 40 hours exposure at 200°F. When exposed to extreme 250°F heat, the Purmelt R-200F+ panels took five times longer to distort than control panels made with standard polyurethane adhesives. Purmelt R-200F+ is a drop-in replacement for any PUR adhesive currently on the market, yet results in higher quality panel constructions. The product is user-friendly and machines well to facilitate application. This Purmelt adhesive is also available with a UV tracer as Purmelt R-200 UV. For more information, go to or call (866) 4HENKEL (866-443-6535).

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