Livin’ Lite Dealers OKed to Sell Jeep Campers

November 14, 2012 by · Comments Off on Livin’ Lite Dealers OKed to Sell Jeep Campers 

Livin' Lite's Extreme Trail Jeep camper

Wakarusa, Ind.-based Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles LLC announced that the company is now able to sell its official Jeep-branded campers through the Livin’ Lite network of dealers.

“Previously, Chrysler/Jeep would only allow these campers to be sold through their official Jeep dealers, but honestly, that didn’t work out as well as any of us hoped it would,” said Scott Tuttle, president of Livin’ Lite. “We have been negotiating with them for over a year to get this in our dealers’ hands where dealers are much more comfortable selling campers, and where potential camper owners are much more likely to go and see one in person.”

According to Tuttle, Jeep was the No. 1 selling SUV last year. He noted that the Livin’ Lite campers have earned the prestigious “Trail Rated” badge from Jeep by passing not only the same tough 160,000 mile testing that Jeep vehicles have to go through on the famous Chelsea proving grounds, but taking the camper through twice to make it sure it could handle the wear and tear.

“That means our camper went through 320,000 miles of testing,” said Tuttle. “They also put it through a 24-hour saline bath test to test the durability of the metals we were using. When it came out of that test, the actual camper looked great. But the hitch and the safety chains, items that we add on to the camper, were rusted through. It was amazing the detailed testing our camper went through. They actually marked every screw in the camper to make sure that it didn’t turn. In the end, we earned Detroit’s respect and their nod of approval to carry the Jeep name.”

The Jeep camper is the first trailer ever to make the cover of Four Wheeler magazine. The MSRP of the Jeep campers range from $9,999 to $11,999, depending on options.

Livin’ Lite is showing two versions of the Jeep camper in their display at the Nov. 27-29 National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., each featuring 17-inch Jeep rims with 32- to 35-inch off-road tires. The Trail Edition features Jeep fenders, tires, rear bumper, latches and automotive logos – the same as used on the actual Jeep SUVs, as well as Jeep-branded interior sofa/bed and tent.

The Extreme Trail Edition, which is designed for extreme terrain including rock climbing, has a steel underbelly and articulating pintel hitch that allows the camper to be towed at extreme angles. Each Jeep camper comes with a custom paint scheme to exactly math the owner’s Jeep paint.

For more information, contact Livin’ Lite at (574) 862-2228 or visit


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