Horizon RV Resorts Sees Rise in New Projects

April 4, 2013 by · Comments Off on Horizon RV Resorts Sees Rise in New Projects 

Randy Hendrickson

Randy Hendrickson, co-founder of Westlake Village, Calif.-based Horizon RV Resort Development, reports that he is seeing a large increase in inquiries and interest in new RV resort development projects.

“We’re seeing a dramatic increase in calls about ‘greenfield’ RV resort projects from all over the United States in prime locations. It is no secret there has been plenty of money that has been on the sidelines, and it’s great to see that forward-thinking investors are now finally looking to put their land, and capital, to work,” Hendrickson stated in a news release.

David Simms, another of the co-founders, is seeing several major trends in development including:

  • RV resorts as family outdoor recreation destinations. “These facilities are in locations close to large population centers, are high-end in nature and have extensive entertainment and recreation complexes that provide a draw for those seeking a cost effective get-away for the entire family,” says Simms.
  • Native American casinos also appear to be examining adding RV resorts on the casino properties. According to Simms, “In a very competitive environment, casinos are looking to add RV facilities in order to attract new customers that typically have a high demographic profile and will actively use the casino facilities.”
  • RV parks as affordable year-round living. “We are seeing a number of markets throughout the United States where there is a need for affordable living for both workers and retirees who want to stay in a nice facility at a budget price. These properties have complete but value oriented facilities that are very attractive.”
  • RV parks in oil and gas shale regions that serve as facilities for extended stay workers. “Workers are looking for a comfortable and affordable solution to their housing needs as they spend extended periods of time on the job.”

Simms adds that the key to maximizing any RV development is to exhaustively understand the market, and build a facility that fills an underserved niche and provides an attractive alternative to the area competition. Of course, the projects always have to provide an attractive rate of return based on attainable, conservative and achievable assumptions.

Tony Caputo, the third co-founder, has an extensive background as a developer of RV resorts. He stresses that it is important to always “right-size” the RV facility and balance the density of sites with development costs.

“The type of RV facility greatly influences the actual design features,” said Caputo. “For example, RV check-in staging and pull through sites are important at RV resorts that have a high proportion of transient traffic. That is not as important in properties that cater to long-term renters or that sell deeded RV lots. Unless you have a background in RV resorts and thoroughly understand the market, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made in design such as the width and length of the RV site, the angle of the site to the street and the proper location of the utilities. Coordination with the engineers is also critical to ensure a good outcome for an RV resort.”

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RVC, Horizon RV Resorts Align in Joint Venture

December 7, 2011 by · Comments Off on RVC, Horizon RV Resorts Align in Joint Venture 

RVC Outdoor Destinations and Horizon RV Resorts have formed a joint venture to facilitate RVC’s ongoing expansion efforts and to improve both RVC’s and Horizon’s broader operating platforms.

Horizon will immediately begin assisting RVC in searching for property acquisition and joint venture opportunities, focusing especially on properties in the Western United States, according to a news release.

“We have respected Horizon for many years and are excited to formalize a deeper relationship with them. RVC has grown exponentially since the company was created five years ago, and we are now moving beyond our initial regional footprint,” said Andy Cates, president of RVC Outdoor Destinations.

“RVC Outdoor Destinations is uniquely positioned, fully funded and actively expanding within this segment of the outdoor hospitality industry. We are excited to play a significant role in their expansion and are looking forward to working more closely in improving our collective operations. Moreover, RVC’s professionalism and commitment to the industry make them a formidable partner, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to join forces with them,” said Randy Hendrickson, president of Horizon RV Resorts.

In addition to working together in expanding RVC’s network of properties, RVC and Horizon will share industry information, research and best practices. Also, both companies will work together to improve purchasing power and increase marketing impact. Horizon RV Resorts will also provide RVC with additional operational capacity in its expansion, including properties sourced through the joint venture.

“The world is changing, and has changed, dramatically over the last 10 years,” Cates said. “For the outdoor hospitality industry to move forward and improve, owners and operators of high-quality properties need to work together to encourage clearer segmentation and identification. We believe like-minded property owners want to work within a collaborative system that provides capital, marketing expertise, operating capacity, and best practice sharing. Randy and I have discussed this for years and are ready to move ahead with this logical next step.”

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Horizon RV Resorts Sets Up Base in Colorado

May 16, 2011 by · Comments Off on Horizon RV Resorts Sets Up Base in Colorado 

Horizon RV Resorts logo Horizon RV Resorts announced today (May 16) the hiring of Denver-area based Scott Foos as vice president of operations, providing “a key component” in the Westville, Calif.-based company’s expansion strategy.

Formerly general manager of one of Colorado’s premier RV Resorts, Foos brings to the Horizon team over seven years of experience in the outdoor hospitality industry and an impressive level of skills in all areas of RV Resort management. In his new role, Foos will be actively engaged in the recruiting and management of new parks coming into the Horizon RV Resorts’ portfolio of managed properties. He will also head the Greenwood Village, Colo., office of Horizon RV Resorts.

Randy Hendrickson, founder and president of Horizon RV Resorts, noted, “We are absolutely thrilled to have Scott on board. He is a phenomenal talent, and he has embraced every new challenge we’ve thrown at him with an unbelievable commitment to timely, steadfast, quality results.”

Beverly Johnson, Horizon RV Resorts co-founder and executive vice president added, “Scott is truly amazing on all levels, and the best part is that he is very well known to us.  We already knew that he shares our values and commitment to the guest experience and to the park owner’s bottom line, and that is a rare combination.”

Horizon RV Resorts provides management and consulting services to 11 properties in six states, and has a demonstrable track record of assisting park owners anywhere in the country. But, according to the company, the next level of expansion involves Colorado as the focus area.

Horizon recently became a supplier member with the Colorado Campground and Lodge Owners Association (CCLOA) and is preparing a number of promotional advertising venues to reach park owners in Colorado in an effort to establish a significant presence there. With the addition of a Colorado base of operations, Horizon can provide local-level services to park owners looking to free up their time while becoming more profitable.

“This is an exciting time for Horizon RV Resorts,” said Hendrickson. “By adding Scott and a regional office in Colorado, we are geographically poised to reach more clients with the personalized attention they require. Although we are initially targeting Colorado, this is just the first of many initiatives we have planned to establish a more robust presence in several key markets.”

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Horizon RV Resorts Now Manages Leisure Resort

May 4, 2011 by · Comments Off on Horizon RV Resorts Now Manages Leisure Resort 

image001Horizon RV Resorts announced it has added Leisure Resort to its group of managed and affiliated RV parks, campgrounds and RV resorts.

Leisure Resort is located in Fentress, Texas, just 15 miles east of San Marcos.

Randy Hendrickson, founder and president of Horizon RV Resorts, observed in a news release, ”Leisure Resort is just a phenomenal property. It has been family owned and operated for over 20 years, and it is the quality leader in the market by a wide margin. We are really pleased that the owners have engaged us to further their vision for Leisure Resort, to build on the foundation they have in place, and through our marketing channels introduce this park to a wider audience.”

Sitting on the banks of the San Marcos River and boasting over 5,000 feet of river frontage, Leisure Resort is the ideal place to vacation with family and friends while in Central Texas. Guests will relax under the ample shade of towering, mature trees and take a relaxing float down the river by virtue of on-site tube rentals. RVers will find over 100 oversized full hook-up sites from which to choose (including the longest pull-through sites in the area), and with 22 cabin rentals as well as tent camping, there is literally something for everyone.

Nestled among a 100-year-old pecan orchard, this family-friendly resort is the ideal retreat for a day, a week, or longer. The spacious clubhouse and outdoor pavilion offer the perfect setting to bring everyone together. The air-conditioned clubhouse features banquet tables and chairs, full kitchen, covered porch and large BBQ grill/smoker. The pavilion features picnic tables, evening lighting, and a large BBQ grill/smoker.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to assist Leisure Resort by elevating its presence to the consumer,” said Hendrickson. ‘This is just an outstanding property with very solid, visionary ownership and we are delighted to be able to work with them. Through their efforts and the efforts of Horizon RV Resorts, we believe we can achieve something really special here. We are confident that as we reach new consumers and introduce them to Leisure Resort, these new guests will in turn join the ranks of the many loyal repeat guests we currently serve. Even with the already rich tradition, the best days are yet to come!’

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Horizon RV Resorts Ups Social Media Outreach

April 6, 2011 by · Comments Off on Horizon RV Resorts Ups Social Media Outreach 

Horizon RV Resorts logo Horizon RV Resorts has hired Pamela Wright of Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Focused Words to develop and  manage their social media outreach program.

“I hired Pamela to create and manage our social media outreach program not only because of her  expertise in this field, but because I knew that I could not personally dedicate the time and attention that this kind of outreach effort requires,” said Randy Hendrickson, Horizon RV Resorts president, stated in a news release. “The results we’ve achieved so far have been incredible.”

Wright initially created a blog for Horizon’s Las Vegas RV Resort property, which focused on current guests at the resort. A Facebook page was then created using the parks website design and a Twitter profile followed.

By integrating the three different social media tools, Wright has been able to achieve a synergy of users. She then prepared an email blast that went out to all of the guests of Las Vegas RV Resorts. Reaffirming the loyalty that the Las Vegas RV Resorts guest feel, the email blast resulted in a 7% click through rate.

“Working with Pamela has been spectacular,” Hendrickson said. She is truly an expert with handling the various components of social media, and the impact of her program on Las Vegas RV Resort has been immediate and substantial. We will be implementing her program at our other parks in short order! She is a joy to work with and takes the time to really understand our brand, the particular nuances of our parks, and target solutions accordingly.”

Through her company, Focused Words, Wright has been working with RV parks for the last two years assisting them in setting up their marketing programs, analyzing their social media needs and helping them increase their RV Rally group business. Her blog,, addresses issues directly related to the issues of managing RV parks.

A former workamper and full-time RVer, Wright previously managed parks ranging from 185 to over 300 sites. She can be reached by email at, or by phone (800) 478-0516.

Wright is founder and president of FocusedWords, a social media and marketing company serving the outdoor hospitality industry. She has been involved with the RV industry for the past eight years, and has extensive experience within the industry. Pamela’s marketing efforts have been recognized by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.

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Hendrickson, Simms Form Leisure Horizons

March 28, 2011 by · Comments Off on Hendrickson, Simms Form Leisure Horizons 

leisure_horizon_lgRandy Hendrickson, founder and president of Horizon RV Resorts and David Simms, president of Leisure Concepts Management, announced that they are combining their skills in the co-branding of Leisure Horizons.

As a result of this alliance Leisure Horizons is able to offer a full suite of services, including RV park sales, due diligence services, resort development and feasibility studies, consulting services and third-party management, according to a news release.

RV Park Sales: Both Simms and Hendrickson are sales associates with Parks and Places Inc. ( , a leading sales firm specializing in RV park, RV resort and campground sales nationwide. In conjunction with Parks and Places, Leisure Horizons will be offering an expanded level of services to buyers and sellers by offering targeted solutions to aid the sales process.

Simms said “Parks and Places has a substantial footprint in the industry, and the goal has always been to offer expanded services to buyers and sellers. Rather than just listing a property for sale, we are able to go a few steps further by consulting with the seller to maximize their marketing presence and therefore, increase their chances of selling. On the buyer’s side, the same logic applies. By offering consulting services to the buyer we are able to really help them understand how to determine which investment makes the most sense and help them make the right choices’. Randy Hendrickson adds ‘One of the hurdles new owners run across is what to do after they buy a park. By being able to offer consultation after the sale, we can help new owners get off to a fast start by advising them on a number of issues they will run across. And of course if needed, we can offer third-party management services to further assist them during the critical start-up phase’.

Due Diligence Services: When buying an RV park, the due diligence process can be daunting. Simms has eight years of experience with this process and now offers his services on-site to assist new buyers in understanding the importance of the process, and to help make sure buyers are looking at all aspects of the sale.

Feasibility Studies/Site Layout/Construction Management: Simms can assist developers through the entire process as a go-to resource, from detailed feasibility reports, to site layout and construction management. Whereas previously developers may have had to engage multiple vendors, the opportunity now exists to utilize Leisure Horizons for virtually every aspect of development.

Management and Consulting: These services are available to every segment of the industry; whether a client is considering owning a park, or already owns one but would like to turn over operations to a management company, or just needs to discuss the options, Leisure Horizons can provide comprehensive solutions based on the need of the client.

“We have a great track record at Horizon RV Resorts over the last seven years providing consulting and turn-key management solutions, but over the years there has been a strong need to provide feasibility, site design and park sales into the mix,” Hendrickson said. “By aligning with David in this new endeavor, in conjunction with our relationship with Parks and Places, we truly feel we can offer a full range of services for almost anyone. Buying, selling, developing, managing, marketing, consulting; it’s all tied together under one entity and we’re just elated at the response thus far, and that’s before we even created our web site. Word of mouth has been very strong.”

Simms added, “It was clear early on in discussions with Randy that our combined vision and skills were very complimentary, and that we shared the same passion for the industry. We feel that by joining forces we have the ability to add value to clients on many levels, and that in the end everybody benefits from such an alliance. We’re committed first and foremost to a quality product that exceeds expectations in all cases, and ultimately the end product benefits the RVer by creating and sustaining a terrific camping experience’’

Learn more about Leisure Horizons by visiting them online at

In his nine years of experience in the RV resort industry, Simms has been instrumental in the evaluation and acquisition of eight RV resort properties and has evaluated the feasibility of close to 100 properties. In addition to acquisitions, his core duties have included operational management and oversight of sales and marketing

Hendrickson has been involved in the industry for 16 years, providing management services for parks in California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, New York, Florida, Colorado and Utah. From 2003 to 2006 he served as vice president on the board for California Travel Parks Association (CTPA), now the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (CalARVC), where he chaired the Public Relations/Communications Committee and was a director on the CTPA Services Board. He also served on the Arizona Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds  board from 2006 to 2008.

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RV Cooking Show at Flying Flags RV Resort

January 26, 2011 by · Comments Off on RV Cooking Show at Flying Flags RV Resort 

The RV Cooking Show, a virtual cooking class on wheels with an RV travel twist, announced Tuesday (Jan. 25) it had partnered with Phoenix, Ariz.-based Horizon RV Resorts on an upcoming five episode series showcasing central California’s Santa Ynez Valley and Horizon’s Flying Flags RV Resort located in the picturesque town of Solvang.

The RV Cooking Show takes viewers on adventures to some of the most sought-after or interesting but little-known RV locales in the country and then creates healthy, easy, destination-related dishes in show producer and host Evanne Schmarder’s RV kitchen. From rolling hills and wonderful wineries to activities and attractions to fresh, local flavors, the RV Cooking Show will share the bounty of the area — in the heart of Santa Barbara’s wine country — with those who love to travel and love to eat.

The series will include two live events at Flying Flags as well as a number of exciting extras for live and virtual viewers.

“The Santa Ynez/Santa Barbara region is rich in natural beauty, history and, no surprise, is a foodie paradise. We are thrilled to bring the best of this remarkable area and its trademark taste sensations to our fans all across the globe. This series is going to be simply terrific,” said Schmarder.

“Just as with pairing great wine with great food, the pairing of Evanne’s RV Cooking Show with Flying Flags RV Resort promises to be spectacular. It is a perfect match, and we’re certain that our guests, along with all of the RV Cooking Show’s fans, are in for something truly remarkable. We can’t wait!” added Randy Hendrickson, president of Horizon RV Resorts.

Filming of the five-episode series — dubbed “Food, Fun & Friends at Flying Flags “ — will take place this spring and will be available in time for the summer travel season.

For more information about the upcoming series contact Evanne Schmarder, RV Cooking Show, at or call (702) 460-9863.

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LinkedIn Groups Benefit RV/Park Industries

August 30, 2010 by · Comments Off on LinkedIn Groups Benefit RV/Park Industries 

LinkedIn_logoEditor’s Note: The following story was provided by Evanne Schmarder, veteran campground writer.

Over 10,000 members representing every sector of the RV industry have a presence on LinkedIn, the powerful professional social network, extending their reach and influence. As opposed to the inter-personal chit-chat of Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn functions as a best practices roundtable and prides itself on a B2B model “connecting” users representing over 150 industries, including executives from all of the Fortune 500 companies.

A number of individuals in the RV park and campground business are among those exchanging views through LinkedIn in what amounts to an ongoing virtual, Internet-age “crackerbarrel” session for industry professionals.

LinkedIn’s premise is that relationships matter and users are encouraged to connect with “trusted contacts.” Once connected to an individual, you may invite a connection within their network, thus growing your circle of influence. For instance, David Gorin, a consultant, park operator and president of Best Parks in America, finds his LinkedIn connections a substantive resource. On occasion, as a client question arises, Gorin seeks out experts in his network for answers and insight. “My support network is greatly enhanced with LinkedIn,” he reports. “I’m also fascinated by how the system works – suggesting connections – similar to the ‘six degrees of separation’ concept, but in reality it’s much less than six,” he added.

One of LinkedIn’s most commanding tools is the wide-reaching collection of “groups.” By starting or joining a group you can follow industry or topic leaders, share your professional news, partake in discussions – even connect to your college’s alumni association. A search of the keyword “RV” under the group directory returned 75 search results including RV Park Biz, RV Dealers International Convention/Expo and RV Rental Dealers Group. Industry players may be interested in joining Outdoor Recreation and Travel Industry Marketing Network or other groups focusing on branding, social media marketing, customer satisfaction or even green business practices.

RVDA’s active RV Dealers International Convention/Expo <> group provides a venue for engaging back and forth exchanges. In addition to the Convention/Expo, the group is a touch point for the RV Learning Center and RVDA legislative issues. Phil Ingrassia, RVDA communications vice president, noted that the group is yet another tool — not a replacement — to reach out to industry members via social networking. “The entry cost is low, simply a matter of the personnel cost of posting and maintaining the network, and the participants are highly motivated to contribute and exchange ideas,” said Ingrassia. “We use Facebook for the same purpose and have had success there. However, LinkedIn has a greater long form functionality allowing for in-depth dialogue as opposed to ‘sound bites’ via our Facebook page.”

Randall Hendrickson, president of Horizon RV Resorts, started the RV park business group in 2009. “The wonderful thing about LinkedIn is the diverse groups of people from various backgrounds, each with his/her own take on a particular topic,” he remarked. “I really don’t know of another venue that allows for such an exchange of expertise; I always come away with a perspective I didn’t have previously. Discussions posted by group members introduce me to several great views of a subject from colleagues that have analyzed the issue from well-informed perspectives.” This group, like most, boasts an extensive membership of business consultants, technology leaders, management gurus, financial experts – thought leaders in an assortment of fields.

Today’s social networking possibilities offer a smorgasbord of opportunities. With a limited amount of available time in each day the decision on where to place attention can be a challenging one. Deb Kohls, a vice president of Leisure Interactive Inc. and owner of the Outdoor Recreation and Travel Industry Marketing Network, advises that it’s important to have clear goals in social networking, and LinkedIn participation offers an incredibly high payoff. “I often observe our industry striving to connect with consumers, and that’s valid,” Kohls noted. “But there’s so much to be gained by connecting to others with similar marketing needs and business experiences in the B2B realm. I recommend setting aside one hour a week to network with peers, support and learn from one another.”

“It requires a commitment to regularly log in and view the running dialogue in the various groups,” Hendrickson added. “But, once done, there is inevitably a great conversation about topics that matter to my business.”

While you may belong to an unlimited number of groups, choose your groups judiciously or you could be inundated by too much information to process, rendering the benefits of shared knowledge null and void at the click of the delete button. Instead, seek out LinkedIn groups that will provide specific wisdom to help you and your company thrive and you will be on your way to building your own circle of experts and developing a strong personal brand.

Learn more about LinkedIn and join the network of global professionals by visiting <> . Connect with author Evanne Schmarder at <> .

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Tom Johnson RV Park to Hold Music Fest

August 18, 2010 by · Comments Off on Tom Johnson RV Park to Hold Music Fest 

Visitors at a recent event at the Tom Johnson Camping Rally Park

Visitors at a recent event at the Tom Johnson Camping Center's Rally Park in Marion, N.C.

The 36th Annual North Carolina State Bluegrass Festival will be held Thursday through Saturday (Aug. 19-21) at Tom Johnson Camping Center’s Rally Park in Marion, N.C. It is one of the largest bluegrass festivals in the country and for the first time it is being held in McDowell County, The McDowell News reported.

As of Tuesday afternoon, about 100 motorhomes had rolled into the rally park for this event and about 400 more should show up by Thursday. It is expected to draw thousands of bluegrass fans to McDowell County.

Adams and Anderson LLC of Dahlonega, Ga., is promoting and holding the festival. Promoters Norman Adams and Tony Anderson hold seven bluegrass festivals a year, from Virginia to Florida.

For 36 years, they have worked full-time putting on bluegrass festivals throughout the Southeast. While getting the place ready Tuesday afternoon, Adams said McDowell County and Tom Johnson Rally Park has turned out to be an excellent place for this event.

“We’ve had the best response from the locals I’ve ever seen,” he said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Adams and Anderson were busy taking tickets for the early arrivals and making sure everything was ready at the rally park and its pavilion.

“So far, everything is smooth,” said Anderson.

Adams started putting bluegrass festivals on in the early 1970s and Anderson joined him later in the work. Many don’t realize what all it takes to hold events of this size.

“It’s a lot of hard work,” said Adams.

“It’s a full-time job year-round,” said Anderson. “Booking the talent, bringing up everything involved, the sound and the lighting and the advertisement. Everything from the talent to the Port-a-Johns, we do.”

However, it is unlikely that Adams and Anderson will need portable toilets for this festival because of the facilities already available at the rally park.

“This is a first-class facility here,” said Anderson. “The owners and the staff are very accommodating.”

In addition to the acts, Adams and Anderson have contracts for about 30 vendors. At their request, Tom Johnson Camping Center made modifications to the stage at the pavilion in order to better accommodate the bluegrass groups that will play there. The stage was enlarged and better curtains were installed. Sherry Boyd will be the MC.

“We’ve never been anywhere where they have been nicer to us,” said Adams. “They have been super nice. The McDowell News has been super nice.”

Around six to seven food booths will be on hand too.

For many years, this festival was held in Cherokee, N.C. And during that time, Adams has worked with many of the greats in bluegrass music including Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley.

“I had Bill Monroe for 25 years,” said Adams. “And I had him booked three times when he died.”

He remembers the Father of Bluegrass as a “real super gentleman.”

The festival was moved to Marion because the Happy Holiday RV Village in Cherokee, where it had been held previously, closed down. This forced Adams and Anderson to find a new location for this event. They heard about Tom Johnson Rally Park from a woman who went to their festival in Cherokee.

“After we were unable to find a suitable location in Cherokee we called Tommy Johnson and set up a meeting,” said Susan Anderson with Adams and Anderson LLC. “We were very impressed with the facility and worked out the arrangements with Tommy Johnson. The staff at the camping center/rally park were so friendly. We immediately felt this was a good fit. We look forward to having the festival at the rally park for many years.”

Since then however, a new company was brought in to manage and provide consulting services to Happy Holiday RV Village. The park is now open for business and is even planning to hold different bluegrass festivals, according to Randall Hendrickson, president of Horizon RV Resorts.

Tommy Johnson, the son of company founder Tom Johnson, said he expects the campground to be full this weekend.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done it,” he said.

The first note for the North Carolina State Bluegrass Festival will be played at noon on Thursday with performances running through Saturday night. Among the artists performing at this year’s festival are seven-time International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Female Vocalist of the Year Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, two-time IBMA Entertainer of the Year Dailey & Vincent, seven-time IBMA Vocal Group of the Year Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, two-time IBMA Entertainer of the Year The Grascals and IBMA Hall of Famer Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press.

Tickets are $35 per day, or $85 for all three days. Advance tickets for children between ages 6 and 13 are $15 per day, or $40 for the entire festival. Three-day children’s tickets are $45. Children under the age of 6 are admitted free of charge with a paying adult.

Founded in 1967, Tom Johnson Camping Center, located in Marion and Concord, is the inaugural recipient of the Dave Altman RVB Top 50 Dealer Award by RVBusiness magazine. A Blue Ribbon award-winning dealership, Tom Johnson Camping Center is among the top 10 recreational vehicle dealerships nationwide.


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Horizon RV Resorts Launches Park Flex Plan

February 12, 2010 by · Comments Off on Horizon RV Resorts Launches Park Flex Plan 

Horizon RV Resorts logoHorizon RV Resorts has announced it is rolling out a new “Flex Plan” service for RV parks and campgrounds needing more than consulting assistance, but less than turn-key, third party management.

“For many owners/operators, consulting is perfectly suited to a short-term need but isn’t enough help for ongoing issues,” said Randy Hendrickson, founder and president of Horizon RV Resorts, in a news release. “As well, turn-key management may be more than is required. The Flex Plan offers the ideal combination of consultation, along with ongoing operational support.”

”In meeting with many park owners and managers, we have consistently heard comments such as, ‘I need help marketing our park,’ or ‘What front office system is right for me?’’ or ‘We really need some help in organization and productivity’ or ‘I need an outside source to help me guide staff towards a higher level of guest service skills.”‘

They need more than just a one-time consultation, Hendrickson said. They are looking for continuing support not only to implement needed changes, but also to monitor performance. “By utilizing our Flex Plan we can assist with these and many other issues on an ongoing basis for clients, targeting the areas of most importance for their particular operation,” he said.

As an example, he cites: A hands-on owner may have many aspects of the business handled with the existing team, but would like an independent monthly review of operating results, in addition to developing and monitoring the results of a solid marketing plan. In this example, because Horizon would be providing a more limited scope of services than would be provided with turn-key management, they can assist owners at a reduced fee, and yet owners would have the benefit of having Horizon as part of their team and provide a “lifeline” with whom they could consult on an ongoing basis for all phases of operations.

With over 37 years’ experience in its executive team, Horizon RV Resorts is uniquely positioned to offer recommendations for “best practices” in all phases of operations, resulting in promoting an atmosphere where guests recognize a superior quality of service, and owners will recognize increased bottom-line performance, Hendrickson said.

“We have a great track record in providing consulting and turn-key management solutions, but experience has taught us that in order to better serve clients, what is truly needed is a ‘middle-ground’ approach,” says Hendrickson. “Not every property is a candidate for turn-key management, but many owners require more than just consultation. By providing the ‘Flex Plan’ Option, we are able to provide a targeted level of services at a very affordable rate. For park owners looking to be more profitable, utilizing our Flex Plan may the smartest investment they can make in these challenging times.”

Hendrickson has been involved in the industry for 14 years, managing multi-property operations in California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and Utah. From 2003 to 2006 he served as vice president on the board of California Travel Parks Association, (now California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds — CalARVC) where he chaired the Public Relations/Communications Committee and was a director on the CTPA Services Board. He also served on the Arizona Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (formerly Arizona Travel Parks Association) board from 2006 to 2008.

For more information, contact Hendrickson at (866) 472-7566 or visit

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