Husky’s Video Demonstrates Safe Towing Tips

March 19, 2013 by · Comments Off on Husky’s Video Demonstrates Safe Towing Tips 

Owners of conventional-style trailers can begin each trip with confidence knowing that their tow vehicle and trailer combination are properly set up with the help of an instructional video in the “Safe Towing” page at, the home of Husky Towing Products.

According to a press release, Husky is committed to helping trailer owners properly equip their vehicles for safe and comfortable towing. This begins with matching a Husky hitch to the tow vehicle and trailer and continues with properly setting up and adjusting the hitch for the vehicles as currently loaded. In the case of weight distribution hitches, this involves a sequence of steps that measure the effect of the load on tow vehicle and trailer.

These steps are easily understood when watching the process demonstrated by Chris Moore, head engineer at Husky Towing Products. Using the center line hitch as an example, Moore takes trailer owners through a step-by-step demonstration that begins with a technique for leveling the trailer, determining coupler height and recording the tow vehicle fender well elevations to monitor the effects of tongue weight on the hitch ball as distributed by the WD system.

In addition to knowing their setup is right, trailer owners also benefit from the video demonstration of a very helpful technique for easily getting the spring bars into the brackets when hooking up for a trip.

Dealers will find the video helpful as a resource to help their customers make adjustments to their hitch setup as they change the way their tow vehicle or trailer are loaded.

To view the video, go to http:/

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Husky Towing Products Launches New Website

February 8, 2013 by · Comments Off on Husky Towing Products Launches New Website 

Husky Towing Products

Husky Towing Products has launched an all-new website,, featuring new products and information about safe towing practices.

According to a press release, the site also sports a new look with “compelling lifestyle images of tow vehicles and trailers in action.”

The site includes a new series of short videos showing the benefits of several featured products from the Husky lineup. Each video begins with a description of a common towing challenge and explains how the Husky product can meet that challenge. includes an easy-to-use dealer locator where customers can enter a location and a Google-based map displays a pin for each dealer. The locator also displays a list of dealer names, addresses and phone numbers.

Husky dealers using the website will find all of the information previously available at

Husky Towing Products, based in Wilsonville, Ore., designs, manufactures and distributes a complete line of hitches, electrical products and accessories for the towing industry.

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Husky Puts on Editorial Program at R&D Facility

June 14, 2012 by · Comments Off on Husky Puts on Editorial Program at R&D Facility 

Magazine editors and writers from across the country were invited to Husky’s ‘Towing Tech ’12’ program at the company’s R&D facility in Elkhart, Ind.

Husky Towing Products, a division of Morgan Hill, Calif.-based COAST Distribution System Inc., hosted its first editorial conference Wednesday (June 13), bringing together magazine editors and writers from around the country to the company’s expansive R & D Center in Elkhart, Ind., for an intensive one-day workshop with Husky executives and engineers.

“We are considering continuing this conference on an annual basis,” said Steve Holt, director of brand and corporate marketing for Coast. “Whether we do the same thing next year isn’t certain, but we definitely want to expand on this relationship with the editorial community.”

The “Towing Tech ’12” program provided an overview of Husky towing products — including its weight-distribution and fifth-wheel hitches, brake controls and assemblies and RV power jacks — followed by a tour of the R&D facility. Also on the agenda were hands-on demonstrations of Husky’s Center Line weight-distribution and sway control system and an installation of the company’s new Husky 10 fifth-wheel hitch base assembly.

Executives on hand for the company’s “Tech Tour ’12” included (L-R) Chris Moore, Husky Towing Products engineer, and, from Coast Distribution, Stephan Lussier, senior vice president; Steve Holt, director of brand and corporate marketing; and Dennis Castagnola, executive vice president of manufacturing and product development.

Scheduled for release in July, the Husky 10 slider assembly replaces traditional rollers with innovate composite-design nylon pads to provide the hitch base 10 inches of travel, allowing use of short-bed pickups when towing fifth-wheel trailers. Designed to be used with Husky 16K and 26K fifth-wheel hitches, the Husky 10 also incorporates a patent-pending “no bind” latching mechanism that eliminates tension on the handle, allowing the flip lever to release and automatically lock in the next position.

Attendees also toured the Technical Center, including an overview of the company’s salt/fog testing equipment, and witnessed failure-testing of a Husky 26K fifth-wheel hitch.

Following the day-long event, Husky arranged for a dinner at the RV/MH Hall of Fame, followed by a private tour of the displays by Hall historian Al Hesselbart.



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Husky Towing Products Packages Components

February 17, 2012 by · Comments Off on Husky Towing Products Packages Components 

Husky towing kit

Husky Towing Products announced that it is now offering four different weight distribution and sway control kits that include the hitch, sway control, trailer and sway control balls and all the parts needed to install the system in one package.

According to a press release, the trailer ball and sway control ball are pre-assembled and torqued to the weight distribution hitch head. The lift chains are also pre-installed, which saves service personnel time searching for parts and installing the system.

Kits are available in four tongue weight ratings: 600 pounds with a 2-inch ball; 800 pounds with a 2-inch ball; 800 pounds with a 2 5/16-inch ball; and 1200 pounds with a 2 5/16-inch ball. Other features include:

• Lift brackets are designed so they will not hit propane bottles and storage compartments on the nose trailers that do not extend over the edge of the frame.

• The Dual Pad Friction Sway Control System features pads that are asbestos free and are ¼-inch thick for longer life.

• Both the hitch and the sway control are heavy-duty steel construction with rust and corrosion resistant finishes.

Husky hitches are rigorously tested for quality, durability and safety, including a salt fog test to check for corrosion resistance and a fatigue test to ensure durability. Husky Towing Products tests its hitches to comply with V-5 and SAE J684 standards to ensure towing safety.

“Only after rigorous testing on the test stand and in real-world conditions do we release a product for manufacturing,” says Dennis Castagnola, executive vice president, manufacturing. “Once in production, we test samples from each production run to ensure that we are providing our customers with quality towing products that meet or exceed their expectations.”

For more information visit or e-mail


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