Spader Business & Life Associates Are Merging

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logo2Providing business leaders with the clarity and confidence to make sound management decisions in all economic conditions is the goal of the merged resources of industry consultants Life Associates and Spader Business Management.

Today’s announcement strengthens and formalizes the long relationship the two firms have had over 30 years and moves their activities under one combined system easily accessed by their respective clients, according to a news release.

Business Highlights:

  • Spader Business Management has developed industry specific business programs for the RV, marine, power-sports, lighting showroom, farm equipment, motorcoach, trailer and office furniture industries.
  • Life Associates founder Michael O’Connor has authored or co-authored six books on management including the best-selling book Managing by Values with  Ken Blanchard.
  • Life Associates has worked with diverse companies including Fortune 500 clients.
  • Over the past 10 years Spader has helped more than 5,000 North American businesses achieve success by enhancing on-going best business practices.
  • Spader personnel are frequent speakers and commentators for industry publications and events.

“Our two companies have shared philosophies and a mutual respect for each other for over 30 years,” said Spader Business Management Founder Duane Spader. “The combined intellectual capital that these merged resources represent offers businesses a full suite of processes and timeless principles to allow them to establish successful and sustainable businesses.”

Life Associates founder Michael O’Connor, is an internationally recognized thought leader. O’Connor has made substantial contributions to fields such as human resources, behavioral management, leadership, strategy and organizational development, devoted to achieving higher personal, group and organizational performance.

Commenting on the importance of the merged resources, O’Connor said, “Bringing our two capabilities together is comparable to hardware and software. The software is the art of hiring, retaining and training the right people to a common philosophy and a realistic, practical process for achieving what an organization values. Spader Business Management’s philosophy and proven facts-based business principles and programs are the hardware. This combination represents the natural progression of what business consulting should provide as comprehensive, total solutions for companies looking to reach new levels of performance.”

“The timing of this announcement is good news for both organizations’ clients as they navigate through our current volatile economy,” said John Spader, president of Spader Business Management. “Our clients will find that by taking advantage of the processes and principles of our combined offerings that they will have the confidence and clarity needed to stabilize and grow their businesses.”

Spader Business Management, located in Sioux Falls, S.D., has an over 30-year history of providing processes and management tools for a variety of businesses that focus on improved profitability, productivity and performance. Spader’s offerings include “Total Management Workshops” and industry leading “Spader 20 Groups”  that bring business leaders together to share comparative data and best practices.

Life Associates, with locations in Naples, Fla., and Poughkeepsie, N.Y., provides management consulting services that are designed around a systematic approach for businesses to align their culture and business practices with their core values to create all-win solutions for its stakeholders.

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