Report: RV Lot Sales Rebound after Hitting Low

February 1, 2012 by · Comments Off on Report: RV Lot Sales Rebound after Hitting Low 

Jim Eyster, marketing researcher, has attended the RV SuperShow for over 10 years, tracking numbers such as RV and lot sales, lot price fluctuation and RV industry trends.

According to a press release, the January 2012 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida broke last year’s record attendance with a turnout of 54,096 guests, providing Eyster with a comprehensive look at RVers’ interests and RV resort’s accommodations to the lifestyle within the same surroundings.

In addition to an increase in attendees at the SuperShow this year, represented vendors also reported increased RV and lot sales, with Lazydays RVs announcing 140 units sold. The 25 “Own Your RV Lot” developers expressed improved RV lot sales for 2011 compared to sales in 2010, as RVers have recently sought upscale lot accommodations with luxury features and higher prices, a positive sign for the RV industry as well as the economy. Many lot developers have taken note of this information and developed upscale RV resorts with more features at higher prices.

According to the release, an integral part of Eyster’s research resides in his study of RV lot prices and amenities of the 24 RV resorts present at the show. At their lowest, RV lot sales for a majority of the resorts were more than 50% lower than the lot price at its highest, with an average lot price between $70,418 and $168,295. However, the prices RVers as willing to pay is improving based on a recent sale of $314,000 for an upscale lot in Pelican Lake in Naples, Fla., and a brand new luxury RV resort represented for the first time at the SuperShow, Tellico Ridges Luxury Mountain Motorcoach Resort.

“We believe the SuperShow was the perfect opportunity to unveil Tellico Ridges due to the event’s industry reach and the diversity of Rvers attending from all over the country,” says Jerry Kidd, President of Kidd RV Consulting. “We believe the enthusiastic reception we received is just the beginning of something great for this resort.”

According to Eyster, it is evident that the sales price of RV lots had bottomed out and, in fact, has begun rising again. With the high rate of RV sales and the population of 77 million Baby Boomers continuing to enter retirement, the demand for luxury RV lots will continue to grow.

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Kidd RV Consulting Initiates National Survey

June 10, 2011 by · Comments Off on Kidd RV Consulting Initiates National Survey 

Kidd RV Resort Consulting, an integrated marketing firm, specializing in the RV industry, has launched an effort to survey RVers nationwide through a series of five-question surveys on a number of subjects from fuel to technology to lifestyle and travel habits.

“We are interested in hearing from RVers and gaining insight into their travel habits, needs, wants, obstacles and more,” said Jerry Kidd, president of Kidd RV Consulting. “We want to keep the surveys short and sweet, focusing on one subject at a time to maximize participation and results.”

The quarterly RV Rewards Survey will be distributed electronically and will help the consulting firm gather information on emerging trends and issues facing RVers, helping to address these issues and better serve their clients – namely RV resorts. The first of the surveys focuses on fuel costs and how it may be affecting travel behavior.

“It is fascinating to learn about people’s behavior and lifestyle choices when culling through survey answers,” added Kidd. “The knowledge we gain through this process will play a role in directing communication efforts for our clients and developing sound strategies to help them better serve the RV community.”

Interested participants can sign up and take the survey now by visiting: To encourage participation, the Kidd RV team will be giving away gas cards valued at $100 to a few lucky winners.  The next quarterly survey will be released in the fall and concentrate on technology and digital media.

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