13 Great Centennial RVs – 8 of 13

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Li’l Bugger

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Lil' Bugger

Li'l Bugger

While an assortment of chassis have been used to support motorhome designs through the years, the Li’l Bugger stands as the only class C-style limited production motorhome ever built on a car sedan frame.

Bellflower, Calif.-based Travelon Industries offered the $2,795 modification, utilizing a cutaway VW sedan chassis; the only acknowledgement of a higher (2,400-pound) wet weight was the need for more supportive tires and better shocks. Retaining the stock Volkswagen Beetle front trunk, the 13½-foot Li’l Bugger concealed a 2-burner propane stove, 10-gallon freshwater tank and, once a few panels were pulled out and the cockpit seats swiveled rearward, twin 75 x 52-inch beds. Highway mileage was reportedly 20-plus mpg.

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