IDS Finalizes Partnership With RV Care Network

November 14, 2013 by · Comments Off on IDS Finalizes Partnership With RV Care Network 

Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading dealer management software provider, has announced a partnership with RV Care, Canada’s largest RV dealer network. According to a press release, the partnership enables RV Care dealerships to implement the IDS system with exclusive incentives.

“We are excited to begin this relationship with the RV Care network of dealers, and further develop our dealer network in Canada,” said Grant Farrer, business development manager for IDS. “The IDS G2 suite of software allows RV Care members to provide the highest level of customer service and dealership operations capabilities on the market today. We look forward to building our relationship with both the RV Care organization as well as with the associate dealers within the group.”

Through the partnership, RV Care can offer its expanding dealer base of 60 dealerships an industry-specific solution designed to manage their entire operation. IDS G2 eliminates the hassle of running point of sale, service, accounting, CRM and F&I from different software products. All daily operations are bundled in one, fully-integrated solution that can be utilized throughout the entire business.

“We are thrilled to partner with a top software provider in our industry,” said Earl Manning, vice president of RV Care.”IDS is very well-respected throughout the RV community and we feel its solution can provide our dealers with the capabilities they need to boost customer service and create full visibility throughout their entire dealership. The G2 product is the fully integrated solution they need to take their success to the next level.”

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IDS to Host Profitability Webinar for RV Dealers

October 8, 2013 by · Comments Off on IDS to Host Profitability Webinar for RV Dealers 

Integrated Dealer Systems (IDS), a leading dealer management software provider for the RV industry, is hosting a two-part webinar series from RV consultant Chuck Marzahn. According to a press release, the webinars will take place on Oct. 22 and Oct. 24 at 2 p.m. (ET).

The webinars are designed to help RV dealers focus on key areas of their business in order to remain profitable. Marzahn will also examine common reasons why dealerships fail to stay profitable and how RV dealers can avoid those pitfalls.

By attending these sessions, RV business owners, managers and key sales, parts and service personnel will learn:

• What is required to turn a profit.

• How to determine what is constraining any department’s profitability.

• Why some simple steps can deeply affect the ability to make money.

Dealers can learn more and sign up for these free webinars by clicking here.

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Keystone Aligning With IDS; Dealers Will Benefit

September 13, 2012 by · Comments Off on Keystone Aligning With IDS; Dealers Will Benefit 

Keystone RV Co.’s recently completed integration with IDS will give dealers using the company’s G2 business systems quicker authorizations, warranty claims processing, parts order entry, retail registrations entry and reduced administrative costs, according to a press release.

“What this will mean to our dealers is a significant savings in labor costs each year, as well as the capability to be more efficient and profitably manage their parts and service business,” said Randy Mast, vice president of customer service for Goshen, Ind.-based Keystone. “In addition, this tool will enable Keystone to respond to our dealer’s needs quickly and more effectively, delivering even better customer service.”

Mast added that Keystone has invested heavily in customer service over the past several years, expanding even further what he believes is the company’s leadership position.

“We have invested in the necessary infrastructure to take care of our customers,” Mast said. “For example, we receive 1,200-1,500 customer service calls each day during the peak season. That’s a huge number of calls, something in the neighborhood of three calls each minute during the business day.

“We have the infrastructure in place to handle this kind of volume. On average, our service representatives answer 95% of those calls without delay which avoids voice mails and excessive hold times.”

Mast reported that Keystone has also made a significant commitment in trained customer service representatives and technicians.

“All our technicians are RVIA/RVDA certified or master certified,” he said. “Our CSRs are all ICSA Certified. We believe this delivers a significantly better service experience for our customers.”

In addition, Keystone has raised the service standard through their warranty administration process.

“Most RV manufacturers require the dealer to contact each vendor individually on warranty matters,” said Mast. “For the dealer and retail customer this can be a very frustrating experience. At Keystone we have always taken pride in being a ‘one stop shop’.

“While the unit is under warranty, dealers contact us directly and we handle it with the vendor for the dealer. Simplifies the process for the dealer and delivers a better service experience for the retail customer.”

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IDS Goes GUI with Built-in Stag-Parkway Hook

June 16, 2010 by · Comments Off on IDS Goes GUI with Built-in Stag-Parkway Hook 

image003Stag-Parkway Inc has been working with IDS during the development of new Astra GUI Version 9.10.4 release. The new release includes updated connectivity programming that allows RV dealers an improved and more reliable order entry interface through IDS to Stag-Parkway.

“Coordinating the programming hook between STAG and IDS’s new version of our popular dealer management software was a joint strategic initiative,” said Grant Farrer, IDS business development manager, in a news release. “We wanted to make sure our improvements included connectivity to our customers’ supply sources to improve order entry speed and accuracy. We worked closely with the IT Group at Stag-Parkway to insure our platform changes married up with their data requirements to improve information processing.”

“Astra GUI represents the most significant enhancement we’ve ever made to Astra,” Farmer continued. “With a true ‘graphical user interface’ (GUI), Astra GUI redefines efficiency within a dealership. Employing an intuitive design and true ‘point and click’ functionality, Astra GUI is easier to use than ever before. Powerful Manager functions provide the tools needed to manage your departments, all grouped logically to enhance integration and improve operational efficiency. The information you need is now easier to access than ever before!”

Astra GUI has a new, logical layout that speeds up training, virtually eliminating the learning curve that can reduce employee efficiency. With Astra GUI, staff members will be able to leverage the power and productivity of Astra without lengthy (and costly) training. According to Farrer, “Astra Version 9.10.4 is just as powerful and comprehensive as ever — and it’s easier than ever to use efficiently and effectively.”

“The coordination of the IDS release with us is significant in that it recognizes the importance and implications of electronic data transfers throughout the supply chain,” said Ken Russell, CIO at Stag-Parkway. ” The better we can all be at recognizing downstream effects of data capture and release the better we will be at identifying new ways to improve business processes. Seeing the need for dealer/warehouse connectivity during the development of Astra GUI by IDS has insured better product performance and will enhance the customer experience throughout the transaction process.”

More than 30% of all orders received at Stag-Parkway are conducted via and electronic interface of some type. Whether it is through STAG’s B2B site, dealer management software hooks like IDS, or other OAGIS links, the amount of business transacted this way continues to grow. Not only is ordering easier, accuracy and the time it takes to complete the transaction improves dramatically. Between dealer management software and Stag’s B2B site, most day-to-day business can be conducted without ever picking up the phone or using a fax machine.

Technology integration, whether it’s related to inventory management, payroll or contact management, is a good way for RV dealerships to improve efficiencies in their business and provide better service to their customers and bottom line results to their owners.

Dealers interested in learning more about Astra GUI should contact IDS at (800) 769-7425 or go to<>. To find out more about STAG’s on-line order entry and reporting capabilities contact your Stag-Parkway sales consultant.

Stag-Parkway is the largest North American distributor of RV parts and accessories. Headquartered in Atlanta, Stag-Parkway operates 11 warehouses, five call centers and a technical call center providing next day service to over 92% of the continental United States. For more information visit

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