Livin’ Lite Develops Jeep Folding Camping Trailer

March 31, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

IMG00258-20100330-0849A private-label, all-aluminum Jeep folding camping trailer built by Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles LLC debuts today (March 31) at the 2010 Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah.

The diminutive 9-foot Jeep trailer, weighing about 1,000 pounds, is equipped with Jeep tires and rims, taillights, fenders, bumpers and Jeep logos and is fashioned after Livin’ Lite’s Quicksilver 6.0 pop-up trailer.

”This opens a whole new market for us to build off-road campers. There is a lot of interest,” said Scott Tuttle, president of the Wakarusa, Ind., RV manufacturer.

Tens of thousands of off-road aficionados are attending the Jeep Safari in the Utah desert that began March 27 and runs through Easter Sunday. The Chrysler LLC’s Jeep division is showcasing new products and aftermarket accessories during the annual event — Tuttle’s new camper among them.

Two versions of the new Jeep trailer — one for off-road use, the other for more traditional camping — include a bed and convertible sofa to sleep four people, plus a storage cabinet and removable dinette table.

An off-road package features an enclosed underbelly with a steel skid plate, a pintle hitch that rotates 360 degrees and a lift package that allows for 37-inch tires.


Full production is to begin in May. ”If they are here, Jeep dealers will be able to place orders,” Tuttle told while attending the event.

The Jeep trailer has been in development since the first of the year after a Chrysler executive saw a Livin’ Lite Quicksilver folding camping trailer in Australia where they’ve been sold for three years.

Jeep”There was a lot of prototyping with Jeep parts,” said Tuttle, adding that Livin’ Lite has added a special production line to accommodate the Jeep trailer. ”They wanted as much OEM equipment on it as possible.”

Livin’ Lite will begin production of a Quicksilver version of the Jeep trailer — without Jeep’s proprietary equipment — by early summer. ”This will be the first of some off-road vehicles that we will build to get more people camping,” Tuttle said. “That is what’s exciting for us.”

The standard Jeep trailer is expected to sell for $6,500 to $7,500 while the off-road edition will retail for $8,900 to $9,900, Tuttle said.

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