5 Reasons to Include Print in Your Marketing

March 29, 2011 by · Comments Off on 5 Reasons to Include Print in Your Marketing 

With peak RV selling season approaching, RV dealers are looking to maximize their marketing dollars by investing in marketing programs that deliver a high return on investment and build brand loyalty. Below, courtesy of Jay Perrett of Outpost RV, St. Petersburg, Fla.,  are five reasons print communication needs to be a part of your 2011 marketing mix:

  • Getting Your Customers’ Attention: Have you noticed how many fewer of pieces of mail you are getting these days? Consumers pay more attention to the mail they receive. You have their attention; now give them reasons to buy RVs, parts and service. Campers Inn in Kingston and Merrimack New Hampshire is creative and different. Recently they mailed out an eight-page magazine to all their customers and RV owners within 60 miles of the two New Hampshire locations and sales are “On Fire” since, said Scott Hayden of Campers Inn Merrimack. Try something new. “Customers are waiting in line for the give-aways!”
  • Customer Retention: Magazines, fliers and newsletters are excellent ways to tell your customers you care about them and want to earn their business. RCD Sales in Hebron, Ohio, is bold, unique and successful. Each fall they have a Customer Appreciation Rally that “is always a big success” says Brad Haire of RCD Sales with locations in Hebron and Pataskala, Ohio. “They really like the ‘best wing sauce competition’ between our two locations” Other events include a golf outing, margarita night, patio light contest, and the Ohio State football game and NASCAR on the big screen. RCD does a great job staying in front of their customers and creating customers for life.
  • High Return on Investment: According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail is the most powerful advertising medium available, returning on average $13 for every dollar invested. It is an essential tool for every business. To maximize your ROI, the campaign must be properly targeted and packaged. How do you cut through the clutter? Target the right audience of registered RV owners, have a powerful offer, and make it memorable. Loveall RV’s Annual Open House has been a big success the last two years utilizing creative direct mail campaigns. Owner David Duffy has been able to cut his marketing budget in half and double his return by maximizing his marketing dollars. “Every mailing we have done has resulted in a sizable increase in sales.”
  • Print Excites People: I enjoy playing tennis; if I get anything tennis related in the mail, you have my attention. I enjoy reviewing the new 2011 rackets, sneakers, equipment and tennis tips. RV enthusiasts are passionate about their RVs so if you send them a RV flier or newsletter, the new models and parts and service specials will engage them. Lone Star RV, with two locations in Houston, Texas, has consistently sent unique 16-page parts magazines bi-annually for the last 15 years and gets positive feedback on every mailer, said Scott Byrne. “It’s a great way to stay in touch with RV owners in our area. Customers keep the magazine to refer to and bring it in with them to take advantage of our incentives.”
  • Unplug: More and more people are choosing to unplug. They turn off the computer to sit down and read your print. Deliver the right message and your RV magazine filled with new 2011 RVs, parts & service incentives may be just what they need.

“My mission is honesty, ambition and providing outstanding customer service,” said Perrett. “My clients are my partners. My work is dedicated to your business, your brand and your audience.”

For more information, call Perrett at (800) 456-9222 or e-mail him at

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