McMahon’s RV Hosting Show at Angel Stadium

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One of the largest RV shows for this year opened today (Nov. 11) at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Calif., and is scheduled to run through Nov. 27. On display will be all the major brands of Class A and Class C motorhomes, plus travel trailers and fifth-wheels. The event is hosted by McMahon’s RV.

“We continually make great purchases with all the manufacturers to give our customers the best price for the type of RV they want,” said Brent McMahon, owner of McMahon’s RV, in a press release. “Our team of knowledgeable salespeople help customers decide which RV product is right for them.”

McMahon said that offering a wide selection of new and used RVs at the show “allows anyone who has been looking to get their first motorhome a chance to experience what owning an RV is all about. And those wanting to move up into a larger unit can now see all the different options of RVs at this major event.”

McMahon’s RV is a division of MegaRV Corp., which has been serving Southern California since 2000 and recently expanded into Arizona.

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McMahon’s RV Holding Mesa Grand Opening

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California-based McMahon’s RV is holding a grand opening at its Mesa, Ariz., store. According to a press release, Arizona consumers are familiar with the dealership which has operated seasonal locations in Yuma, Parker and Quartzsite for a few years.

The grand opening began on Sept. 23 and will continue to the end of November. The Mesa location dealership includes a full service center and a cafeteria.

“Our country has a lot of great historical sites and now is the time when families can travel without the heavy costs of airfares and hotels,” said Brent McMahon, president of McMahon’s RV. “We established this location because RVers from all across the country enjoy visiting this beautiful area.”

McMahon’s RV is a division of MegaRV Corp. and has been serving Southern California since 2000. The company has expanded and now has seven locations, including California stores in Colton, Irvine, and Palm Desert, along with the Arizona outlets. For more information visit


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McMahon’s RV Joins With Eclipse RV for Charity

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This week’s RV Show in Pasadena has an unusual star: For the first time, an RV dealer and manufacturer have teamed up in an effort to support a worthy charity.

According to RV News Service, the manufacturer, Eclipse Recreational Vehicles Inc., and the dealer, McMahon’s RV, are raffling off a 2012 Milan travel trailer and all proceeds will go to support the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHCO).

The campaign slogan, “Your $1 Can Win a Trailer. Help a Child,” is designed to remind those in the raffle that their money will help children at CHCO. The hospital was established over 45 years ago with the mission of providing the highest quality medical care to children.

Affiliated with the University of California, Irvine, the regional pediatric healthcare network includes a state-of-the-art 238-bed main hospital facility in the City of Orange, a hospital-within-a-hospital in Mission Viejo. CHOC also offers many primary and specialty care clinics, over 100 additional programs and services, a pediatric residency program, and four centers of excellence.

The trailer is an Eclipse 22-foot Milan22CKBG built on an ultra light chassis and features composite building techniques. Said to be a luxury model, the trailer scales in at a featherweight 3,900 pounds for easy towing.

Tickets are being sold at the show in the Pasadena Rose Bowl, and are also available at all California McMahon’s dealerships. They are in Irvine, Coulton and Palm Desert.


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McMahon’s RV Acquires 10-Acre Arizona Site

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McMahon’s RV has acquired a 10-acre facility in Mesa, Ariz., to meet the growing demand in that state.

According to a press release, the new facility has a fully-equipped service center to better serve customers along with a “mini-restaurant.”

The 10-acre lot has the capacity to showcase hundreds of RV units providing customers the opportunity to experience dozens of different models that range from Class A, Class C motorhomes to towables and fifth-wheel models.

“We are very excited about acquiring this great facility,” said Brent McMahon, president of McMahon’s RV. “The lot has a unit capacity of over 300 units, plus a state-of-the-art service center and even a mini restaurant to serve customers. We look forward to doing business in the great state of Arizona.”

Irvine, Calif.-based McMahon’s RV already has a foothold in Arizona with existing locations in Yuma, Parker and Quartzsite. The new facility in Mesa will become the Arizona headquarters for these locations.

All of the Arizona locations offer a wide selection of fifth wheelers and travel trailers like Coachmen, Forest River, Heartland, Destiny, and Eclipse and carries an extensive inventory of Class A and C motorhomes.

McMahon’s RV is a division of MegaRV Corporation and has been serving Southern California since 2000. For more information visit the website at

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VIDEO #2: Pomona RV Show by McMahon’s RV

April 21, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Video #2 features a recent RV show in Pomona, Calif.

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McMahon’s RV is Standing by Its No. 1 Claim

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Despite recent attempts to correct a prior press release issued by McMahon’s RV, statistical data unequivocally establishes that McMahon’s RV was California’s top selling motorhome dealer for 2010, the dealership stated in a news release.

“Likewise, statistical data further establishes that McMahon’s RV was the top selling dealer of Class B motorhomes for the state of California in 2010. The statistical data, based upon DMV registration records, was compiled by Cal-RVDA, and is uncontroverted,” the release continued.

“There’s no disputing the fact that McMahon’s RV is the top ranking motorhome dealer in the state of California for 2010,” commented Brent McMahon, president of McMahon’s RV. “Our success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented men and women.”

McMahon’s RV, based at Traveland in Irvine, has been a fixture in Southern California since its inception in 2000 and has recently expanded into Arizona.

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Who’s No. 1? Mike Thompson or McMahon’s

February 18, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

No. 1 motorhome dealer in California

No. 1 motorhome dealer in California

Conflicting press releases have thrown into a quandary the title of who’s No. 1 in motorhome sales in California.

No. 1 (or No. 2) motorhome dealer in California

No. 1 (or No. 2) motorhome dealer in California reported on Thursday (Feb. 17) that McMahon’s RV was the top California Dealer. Today, the site reported that Mike Thompson’s RV SuperStores was No. 1.

Both stories were based on press releases from the respective dealerships.

Both releases are correct, depending upon what time period is examined.

Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI), upon which the Mike Thompson release was based, tracks retail sales for the calendar year — Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. It counted 414 Class A and C retail sales at Mike Thompson’s RV for 2010. That makes them the No. 1 motorhome dealer in California, Scott Stropkai, national RV sales manager for SSI, told

In the same time period, McMahon’s was credited with 407 A and C sales, or seven less than Mike Thompson RV.

Throw in 59 Class B sales, which SSI also tracks but does not include in its A and C report, and Mike Thompson RV is credited with 473 motorhome sales.

McMahon’s is credited with 64 Class B sales, for a total of 471 motorhomes sales, making the overall sales difference between the two dealerships just two units.

However, as Stropkai explained, the California Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (CalRVDA), which annointed McMahon’s No. 1 in Thursday’s news release, uses a mid-month-to-mid-month counting period, and he reckons that the difference in counting periods accounts for the discrepancy.

Paul Roberts, who tracks motorhome sales through the California Department of Motor Vehicles for CalRVDA, agreed that the different count periods is the likely answer.

Mike Thompson is No. 1

Mike Thompson is No. 1

“My report comes out sooner than theirs,” he said. He closes his count on the second Tuesday of each month, which is earlier than SSI’s cutoff. Further, unit sales reported by the DMV lag the date of sale by weeks or sometimes even months, said Roberts, who’s been counting sales and compiling a monthly “Market Report” for CalRVDA for seven years. He finds the process frustrating.

Roberts’ tallies for 2010 for the two big RV dealers

were as follows: McMahons, 408, and Thompson, 376.

It does not include sales to buyers outside of the state of California.

McMahon's RV is No. 1

Meanwhile, Stropkai has come across the conflicting count periods in the past and stands by SSI’s methodology.

Mike Thompson RV remains No. 1 in California, Stropkai said, but the difference is razor thin. And, adds Roberts, the difference, whether it’s seven units or two units, is well within the margin of error, making the race for who’s No. 1 a dead heat.

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McMahon’s RV Earns Top Motorhome Honor

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mcmahonrv-logoMcMahon’s RV was recently recognized by the California Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (Cal-RVDA) as California’s top-selling motorhome dealer for 2010.

“We’ve come a long way in just 10 years,” said Brent McMahon, president of McMahon’s RV, upon learning the news. “I can recall starting the company with an inventory of three used motorhomes and a used pickup truck. To be here after the tumultuous times that everyone in the industry has endured is a tremendous tribute to the great men and women who work at our dealerships.”

According to a news release, Cal-RVDA also recognized McMahon’s RV as the top-selling dealer of Class B motorhomes for the state of California in 2010. “We have been the pre-eminent dealer of Class B motorhomes for several years running,” said McMahon. “It’s a niche product in our industry and we are fortunate to have many veteran van and B+ salespeople who have been selling these products for years.”

McMahon’s RV, based at Travel Land in Irvine,  prides itself on being home to the world’s finest motorhomes. McMahon’s RV has been a fixture in Southern California since its inception in 2000 and has recently expanded into Arizona. McMahon’s RV carries an extensive inventory of Class A, B and C motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth-wheels.

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McMahon’s RV Loses Age Discrimination Suit

February 9, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

Editor’s Note: The following news release comes from John A. Belcher, principal of the law offices of John A. Belcher, who recently received a favorable verdict in the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, Calif.

McMahon’s RV, an Irvine-based retailer of recreational vehicles, was hit with an age-discrimination verdict by an Orange County jury on Feb. 4.

The jury found that Robert Liemandt, a former employee of McMahon’s RV, was terminated in violation of public policy, and that age was a motivating factor in the termination. The total award against McMahon’s RV was over $300,000.

The jury also found that the conduct of McMahon’s RV toward Liemandt constituted oppression, fraud or malice, justifying punitive damages in the amount of $50,000.

Testimony in the case included a former employee who quoted Brent McMahon, the president of the company, as saying, “(Robert Liemandt) has had a heart attack, he’s a liability, we need to get rid of this guy.”

Another former employee quoted senior management at McMahon’s RV as saying, “We need to get rid of that old f***er.”

Before the trial, McMahon’s RV had advanced the defense that Liemandt was not entitled to any recovery because he had failed to follow “internal grievance procedures.” At trial, however, Brent McMahon admitted that at the time of the termination, there had been no “internal grievance procedures” in place. McMahon claimed that he had not read the verified discovery responses containing the defense.

In addition to finding against McMahon’s RV on the violation of public policy and age discrimination counts, the jury also found that McMahon’s RV had improperly withheld a commission due and payable to Liemandt, and that the failure to pay  Liemandt his commission justified waiting time penalties under the labor code.

The findings of age discrimination, violation of public policy and denial of commission were unanimous verdicts by a 12-0 jury vote.

The case was tried before Judge Ronald Bauer.

Belcher commented that he was delighted with the verdict.

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Buyers’ Market Strong at McMahon RV Show

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Light rain and even lighter attendance at the McMahon RV show in Pomona, Calif., on Sunday (Jan. 2) did not discourage Dianne Stewart, a saleswoman with more that 27 years of experience, according to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.

“If they come in the rain, they want to buy something,” said the Redlands woman while pacing around some 225 RVs parked at Fairplex since Christmas.

It’s a buyer’s market out there – with more than 100 recreational vehicle dealers going out of business around the state last year, their bank-repossessed inventory is up for grabs at steep reductions, according to Mike Lankford, a vice president of Irvine-based McMahon RV, which is hosting the show until Jan.9.

“This way we are able to bring discounts to our customers,” Lankford said. “Savings are about $25,000 to $30,000. It’s going great. We sold 100 RVs in the first week.”

Deann Rankin of Hacienda Heights agreed.

“It’s a good time to buy anything right now, if you have the money,” Rankin said while touring a new RV on sale for $79,000, down from $120,000.

Krista Gump of La Verne said she was looking to purchase an RV because the interest on payments is tax deductible – the Internal Revenue Service considers boats and RVs second homes as long as they feature sleeping, cooking and bathroom amenities.

“In this economy, it’s the best thing to do,” Gump said. “If you take a trip to Hawaii you can’t write that off. People don’t realize that.”

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