Concept Trailer Offers Space-Age, Techno Design

January 18, 2012 by · Comments Off on Concept Trailer Offers Space-Age, Techno Design 

Odorico Pordenone trailer concept

While it’s obviously not as posh as the $3 million Elemment Palazzo RV, James Novak’s Odorico Pordenone trailer concept (named after a medieval traveler) still stamps the roughness out of living in a trailer.

Tecca reported that unlike some other concepts, the trailer has a solid engineering design, which means it could actually be built if a company or a random rich eccentric decides to do so.

Novak envisioned the trailer to have aluminum walls with padding to keep the temperature stable, painted white on the inside but kept silver and given a brushed texture on the outside. The design’s modern fixtures, white walls, and black windows (that help keep the heat out) all point to a pervasive minimalist theme.

As it’s meant to fit four people, the usual lack of living space inside a trailer is addressed by building expandable wings that can pop out at the push of a button — though it does give the unit an odd triangular shape. Aside from the additional space, it also comes with usual house facilities like a bathroom, a bed that can fit four people, and a fully-functional kitchen.

The Odorico Pordenone concept was nominated for 2011’s Czech National Award for Student Design. To view more photos click here.


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