LCI’s ‘Level Up’ Lifts Sundance Trailer Demand

July 16, 2013 by · Comments Off on LCI’s ‘Level Up’ Lifts Sundance Trailer Demand 

Since Heartland Recreational Vehicles LLC adopted Lippert Component’s Inc.’s Level Up automatic hydraulic leveling system in January 2013 as an option on its new Sundance travel trailer brand, every unit sold has been built with the Level Up system.

“We were looking for some key features that would set the Sundance trailer apart from other brands, and we felt the automatic hydraulic leveling was one way to do that,” said Heartland Vice President of Sales Coley Brady in a press release. “The response has been outstanding.”

Heartland General Manager Paul Craven noted, “Level Up has played an important part in the launch of the new Sundance travel trailer.”

LCI CEO Jason Lippert points out that “the RV industry is moving more towards automatic leveling for travel trailers and fifth-wheels. We’re finding that OEMs are turning to LCI and Level Up to meet consumer demand.”

LCI’s reported that average weekly sales of Level Up systems have grown 65% in the past year.

“At one time, automatic leveling was something found only on high-end units such as expensive luxury fifth-wheel RVs,” said LCI Vice President of Sales Andy Murray. “But now customers want leveling upgrades on less expensive fifth-wheel and travel trailer RVs. OEMs are looking to our Level Up system to fulfill this demand.”

Level Up is a four-point or six-point automatic hydraulic leveling system designed to quickly and safely level an RV with only the touch of a button and comes with an auto re-hitch memory function that remembers the exact height at which the RV was unhitched.

To watch a video offering a rundown of the features and benefits of the Level Up system click here.

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Lippert Expanding Level Up Installation Network

March 28, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

Lippert Components Inc. announced it has expanded the network of installation sites for its Level Up hydraulic leveling systems to include 11 RV dealerships.

According to a press release, the Goshen, Ind.-based supplier introduced Level Up two years ago featuring a six-point automatic hydraulic system that can be operated with the touch of a button.

To support the growing certified dealer network for Level Up and other products supporting the mobile lifestyle, Lippert Components has updated its website,, to add improved site navigation and additional information about all of the industry segments the company serves – along with a dealer locator. Additional sales support is available to dealers in the form of touch-screen video kiosks that consumers can access to learn more about the features and benefits of Level Up.

Tony Downing, who heads up dealer business development for Lippert Components, was enthusiastic about the sales. “The kiosks were big hits at the Florida RV Super Show in Tampa in January,” Downing said. “I had the kiosks on display in the Lazy Days’ display selling aftermarket installations. I did another show in Quartzsite, Ariz., in January, and another at the Detroit RV Show working with General RV selling aftermarket installations, both meeting with success.”

“We give our certified dealers the tools necessary to succeed,” concluded Jason Lippert. “Level Up is a well documented product and a respected brand – in fact it’s the number one fifth wheel leveling system on the market today.”

Dealers wishing to join the Level Up certified dealer network can call (574) 537-8900 or email Once certified, they will be added to the Level Up dealer locator on the Lippert website,

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Lippert Components Debuts Leveling System

May 14, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Leveling_jacksLippert Components Inc., Goshen, Ind., a leading manufacturer of components for RVs, has introduced Level Up, a revolutionary six-point RV leveling system designed to quickly and safely level a coach with only the touch of a button, according to a news release. ”Campers exhaust a lot of time and energy into getting their coach level,” said Jason Lippert, Lippert and Kinro president and CEO. ”With Level Up, we are giving campers the ability to safely level their coach in less than thirty seconds so they can enjoy their vacation.”

Level Up achieves this feat utilizing the power and speed of Lippert’s jacks, which are on average 10 times faster than their electric counterparts. Level Up utilizes a one touch ”auto level” button that allows the camper to hit a button and let the system do its job in less than 30 seconds.

Level Up’s patented six-point leveling system incorporates a pair of front hydraulic landing gear and pairs of hydraulic leveling jacks before the front axle and behind the rear axle. It is the only leveling system on the market that is sensitive to the integrity of the frame.

The user cannot put the jacks in a lifting sequence that would twist the chassis causing damage to the coach. This is the biggest difference between Level Up and the traditional four-point systems that have been in the field for a while.

Currently, Lippert Components is working with several OEM’s to provide ”Level Up Ready” frames where the customer can add Level Up as an option at the time of purchase, or add it to their coach later.

”We feel there is a large population of campers that will see the upgrade to Level Up as a worthwhile investment,” Lippert said. Lippert Components is currently setting up a dealer network certified to install Level Up in addition to the Trail Airservice center in Goshen, Ind., that has been installing Level Up for the last year and a half.

To learn more, visit

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Lippert Gets Rights to 6-Point Leveling System

March 2, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Lippert Components Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Drew Industries Inc., reported today (March 2) that it acquired the patent-pending design for “Level Up,” an innovative six-point leveling system for towable recreational vehicles.

“To eliminate unwanted rocking and swaying with other leveling systems for towable RVs, you may have to adjust up to four different manual or power jacks. Based on the terrain, you may even need to position those jacks on blocks to get the RV to the desired position. Not only does the patent-pending Level Up six-point hydraulic design level the RV in seconds but it eases undue stress on the chassis, windows, and sidewall when the RV’s slide-outs are extended or retracted,” Brian Donat, director of marketing for Lippert Components, stated in a news release.

Level Up is the first hydraulic six-point leveling system designed specifically for towable RVs. The six-point design helps prevent twisting issues while leveling. The system works from a centrally located key pad that levels from side to side, then front to back. “The Level Up product is also available in after-market kits from the Trailair Service Center located in Goshen, Ind., for the customer that currently owns an RV,” said Donat.

“The Level Up design is a natural fit with our stabilization products for towable RVs, and is consistent with our overall strategy of adding more value to the RV,” said Jason Lippert, president and CEO of Lippert Components. “We continuously strive for added value for all our products. Leveling systems once only used for high-end towable RVs are now reaching more mid-line products. As this trend continues, we expect that Level Up will be used on more and more towable RVs.”

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