‘RV Adventure’ Videos Draw Crowd at RV Shows

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The staff at RV Adventure Videos just finished its 10th annual appearance at America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa. The series of RV adventure talks enhanced by videos of various RV travel opportunities, posted record numbers at the show, owner John Holod reported today. reported that bringing Holod’s team to RV shows actually helps dealers and show organizers sell RVs by getting people excited about the journeys they can enjoy in an RV, he explained.

“On the second day of the show a couple walked up to our seminar area,” said Holod. “The wife explained she was trying to talk her reluctant husband into buying their first RV by bringing him to the show. She bought eight of our DVDs in an effort to encourage him to make a purchase, and the couple intended to watch them that evening.

“The next afternoon the couple came by again, grinning from ear to ear,” he added. “They  announced they were the proud owners of a brand new RV. I asked what type they had bought, expecting to hear the first timers got a popup or Class C, instead she said they got a 40-foot diesel pusher! Why start at the bottom when you can jump to the top?”

Holod said his videos help sell RVs by promoting the RV lifestyle, big or small.

To view clips of some of the adventure DVDs, visit

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Videographer Holod Headed for Chicago Show

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John Holod

Cinematographer John Holod will present a program of highlights of his RV adventure films to attendees of this week’s 45th Annual Chicago Camping at RV Show, kicking off Wednesday (Feb. 13) at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. 

RV News Service reports that Holod has traveled the world producing travelogues, but in recent years has focused on travel by recreational vehicle, with productions on most regions of North America. Highlights from his most popular series of DVDs, which spotlight RV travel to and in Alaska, will be included in his Chicago program.

The veteran filmmaker released his newest DVD last month, “Route 66 RV Adventure.” Holod will debut highlights of that production at the Chicago show, its first major audience of RV enthusiasts.

“Driving Route 66 is right up there with the Alaska Highway on most RVers’ bucket lists,” said Holod. “Many RVers — if not most — do not realize that about 80 percent of the old highway is still there and can be easily driven with any RV. The film is especially relevant to the Chicago audience because that’s where Route 66 began on way west to Santa Monica, California.”

Holod’s programs will begin at the top of the hour throughout the show. More information about his productions, all of which are available on DVD, is available at Holod’s website

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Filmmaker Traveling ‘Route 66’ by Motorhome

October 10, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Cinematographer John Holod always has a room with a view.

As reported by The Oklahoman, Holod, behind the wheel of his Winnebago, is on the mother road to produce a video about Old Route 66. He is basing his drive on author Jerry McClanahan’s spiral-bound EZ66 Guide for Travelers.

The award-winning videographer plans to traverse eight states wandering west from Illinois to California. He anticipates spending three weeks traveling an estimated 2,400-mile route.

During his journey, he recently took a day in Oklahoma City to discuss insights on the best ways to see America’s roads up-close with family and friends. The trip began on Sept. 20 in Chicago and concludes Oct. 13 in Los Angeles.

Holod said he initially found it difficult to locate the real start of the Route. He was only successful when he located the little-known Adams Street in Chicago’s downtown area where a small plaque denotes the historic highway.

Driving away from the business district to the corn fields, Holod’s only goal was to remain off the beaten track and find a bit of the historic past.

“I saw the drive-ins, all the billboards, the best places for hot dogs along the road,” he said. “These were here long before the interstate. This was their character before everything got homogenized and not a McDonalds at every exit.”

He considers Route 66 to be one of America’s most popular scenic routes. And, in his mind the RV provides the perfect vehicle to see it.

The reasons are numerous.

“I do back roads,” he said. “It is eye opening. You have your house with you. Anytime, you can stop, have a sandwich by a lake or a river.”

Holod feels there is no better way experience the countryside than to get out and be among the people.

“With a hotel room, you lock the door and kind of hide,” he said. “When you come to a RV park, you open up the doors and immerse yourself in the population.”


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RV Filmmaker Holod on Rocky Mountain Roll

February 3, 2010 by · Comments Off on RV Filmmaker Holod on Rocky Mountain Roll 

Filmmaker John Holod at the start of his career.

Filmmaker John Holod at the start of his career.

Editor’s Note: This story about RV filmmaker John Holod was written by Hal McClure and published by Travel Adventure Cinema.

John Holod, award-winning Travel Adventure filmmaker, marks two decades as a producer with the release of his high definition The Great Rocky Mountain RV Adventure—Part One. You could call him the “Poster Boy of the RV world.*

Before he exchanged his guitar for a film camera in 1990, John enjoyed a varied career that included stints as a country musician and wildlife guide.

Part One of his Rockies film travels from New Mexico to Yellowstone, while Part Two — to be released next year —continues from Yellowstone across the Canadian border to Jasper.

To catch a clip of John Holod’s Rockies’ films go to:

His early films were mostly on North America and Europe — often on a motorcycle — until he hitched his career to the recreational vehicle industry a decade ago. His RV films include the most popular RV destinations — Alaska — and the Atlantic Coast — north and south— the Gulf Coast and Baja California.

John shows his films on our travel adventure circuit as well as RV conventions and shows. He appears at many of these venues across the country where he meets his many RV fans who watch his RV filmic adventures, ask questions, and buy his DVDs. (Working with Questar’s Albert Nader, John sold more than 4,000 America’s Scenic RV Adventures packages — 6 DVD’s in each case) — in a short stint, mostly at Sam’s Club.)

His films and his role as an RV goodwill ambassador have won him a number of industry awards.

For on-the-road transportation to make and show his films, he drives a 20-foot Roadtrek motorhome with a Mercedes diesel engine loaned to him by its Canadian manufacturer.

While John may be the upfront man for their enterprises, he says he could not do it without the help and support from his wife, Jodie Ginter, whom he calls “my CEO.” Jodie often fills in for her husband when the RV and TAC show schedules collide.

Asked about his filmmaking career, he said: “It’s been a great ride. I’ve gotten to do and see things most people only dream about. With a camera in my hand I was able to experience things I could have never done if I was on a regular vacation. I’ve met wonderful people all over the world and traveled more than 600,000 miles across North America in RVs in the past 12 years alone.”

Techie Stuff

John Holod shoots with a Canon XL H1 HD camera, using DV tape. A 300mm lens can be screwed onto the camera lens to give him great close-ups, which is particularly important while filming wildlife. He uses Sennheiser mics for on location audio.

Pinnacle is his choice for editing — on a Hewlett Packard computer. For on-location shoots he uses his computer in the Roadtrek RV to make preliminary film cuts. “Getting rid of the bad stuff at the start saves time when I get back to my home studio,” John said.

At his shows, John goes directly from his computer into the auditorium projector, which provides a beautiful 1080i HD picture.

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