RVers at Vancouver Games Like the Facilities

February 23, 2010 by · Comments Off on RVers at Vancouver Games Like the Facilities 

Vancouver skyline

Vancouver skyline

Call it alternative Olympic accommodation. News1130 in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been talking to the brave souls who are camping at the Winter Olympics.

The temporary trailer park set up at Jericho Beach is full of folks who rented RVs and drove up to one of the most stunning views of the city and North Shore mountains. Well, they’re not all RVs.

Meg and her young family are up from Seattle and are in the only tent at the park. “Everyone is warm and dry. And no one has offered to let us stay in their RV,” she laughs.

Despite the rain and chill, it’s actually pretty swank. They have access to the food, showers, big screen TVs and fireplace at at the Jericho sailing center.

Did she ever picture herself packing a tent and Coleman for the Winter Olympics? “Yeah, we’re that type of people.”

At 100-bucks a night, it’s expensive tenting but bargain Olympic accommodation. And it’s certainly not your usual jump-suited, RV crowd.

We found one woman — fabulously stylish, German, she lives in Dubai — and she says she’s surprised at the luxury facilities in the sailing clubhouse. But she says won’t be camping at the next Winter Games… in frozen Russia.

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Vancouver RV Site Filling for Olympic Games

January 25, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Vancouver skyline

Vancouver skyline

The Vancouver, British Columbia, park board says bookings for the RV sites at Jericho Beach are now close to 70% – but the Spanish Banks site is still sitting empty, according to News 1130, Vancouver.

Both parks are being made available for temporary RV use during the Winter Olympics, which begin Feb. 12 in Vancouver.

Commissioner Aaron Jasper says even though they haven’t been able to fill both locations with RVs, staff is still confident they will break even.

But he says making money wasn’t the main goal.

“The motivation was for us to do our part to help out with the logistics of the Olympics,” Jasper said. “I think it will still be a success, I think the folks that come down with their RVs will still find an enjoyable way to stay in Vancouver and have some of the infrastructure such as transportation that will take them in towards the city.”

Jasper says a large chunk of the reservations have come from Seattle.

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RVers Not Gobbling Up Sites in Vancouver Park

November 13, 2009 by · Comments Off on RVers Not Gobbling Up Sites in Vancouver Park 


Aerial view of one of the Vancouver, British Columbia, beaches that will be the site of a temporary RV park during the Winter Olympic Games in that city next February.

Aerial view of one of the Vancouver, British Columbia, beaches that will be the site of a temporary RV park during the Winter Olympic Games in that city next February.

Only 70 of 350 beach front RV campsites are currently booked at Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks in Vancouver, British Columbia with less than 100 days to go until the 2010 Olympic games, according to the RV News Service. The Vancouver Parks Department needs to book about 150 sites to break even.

Motorhomes, truck campers and vans of up to 30-feet can be accommodated in spaces 20 feet wide. Towable RVs are not permitted. The parks are centrally located with shuttle service to the games. Campsites provide clear views of the Vancouver skyline.

Potable water will be available, but no utility hookups. Sewer pumping and propane services may be purchased. Both parks have restrooms with showers. The cost to camp is $95 plus GST per night (Canadian) with a four night minimum. Tow vehicles are not recommended, and are charged an additional $10 per night plus GST.

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