Lippert Has Welders Certified in M-Tec Division

July 11, 2013 by · Comments Off on Lippert Has Welders Certified in M-Tec Division 

Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) reports that all welders in its M-Tec specialty and motorized chassis manufacturing facility have been certified.

According to a press release, 62 M-Tec welders are certified in gas metal arc welding. Ten additional employees were specially certified to inspect and monitor processes for consistent quality work.

Employees participated in rigorous classroom and hands-on training through Bumgarner Welding and Inspection Inc. in the certification program.

“By establishing and maintaining this level of quality, we separate ourselves from the competition as we supply our customers with products, which we believe are unequaled,” said M-Tec General Manager David DeVon.

Vice President of Operations Jason Falk added, “We are excited to distinguish ourselves and offer another great selling point for our customers.”

M-Tec was acquired by LCI in 2011 and specializes in upper chassis upfits, wheel base modification, driveshaft manufacturing, steel and aluminum fabrication and axle spring upgrades.

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