Liberty Coach Adds Eco-Friendly Batteries

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Frank Konigseder, co-owner of Liberty Coach, showcases the Apple iPad which will soon be integrated into every new coach’s onboard electronics.

Frank Konigseder, co-owner of Liberty Coach, showcases the Apple iPad which will soon be integrated into every new coach’s onboard electronics.

Liberty Coach has announced that it will be incorporating an eco-friendly battery system into all newly constructed motorcoaches.

After exhaustive testing and research with the new battery system in Liberty Coach’s 2011 H3-45 triple slide, Frank Konigseder, vice president and co-owner of Liberty Coach, said in a news release, “We are happy with its performance and have made the decision to incorporate it into all our new models.”

With the introduction of a lithium iron phosphate battery system, several environmentally friendly advantages have occurred. The new system uses a non-toxic disposable battery that also has a much longer lifecycle than the previous battery system. Also, because fewer of these new batteries are required to power the various on-board electronics and other systems, there is a tremendous weight savings as well, making the coaches more energy efficient.

“By changing to the new lithium iron phosphate battery technology, we were able to eliminate 1,150 pounds of total weight from our H3-45 triple-slide model,” said Konigseder. “Additionally, whereas the older batteries typically would last about three years, these new batteries have on average a 10-year life cycle.”

While Liberty Coach is very happy with the performance and environmental benefits of this new system, the initial expense is more than traditional batteries. However, some of this additional cost is offset by the battery’s increased life expectancy which also helps save money when getting a coach ready for resale.

Many high-end motorcoach owners trade in their coaches every two or three years. Up to now, when a coach was being made ready for resale, typically the batteries were one of the first things to be replaced, which may not be necessary going forward.

With this new system, all batteries communicate on a proprietary network which continuously monitors each battery cell. The status is displayed on an output monitor that enables Liberty Coach to utilize the generator automatic starting system more efficiently by controlling the start/stop of the generator based exclusively on amp hour usage.

“The history of each battery is maintained in a non-volatile log which can be retrieved at any time,” Konigseder explained. “This may eliminate the need to replace batteries on used coaches in the future since we now have an accurate way to determine the need based on the actual usage of the batteries in each coach.”

Liberty Coach continually researches and tests new systems, materials and components to make sure the most reliable, user-friendly, and technologically advanced systems are being incorporated into their products.

Later this summer, for example, Liberty Coach will introduce the Apple iPad into their built-in, on-board electronics. The iPad will be integrated into every coach’s Crestron Control Touchpanel system which controls seven zones of audio, video, lighting, HVAC, shades and even the outdoor awning, in addition to monitoring and managing the fresh water and waste water, power generator, air doors and locks. Additionally, the Moritz Octoplex system controls the air conditioning circuit breakers and more than 100 dimmable and programmable DC breakers for lights, valves and other mechanical systems.

The company has facilities in Stuart, Fla., and Chicago.

For more information about Liberty Coach please visit or call (800) 554-9877.

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Luxury Coach Maker Seeing 25% ’10 Upturn

July 6, 2010 by · Comments Off on Luxury Coach Maker Seeing 25% ’10 Upturn 

Frank Konigseder of Stuart, Fla., makes and sells million-dollar Liberty Coach motorhomes.

And he thinks he will sell more this year than he did last year, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Liberty Coach is a family-owned luxury motorcoach manufacturer that was founded in 1968 by Konigseder and his wife, Jeanne. Simply put: They wanted to build a better RV.

New Liberty Coach motorhomes cost from $1.95 million to $2.2 million. Used ones go for $350,000 to $1.6 million.

The couple’s first project was the renovation of a Greyhound bus with 2.5 million miles on it.

After decades of partnerships with coach makers, Liberty Coach launched its own plant in North Chicago, Ill.

In 2001, Liberty Coach opened its sales dealership in Stuart. The Konigseders chose the location to cater to its strongest customer base. Today, Liberty Coach is owned by the couple and their two sons, Kurt and Frank X. Konigseder.

Frank X. Konigseder estimates that “80% of the customer base is east of the Mississippi River. And most of these people will transition through the Southeast and come through Florida.”

Liberty’s manufacturing plant in Illinois has 84 employees, and its dealership in Stuart has 18 employees. At its peak, the manufacturing plant had 125 employees.

Even though the economic downturn is the company’s biggest challenge, Liberty Coach reports increased sales in both new and used motorcoaches ordered for 2010.

With a total of seven new coaches sold this year, the company projects a total of 16 will sell by the end of 2010, up from 12 last year. The company also refurbishes and sells used coaches; 30 have sold this year.

Konigseder attributes the increase to people getting over “the shock of the economic recession.” People are “feeling better about the general economy … and have adjusted their lives” to the economy.

With other competitors in the market, why buy a Liberty Coach motorhome?

Remote control and computer systems make the management of the motorcoach as simple as driving it. The Crestron remote control system resembles a small television screen. The touch screen can dim the interior lights, control audio and video systems and raise and lower the blinds.

The interior of Liberty Coach motorhomes includes hand-crafted wood moldings and cabinetry, marble countertops and tufted sofas.

And the luxury extends to customer service. Each buyer gets Frank X. Konigseder’s home and cellphone numbers.

Louie Bob and Jo Ann Davis, from central Texas, have bought two Liberty Coach motorhomes. Bob describes his experience with Liberty Coach as “wonderful” and believes the company’s “workmanship is top-notch.”

Liberty Coach’s goal is to promote a lifestyle of first-class motor travel. It hosts an annual rally in Stuart the week of the Super Bowl.

“When you own a coach,” Jo Ann Davis said, “the friends you meet and make are really friends forever.”

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Liberty Coach Reports Increase in ’10 Production

May 12, 2010 by · Comments Off on Liberty Coach Reports Increase in ’10 Production 

Liberty Coach, a family-owned and operated luxury motor coach manufacturer, has reported increased sales in both new and used motor coaches ordered for 2010.

Having sold a new triple-slide coach just this past Saturday (May 8) for a total of seven new coaches sold so far this year, the company projects a total of 16 will sell by the end of 2010, up from 12 last year. With coaches selling for upwards of $1.8 million, this is a significant increase that co-owner Frank Konigseder attributes to a strengthening economy, according to a news release.

“Sales for used coaches are up as well,” Konigseder reported. “And our employment has increased by 30-plus people from 2009 levels.”

According to the company, a custom motor coach by Liberty Coach rivals any luxury home with its completely integrated onboard navigation systems and other electronics. Liberty Coach also provides unparalleled customer support to its clientele, bringing its 53-foot service vehicle and support staff to major shows and rallies that take place across the country year-round.

Known for incorporating state-of-the-art luxury appointments and the latest technology for optimal safety, performance and environmental responsibility, Liberty Coach has been a leader in the motorcoach industry for more than 40 years. The company’s showroom and service center is in Stuart, Fla., with a manufacturing facility and service center in North Chicago, Ill.

For more information, go to <> or call (800) 554-9877.

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Liberty Coach Reports High Rally Turnout/Sales

February 24, 2010 by · Comments Off on Liberty Coach Reports High Rally Turnout/Sales 

Family-owned and operated Liberty Coach reported record attendance at their 9th annual Stuart Open House. The company also sold six coaches during the four-day event, held Feb. 4-7 at Liberty’s Stuart, Fla., facility, according to a press release.

With attendance maxed out at 52 couples — double the number of last year’s rally — the company was encouraged by the turnout.

“Our goal is to sell 10% of the rally attendees, so we are very pleased to exceed that at this rally,” remarked Frank Konigseder, vice president of Liberty Coach.  “With this upturn in attendance and sales, we are cautiously optimistic the country is beginning to build momentum toward economic recovery.”

Clients drove in from around the country for four days of tours, seminars, cocktail parties, and camaraderie, with some coming from as far away as Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Texas, Maine, and Virginia.

“In most cases, our client base is still fortunate enough to have their wealth, but 2009 made everyone more cautious,” said Frank Jr.’s wife, Carolyn, who handles the company’s marketing and exterior paint design. “Our clientele is like family and we always look forward to seeing them at this annual event. We were thrilled that 25% of the people attending this year’s event had never been to a Liberty Coach rally before.”

With a showroom and service center in Stuart and a manufacturing facility with service center in North Chicago, Ill., Liberty Coach has been involved in the coaching industry for more than 40 years.  Today, the company builds on average about 28 new coaches each year. In 2008, Liberty Coach was awarded the Crestron Integration Award for their innovative use of the Crestron remote control system that controls seven zones of audio, video, lighting, HVAC, shades and even the outdoor awning, in addition to monitoring and managing the fresh water and waste water, power generator, air doors and locks.

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