Manheim Sites Closing Due to Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012 by · Comments Off on Manheim Sites Closing Due to Hurricane Sandy 

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, vehicle auction company Manheim Specialty Auctions issued information concerning closings at several of its locations in the Northeast.

The company reported that auctions affected by the storm included sites in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine and Maryland.

Manheim said that to view the most up-to-date information about sale locations and any delays that may occur from the storm visit


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Auction Leader Manheim is Closing Six Sites

June 2, 2011 by · Comments Off on Auction Leader Manheim is Closing Six Sites 

Manheim, the nation’s largest auto auction company, will close six of its sites in June and move their operations to other nearby sites, a company spokesmen told Automotive News.

After the closings, Manheim will have 122 sites, including 73 in North America and 49 overseas.

The consolidation comes at a time when the auction industry is experiencing a drop in volume because fewer new vehicles were sold and leased during the worst of the recession, according to Automotive News. Lease vehicles typically return to the market and are sold at auctions within three years.

The National Auto Auction Association reports that auction volume dropped by almost 9% in the first quarter of 2011 compared with the first quarter of 2010. Volume dropped almost 6% in all of 2010.

Manheim spokesperson Kelly Frommer says consolidating operations makes good business sense because it allows Manheim to bring more buyers and sellers together in a single location.

She said in most instances the date and start times of a closed operation will remain the same once it relocates. “You’ve got more buyers and sellers in one location, and there’s more reason for them to go to a location,” she added. “They can participate in more sales.”

Specifically, Manheim Colorado in Commerce City, Colo., will move to Manheim Denver in Aurora, Colo.; Manheim Metro Dallas in Grand Prairie, Texas, moves to Manheim Dallas in Dallas; Manheim Metro Detroit in Flat Rock, Mich., moves to Manheim Detroit in Carleton, Mich.; Manheim Las Vegas in Las Vegas moves to Manheim Nevada in North Las Vegas, Nev.; and Manheim Tennessee in Nashville moves to Manheim Nashville in Mount Juliet, Tenn.

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Manheim is Consolidating Inventory in Atlanta

March 4, 2011 by · Comments Off on Manheim is Consolidating Inventory in Atlanta 

Next boat and RV auction in Atlanta set for April 5.

Next boat and RV auction in Atlanta set for April 5.

Two Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment operating locations have consolidated inventory in Atlanta.

Manheim Georgia now features Manheim Specialty Boat and RV sales, and Manheim Metro Atlanta has been designated as the Georgia location for heavy truck and equipment inventory, according to a news release.

Both locations celebrated with new sales, including a grand re-opening sale at Manheim Metro Atlanta last month. The grand re-opening sale drew more than 60 buyers in-lane and 100 buyers online who bought more than 60% of the available units. The next Heavy Truck & Equipment sale at Manheim Metro Atlanta will be on Wednesday, March 16 at 9:30 a.m.

Boat and RV dealers are invited to participate at Manheim Georgia’s next sale on April 5 at 1:30 p.m.

There are many differences between buying and selling boats, RVs, motorcycles, powersports and heavy truck and equipment units when compared with passenger cars and trucks. To meet customer needs, Manheim now offers 16 Manheim Specialty locations and 13 Manheim Heavy Truck & Equipment locations, all featuring dedicated sales and service specialists who understand the unique needs of these customers.

“We take great pride in delivering an unmatched experience to Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment customers,” said Karen Braddy, general manager of Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment. “Our dedicated operating locations offer instant access to the cream-of-the-crop in quality inventory, volume and sales results, as well as access to our support teams who really ‘get’ these unique marketplaces.”

The growth of Manheim’s dedicated Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment sales locations has also fueled a significant increase in the percentage of customers who do business online. “When customers buy and sell in an environment focused exclusively on their industry, they’re more likely to trust the process,” said Braddy. “The proof is in the numbers: Last year, 41% of all Specialty units sold at a dedicated Specialty location were sold online, compared to 27% at locations without dedicated staffs and sales.”

For more information on buying or selling at Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment’s dedicated locations, please visit or

For up-to-the minute news and information, please follow us on Twitter at @ManheimSpclty or @ManheimHTandEq.

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Manheim Introduces Certified RV Inspection

November 16, 2010 by · Comments Off on Manheim Introduces Certified RV Inspection 

New service for RV auctions

Manheim Specialty Auctions and industry-recognized, independent lab Titan Certified have joined forces to offer certified inspections to Manheim Specialty customers, starting with RVs.

This is the first time a certified inspection, light mechanical check and oil and fluid analysis have been packaged together and offered at RV auctions in the United States, according to a news release.

Certified inspections will be available for RV units sold at select Manheim Specialty locations as well as online and will expand to boats, motorcycles, PowerSports, heavy trucks and equipment in the future. The new certified inspection program was piloted at Manheim Lakeland and officially launched at Manheim Southern California’s RV Sale held on Oct. 7.

“At Manheim, almost 40% of our sales take place online now, and we expect that number to continue to grow,” said Karen Braddy, general manager, Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment. “Certified inspections are especially beneficial for our online buyer customers who are not able to physically touch or listen to the units.”

Each inspection includes a thorough review of basic operation, a light mechanical check and oil fluid analysis performed by Titan Certified. The mechanical information provided by each certified inspection not only gives buyers peace of mind, but also will reduce time spent previewing and checking out units. An important additional benefit of the new Manheim Specialty Auctions certified inspection program is that select units will include a Titan-backed guarantee that can be transferred to retail customers.

“Our customers want certified inspections, especially for complex or costly inventory, such as luxury motor coaches,” said Joe Weinstein, national product manager, Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment. “As a result of their input, we’re excited to offer the new certified inspection program to help these customers add a new level of confidence to the transaction.”

Following the program launch at Manheim Southern California, Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth hosted its first sale on Oct. 22. Manheim Specialty Auctions will be offering certified inspections at all Manheim locations in the coming months. For more information about Manheim Specialty Auctions’ certified inspection program, contact your local Specialty Manager or call (877) 704-4636.

To learn more about Manheim Specialty Auctions, visit

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Manheim Hosts ‘Auction Essentials’ Seminars

October 12, 2010 by · Comments Off on Manheim Hosts ‘Auction Essentials’ Seminars 

Maheim-AuctionsManheim Specialty Auctions has begun hosting a series of one-hour seminars at trade shows this fall intended to educate RV dealers on key auction essentials. The first seminar was presented at the National RV Dealers Association‘s 2010 RV Dealers International Convention/Expo in Las Vegas, Oct. 5-8, with another scheduled during the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association‘s upcoming National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., Nov. 30 – Dec. 2.

“Manheim Specialty Auctions strives to provide as many educational resources as possible for our dealers,” said Karen Braddy, general manager, Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment. “We presented these ‘Auction Essentials’ at a few private workshops in the past, and the feedback from participating specialty dealers was extremely positive. We felt that tradeshows would be the next logical place for us to offer this and reach even more dealers who may not be using auctions to their fullest potential.”

As the series‘ name implies, each seminar covers several topics and key auction essentials. These span the range from auction terminology and the auction landscape to buying and selling methods — including how to tap into, Manheim‘s 24/7 online wholesale vehicle marketplace.

To ensure dealers get the most out of the experience, the seminars cater to a specific type of dealer audience at each tradeshow. Attendees also will take home a few “auction essentials” in the form of an informational packet, an auction handbook and a USB flash drive featuring pertinent presentation materials to reference after the seminar and share with colleagues.

“The seminars are specifically designed to make dealers comfortable with the dynamic trading floor auctions provide,” said Cooper. “We hope this seminar will teach them how engaging in auctions — both in the lane and online — will help increase their profits.”

For more information about the seminars, call Manheim Specialty Auctions at (877) 704-4636 or visit

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Manheim Auctions Begins Platinum RV Sales

August 10, 2010 by · Comments Off on Manheim Auctions Begins Platinum RV Sales 

imageManheim Specialty Auctions has introduced “Platinum RV Collection Sales,” a new opportunity for dealers to exclusively buy top-quality, highline RV units valued at $75,000 or more.

The new monthly sales, currently held at two Manheim locations, are also accessible nationally through Manheim Simulcast, according to a news release. The combination of in-lane and online buying opportunity gives dealers convenient, targeted access to the cream of pre-owned luxury RV inventory, saving them time and hassle in the process.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the auction experience for our customers by listening closely to their unique needs,” said Karen Braddy, general manager, Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment. “Our highline RV buyers and sellers have told us that the diversity of products within the RV category often means they waste valuable time searching for just the right configuration – and that feedback drove the creation of our Platinum program.”

The first Platinum Sale was held at Manheim Lakeland, Fla., in February of this year, and strong sales results prompted an expansion to Manheim Tucson in June. Based on the success of these sales, additional locations are expected to be added in the coming months, including Manheim Dallas-Fort Worth.

More than 160 buyers participated in Manheim Tucson’s first sale both in-lane and online via Manheim Simulcast. Commercial consignors, such as Bank of America and GE Money reported blue-ribbon days, with Bank of America selling 100%  of its inventory.

“Our customers have told us that the key to successful customized sales is having enough specialized inventory to make attendance worthwhile,” said Jeanie Hinz, general manager, Manheim Tucson. “The positive results from our first sale confirm that Manheim is definitely meeting the needs of these buyers.”

Kelly O’Banion, purchasing/pre-owned manager, Motor Home Specialist, located in Alvarado, Texas, agrees that specialized sales save time for everyone. “As a buyer, one benefit of having the Platinum units sold at a separate event is definitely that it takes less time to get to the units you’re interested in buying. My target inventory is late-model units $100,000 and up, so these events decrease the amount of time that I have to spend away from my lot.”

Sellers also benefit from the targeted marketing, red-carpet presentation and dedicated buyers of Platinum Sales units.

“Manheim understands that there is a unique set of buyers for highline RV units,” said Martin Smith, vice president, remarketing, Bank of America. “When the Platinum units are sold at separate sales, my target buyers from all over the country travel to attend the sales or purchase units online. The higher quality of buyers ensures that I maximize my return.”

Manheim Specialty Auctions’ Platinum RV Collection Sales are hosted monthly at each of the designated locations. Manheim Lakeland hosts its sale the first Tuesday at 2 p.m. and Manheim Tucson presents Platinum RV units the fourth Tuesday at 3 p.m. Transportation options are available for dealers located outside of the normal pick-up area for these locations.

For more information, visit and click on the RV tab.

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Manheim Opens 25-Acre RV Auction Facility

July 6, 2010 by · Comments Off on Manheim Opens 25-Acre RV Auction Facility 

image001Manheim Southern California has opened a new 25-acre auction facility in Fontana, Calif., to better meet the needs of its rapidly expanding specialty and heavy truck and equipment customer base.

The new location, just under a mile from the original facility, is exclusively dedicated to serving the specialized needs of pre-owned boat, RV, and heavy trucks and equipment customers, according to a news release.

“We outgrew our original location during 2009 as a result of ongoing demand for quality Specialty inventory,” says Tim Van Dam, general manager of Manheim Southern California. “Sales are still powering ahead at a significant pace and on average, we now offer more than 250 Specialty units per sale. We feel our facility, supported by a dedicated Manheim Specialty team, is the right solution for our customers.”

Dealers who choose to experience auction excitement live and in person are invited to visit the new facility at 11087 Elm Ave. in Fontana. Manheim Southern California hosts weekly specialty sales at the new location every Thursday at 9:30 a.m. Each month, boats and RVs are featured on the first Thursday, heavy trucks and equipment on the second Thursday, and RV-only sales are the third Thursday.

“Specialty and heavy truck and equipment dealers continue to face inventory challenges this year, and we’re seeing strong competition for fresh, top-quality units from the 400-plus dealers who participate in our weekly Specialty sales at Manheim Southern California,” said Van Dam. “By dedicating our new location exclusively to boats, RVs, and heavy trucks and equipment, we’re adding more buying and selling opportunities for customers.”

In addition to experiencing the action of a live auction in person, remote bidders and sellers can continue to enjoy the online convenience of Manheim Simulcast and, including the weekly Thursday Thunder Online Event Sale. Thursday Thunder allows dealers to take advantage of open bidding on Manheim’s entire nationwide inventory of pre-owned Specialty vehicles without leaving their office.

For more information on upcoming Manheim Specialty and Heavy Truck & Equipment auctions, contact Manheim Southern California (909) 822-2261 or visit

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