Crean Foundation Gives 60K to Hall Campaign

April 3, 2013 by · Comments Off on Crean Foundation Gives 60K to Hall Campaign 

The Crean Foundation recently contributed $60,000 toward the RV/MH Hall of Fame’s “Burn the Bank Note” Challenge.  According to a press release, the donation was earmarked to honor the memory of Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. founder John C. Crean.

According to Hall President Darryl Searer, the goal of the “Burn the Bank Note” challenge is to raise $150,000 in voluntary contributions by April 30 in order to qualify for the Robert “Boots” Ingram family’s $50,000 challenge grant that would pay off the Hall’s bank note to 1st Source Bank.

The Crean Foundation’s donation along with other contributions brings the total raised in excess of $120,000 leaving just under $30,000 to be raised before the deadline.

Other recent contributions include a $10,000 donation by Lyle D. & Nellie R. Reed Charitable Foundation to honor the memory of Clarence Fore, founder of Foretravel; $2,000 by Ace Fogdall RV to honor the memory of its founders Ace and Florence Fogdall; $1,000 by Michael A. Schneider, MAS Associates; and numerous other contribution of less than $1,000.

While Searer is pleased by the generosity of those who continue to support the Hall, he emphasized the urgency of raising the additional $30,000 by April 30.

“Time is running out for us to qualify for the Ingram Family’s $50.000 challenge grant,” he said. “It would be a shame to leave that amount on the table and miss the opportunity to pay off our bank note. I urge everyone who enjoys the benefits of working in the RV/MH industries, as well as those who participate in the lifestyle, to step up to the plate and contribute whatever amount they can.

Searer said that the Hall’s bank loan to 1st Source Bank has been reduced from $840,000 in early 2012 to less than $80,000 now, adding, “If we reach our goal and receive the Ingram Family’s challenge grant, we’ll be able to pay off the bank loan on May 1.”

Since the RV/MH Heritage Foundation is a 501-c3 not-for-profit corporation, all donations are tax deductible. Donors can use our federal ID#: verify that we are a 501-c3 not-for-profit corporation in good standing with the IRS.

Gifts may be made by mail, in person at the Hall, by phone at (800) 378-8694, or through the Hall’s secure web site at

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