Longtime S.D. Show Enjoys Faithful Following

March 18, 2013 by · Comments Off on Longtime S.D. Show Enjoys Faithful Following 

Mike Geffre enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and going camping. So while he was browsing for an RV at the annual Liebelt RV Spring Indoor Show on Sunday in Aberdeen, S.D., he brought along his two granddaughters and their two friends.

“(I’m looking for) something reasonably priced that’s big enough so I can take my grandchildren camping,” said Geffre, 60, of Aberdeen.

As reported by the Aberdeen News, Geffre’s granddaughters along with their two friends scampered in and out of the more than two dozen RVs on display at the annual event. Models on display ranged from simple designs that had tables, sinks and a single bed to more elaborate ones with wooden cabinets, ceiling fans and multiple beds.

The show, which started Saturday (March 16) and runs through March 24 in the Holum Expo Center at the Brown County Fairgrounds, has been in Aberdeen for more almost 40 years, said Tom Badger, who helps coordinate the event and works at Liebelt RV.

Badger estimates the opening weekend had about 1,200 to 1,400 people walk through the doors of the Holum Expo Center. Two things draw people to the show: The latest developments in RV technology and the decorations put up as a part of the show, he said.

Wedged among the crevices between each massive trailer were cardboard cutouts of movie characters. The themes varied from Harry Potter  to the Wizard of Oz to Pirates of the Caribbean. Some decorations were made by hand by employees of Liebelt RV, Badger said. Some decorations took three weeks to build and three days to install, he said.

 As far as technological innovations, Badger said some of the latest models had multiple kitchens and multiple bathrooms.

“They come here to look and dream and see what’s available,” he said, adding that some customers buy RVs while they’re at the show. There were even a few on display that had stickers saying the specific model was already sold.

Neal Jones, 55, of Aberdeen hasn’t visited the show in a few years and was impressed with some of the additional kitchens on the RVs. He was examining one model that had a many of the kitchen amenities — stove, chopping board and sink — in an outdoor unit.

While he said some people may not consider traveling in an RV to be camping, he does. Even if you have the conveniences of a kitchen and bed, you’re still outside, Jones said.

Don Heinz, who has an RV model from 2001, was also browsing through.

“We got one, but we always look to see what the new stuff looks like,” he said. He added there was likely a big difference in his model and what’s on the market now.

“They do a lot in 12 years and they change a lot,” he said.

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