Southwest Ind. Dealers Tout Industry Rebound

June 4, 2013 by · Comments Off on Southwest Ind. Dealers Tout Industry Rebound 

After a disastrous industry recession, recreational vehicles are making a comeback, one that leaves some RV businesses in the Terre Haute, Ind., area hopeful of a strengthening economy this year.

The Tribune-Star reported that Jay Smith, owner of Midwest RV, said his business last year sold 60 trailers “and we have sold half of that just in the month of April. We have sold more so far this year than we did last year.”

He added, “It seems like the banks are loaning again. I don’t know if everyone was tired of cutting back and now are going hog wild, or what. People are spending money, there is no question about it.”

The RV industry in 2009 was barely afloat as several RV companies closed or disappeared through consolidation. In addition, gasoline prices topped $3.50 a gallon to more than $4 per gallon in many sections of the nation.

“For used motorhomes, we couldn’t give one away for five years; nobody wanted them,” Smith said of the large bus-size RVs. “Now, they are buying them up right and left. Same with heavy-duty fifth-wheel trailers.”

Americans, it seems, like their luxuries, according to Smith.

“I don’t know if people got used to the gas prices or what,” he said. “I think people got sick of it. Americans are spoiled. They will have their recreation. They will cut back in other areas, they will buy less groceries, but will not stop their recreation.”

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