Navistar Reports Higher Sales, Lower Profits

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Navistar International Corp. reported on Wednesday (Dec. 22) profitable results for the fourth quarter ended Oct. 31, 2010, propelled by the improved performance of its core business and military sales.

Results included costs related to the ratification of the new UAW contract, which provides the company the ability to ensure a competitive cost structure across its production platforms and clears the way for future bottom-line improvements, according to a news release.

The parent company of Monaco RV LLC reported revenues for the fourth quarter totaled $3.37 billion, compared with $3.29 billion in the year-ago fourth quarter. Monaco results were not broken out in the quarterly report.

Net income attributable to Navistar International Corp. for the fourth quarter totaled $39 million, equal to 54 cents per share, which includes $10 million, equal to 14 cents per share from separation and layoff costs related to the new, four-year contract agreement with the UAW. Net income for the fourth quarter a year ago was $86 million, equal to $1.19 net income per share.

“The North American truck market has been depressed for three years now and the company has been able to provide good profits while investing in the future growth,” said Daniel C. Ustian, Navistar chairman, president and CEO. “The company is well positioned to take advantage of the growing North American market as well as expanding globally.”

“Going forward, we anticipate investments in our global operations will deliver profits by fiscal 2011 and provide solid returns to our bottom line in 2012 and 2013,” said Ustian. The company has invested more than $55 million in global expansion in 2010.

Fourth-quarter results were in line with the company’s earlier projection that it would deliver more than 17,000 2010-emission compliant vehicles in the United States and Canada. In addition, in the past month, the company also won new delivery orders for 250 International MaxxPro Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Recovery vehicles and an additional 175 International MaxxPro Dash vehicles DXM independent suspension. Also the company submitted its 15-liter, 2010 MaxxForce 15 engine for regulatory certification.

The company anticipates that total truck industry retail sales volume for Class 6-8 trucks and school buses in the United States and Canada for the year ending Oct. 31, 2011, will be in the range of 230,000 to 250,000 units.

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Aluma-Lite Back in Holiday Rambler Lineup

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Monaco RV LLC, Coburg, Ore., has reintroduced the Aluma-Lite brand name to the Holiday Rambler Class A gas motorhome lineup. Prominent in Monaco’s Louisville Show display was the low-profile, 31-foot 2012 Alumi-Lite slide-in-a-slide floorplan. The unit is built on an 18,000-pound GVWR Ford Super Duty chassis powered by a 362-hp Triton V-10 engine. ”The Alumi-Lite name hasn’t been around on a Class A since 1994,” said Scott Jacobson, Holiday Rambler national sales manager. The Aluma-Lite 31SF3 floorplan sports a 7-foot 9-inch long slideout housed in a 23-foot full wall  slide that has an L-shaped sectional sofa that sits behind the driver’s seat. ”It’s a smaller coach that gives better fuel efficiency with as much floorspace as a larger motorhome,” Jacobson said. The Aluma-Lite features 115 cubic feet of exterior pass-through storage. Two other floorplans featuring single slideouts will available by spring. MSRP: $99,000.

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Monaco Debuts ‘The Next Generation of RVs’

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Hoiiday Rambler Trip

Hoiiday Rambler Trip

Monaco RV LLC presented its “Next Generation of RV’s” at the 48th Annual RVIA Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., to a large and receptive crowd.

“The show was a tremendous success for our company, our dealer partners and the RV industry,”to Kay Toolson, president of Monaco RV, stated in a news release. “We received great feedback on our new products, our workmanship and the fresh, bold look of the new Monaco RV. I am very grateful to our employees and their unwavering commitment to providing the best products in the market. I also want to thank our dealer partners for their support and faith in Monaco RV.”

Toolson continued “We are so fortunate to be a part of Navistar, our 175-year old parent company, with the tremendous resources in design, testing and production it brings to our company. We are very excited about the new innovative products we will continue to bring out over the next several months.”

In addition to the display of nearly our entire lineup of RVs, the Navistar MaxxForce engine display explained the benefits of the new Advanced EGR system. This advanced system is the only no-hassle solution for complying with 2010 emissions regulations and does not require the additional equipment, fluids or add-ons necessary for the other option.

Monaco RV increased its distinction as the only manufacturer of fully integrated motorhomes with the launch of the all-new Holiday Rambler Trip before an enthusiastic audience of over 350 people. With the Monaco Vesta, the Holiday Rambler Trip is the second motorhome jointly developed by Monaco RV and Navistar. These products join Monaco RV’s family of motorhomes, unique in the RV market, where the engine, chassis and house are all specially developed by a single manufacturer.

Due to the success of these and many other new product offerings (such as the half-ton R-Vision Onyx and Silver Creek travel trailer, the Holiday Rambler Presidential fifth-wheel and the slide-in-slide Aluma-Lite Class A), production rates continue to increase in both Oregon and Indiana to meet demands, Toolson said.

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RVB Best of Show: TMC’s A.C.E. Motorhome

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Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. on display in Louisville.

Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. on display in Louisville.

There were plenty of innovative new RVs on display at RVIA’s 48th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., and that’s no surprise because tough economic times tend to bring out the best in many companies as they turn up the R&D focus to better compete for market share in a tight market.

Among the most eye-catching were Evergreen Recreational Vehicles LLC’s starkly different Element travel trailer, Fleetwood RV Inc.’s innovative rear-slide Tioga and Jamboree Class C, Monaco RV LLC’s futuristic Holiday Rambler Trip Class A, Earthbound RV’s chic new travel trailer, Airstream Inc.’s classy Eddie Bauer Edition Airstream, Open Range RV Inc.’s patio-equipped fifth-wheel, Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc.’s new high-end Voltage toyhauler and Winnebago Industries Inc.’s redesigned Winnebago Tour/Itasca Ellipse Class A.

But the RVBusiness staff’s unanimous choice for “Best of Show” was Thor Motor Coach’s A.C.E. Class A motorhome.

“In our view, the A.C.E. – an acronym for “Class A & C Evolution” – is a prime example of a post-recessionary motorhome that addresses the changing tastes – and wallets – of American consumers yet retains in the process a degree of style, dignity and even a touch of class,” stated RVBusiness Publisher Sherman Goldenberg.

Bottom line, the A.C.E., designed on a 16,000-pound GVWR, gas-fueled Ford chassis to combine the best attributes of Class A and C motorhomes, is a sharp-looking, kid-friendly, entry-level coach with full body paint, electric jacks, rear-view camera, kitchen slides, optimal storage, pet-friendly accoutrements and an electric drop-down cockpit bed that retails for under $80,000.

“You’ll see show specials for $69,995,” said Thor Motor Coach President and CEO Bill Fenech, “which will be a great deal for the customer, and the dealer should be very happy with his margin on that. We want our dealers to make money, but we want our customers to be able to get into the coach. They are going to get into it for not much more than a Class C price point.”

Imagine that?

A.C.E. interior

A.C.E. interior

“The ACE is a real neat project,” added Fenech. “It started out as an entry-level motorhome. We wanted to get into that price segment even more than we were. We wanted to be aggressive. So, instead of just coming out with a price piece that is just another me-too motorhome, we looked at the market a little differently. We looked at the Class A and Class C markets, and there are some advantages to both products for the buyer. We looked at the two, hence the name A.C.E. – A & C Evolution.”

Floorplan, eye appeal and price are the key ingredients that appeal to the retail buyers, said Fenech, and the A.C.E. was designed with those three priorities in mind.

Consistent with a market that in some cases has consumers looking for smaller vehicles, the A.C.E. is a relatively short 29 feet, 7 inches, in length – shorter than some Class C motorhomes – yet it offers 84-inch headroom.

The cockpit tends to appeal to more of a Class C buyer, with a moderate exterior eyebrow in a front cap that houses an overhead front bunk and smaller windshield with an integrated visor that, according to Fenech, limits distracting direct sunlight and heat. “Women are saying that this doesn’t feel as overwhelming as a big bus,” says Fenech.

In addition, drivers can check out the coach’s passenger side with a uniquely placed floor line window while a large conversation mirror above the driver’s seat affords a good view of the living space.

Storage capacities, on the other hand, lean more toward the traditional Class A, with exterior “mega-storage” including a relatively huge rear curb-side compartment.

Major passenger-side basement storage compartments are located under the patio awning, while noisy heat-generating appliances are located on the driver’s side of the coach away from the activities. Campsite hookups are situated on the driver’s side rear of the coach.

Incorporated in the entry step is a storage drawer and toolbox for keeping tools, gloves and other RV gear without having to track through the coach, and there’s a broom and coat closet at the entry door in addition to a “Motorhome Mud Room” at the main entrance door for dirty shoes and gear.

In the final analysis, however, the fact that the A.C.E. is inordinately pet-friendly – with an “integrated tiedown” for dogs outside plus an inside “Kibble Station” for feeding pets – was the icing on the cake in opting to name Thor’s A.C.E. “Best of Show.”

“We tried to do a price leader coach before,” added Fenech, “but we could never get it right. Everything we put in this coach, we did for a reason. Every single dollar we spent or dollar we took out, we did it for a reason.”

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Monaco’s HR Trip = Navistar’s Next RV Step

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Holiday Rambler Trip

Holiday Rambler Trip

Monaco RV LLC introduced the 33-foot front-engine diesel Holiday Rambler Trip Class A during the 48th Annual National RV Trade Show Nov. 30-Dec. 2 in Louisville, Ky. A companion to the Monaco Vesta introduced last summer, the Trip is outfitted as a family friendly answer to the Vesta with more rugged flooring, cabinets, sofas and booth dinettes materials. ”It’s easy to clean with kids running in and out of the coach,” said Ryan Lee, marketing director for Monaco RV LLC of Coburg, Ore., a subsidiary of Chicago area-based Navistar International Corp. One of the Trip’s key selling points, said Lee, is that its wind tunnel-designed body, along with its chassis and engine, are all built by the same company. ”The Trip is the first vertically integrated product that the Holiday Rambler line has come out with that has been built from the ground up with Navistar’s influence,” he said. The Trip is built on Monaco’s 29,000-pound Roadmaster chassis equipped with four airbags, airbrakes and an air-leveling system powered by a 260-hp International MaxxForce 7 diesel engine. A 35-foot double-slide floorplan debuts in the spring. MSRP: $199,350.

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Monaco Counters Last Week’s Pro-SCR Letter

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Editor’s Note: Monaco RV LLC President Kay Toolson and Navistar North American Truck Group President Jack Allen have issued a response to a pro-SCR letter distributed last week by several motorhome builders utilizing Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. diesel chassis. Both SCR, which Freightliner employs, and EGR diesel-powered platforms, which Navistar has developed, are a technological response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s more stringent 2010 diesel emissions standards. Their letter follows.


To all Recreation Vehicle dealers (US and Canada):

Why are so many RV manufacturers pointing at Monaco RV? Think they are worried? They should be! EGR is a proven technology and the latest advancement in emissions control for the next generation of diesel engines. SCR is not.

We were shocked and disappointed by an open letter that was recently signed by seven RV manufacturers, claiming SCR as the best 2010 emissions solution for customers. We disagree. Advanced EGR is the best solution for customers because it is as simple as turning the key. At Monaco RV, we’ve never been about following the crowd – we build products based on what’s right for our customers.

In their letter, there are claims that are either outright lies or don’t make sense.

EGR Works

  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a proven technology that has been in use for years. NavistaEGR to the next level. It is a simple, no‐hassle solution.
  • Navistar has delivered over 20,000 Advanced EGR‐equipped vehicles, including Monaco RVs.

EGR is Simple

  • Advanced EGR doesn’t require additional components or complexity to operate a motorhome. Our customers won’t need to change anything about the way they go RVing.
  • EGR doesn’t require “DEF” (urea) to run.

EGR Delivers

  • MaxxForce engines in Monaco RV products are fuel‐efficient, quiet and powerful. Their letter claims that SCR elivers better fuel economy. Compared to what? Themselves?

The only thing the group’s SCR letter was right about is that Monaco RV is the only manufacturer to offer its customers Maxxforce Advanced EGR in an integrated coach product. Which makes you wonder: Why would seven manufacturers feel the need to write an open letter making a case for SCR? What are they worried about?

The answer to this question is anyone’s guess. But we can tell you why we chose the Advanced EGR solution. It’s simple: It reduces NOx inside the engine and it requires absolutely no changes to the way our customers go RVing. In other words, we put the customers first by utilizing a technological solution that is right for their needs.

And while we’re on the subject, here are some things you may want to consider about SCR and the required Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF):

  • Running out of DEF causes the engine to derate and eventually shut down.
  • At low RPM levels, such as at idle, SCR doesn’t work, creating higher, pre2007standard level emissions. Think about coach owners sitting in campgrounds or in traffic. This is a step backward for clean air.
  • DEF freezes at 12 degrees F and storage isn’t recommended above 77 degrees F.
  • DEF (urea) is a hazardous chemical.
  • DEF and related components add to the complexity and cost of operating motorhomes.

Don’t believe us? Read the engine OEM owners’ manuals for details.

We ask that you experience for yourself the next generation of engine and RV technology by visiting our display at the upcoming RVIA show (booth #3200) and get more details at our website:


Kay Toolson, President, Monaco RV, LLC Jack Allen, President, Navistar North American Truck Group

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Carolina Coach Partners with Monaco Coach

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Monaco RV LLC announced its partnership with Carolina Coach of Claremont, N.C. The family-owned and operated Carolina Coach will exclusively carry only Monaco brand Class A diesel motorhomes, according to a news release.

“I have long admired Monaco’s quality and attention to fit and finish,” said John Cathey, owner of Carolina Coach. “A real advantage Monaco brings is the Navistar MaxxForce engine, with advanced EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation). This engine complies with 2010 emissions regulations without requiring the urea additive, resulting in a more fuel-efficient, cleaner coach that costs less to operate compared to other coaches. Monaco’s superior quality of products coupled with Navistar’s cutting edge technology makes Monaco the ideal choice for us.”

Founded in 1994 by John and Amy Cathey, Carolina Coach is a full-service RV dealership. Situated on 18 acres, Carolina Coach boasts a large inventory of new and used RVs. Staffed with highly trained RV sales consultants, the dealership also staffs factory-certified repair professionals, along with a large parts and accessories store.

Carolina Coach has earned the an A+ rating from the Charlotte, N.C., Better Business Bureau based on its high quality sales and service satisfaction. Also to its merit, Carolina Coach has been awarded a TOP 50 RV Dealership in the U.S. and Canada by RVBusiness in 2009 and 2010. Carolina Coach is an authorized Good Sam dealer, as well.

“Carolina Coach is a nationally respected RV dealership with first-class sales and service facilities, exceptional customer service and an extensive, loyal customer base,” said Josh Ciernia, national sales manager for Monaco. “We are thrilled to partner with Carolina Coach and provide the very best products and the highest level of service before and after the sale. We look forward to a long, prosperous relationship with Carolina Coach.”

For more information about Carolina Coach and their products and services, visit

For more information about Monaco products, visit

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Gardner’s RV Carrying Holiday Rambler Line

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Monaco RV LLC has announced that  Gardner’s RV and Trailer Sales of Kalispell, Mont., as a new Holiday Rambler Dealer.

The Gardner’s have been doing business in the Flathead Valley since 1972 with vast experience in international transactions with Canada. according to a news release. The current RV dealership location opened in 1997, boasting the largest indoor RV showroom in Montana. Gardner’s carries a large inventory of new and used RVs, along with a factory authorized service department.

The eight-service bay facility is staffed with a technician per bay, including a bay dedicated to hitch and wiring. Gardner’s also has a newly remodeled and expanded parts and accessories store in house, along with an extensive on-line parts store.

“Gardner’s is a great dealership with an excellent record of customer service with a loyal, satisfied customer base,” according to Scott Jacobson, national sales manager for Holiday Rambler Motorized. “We are proud to partner with them and bring the Holiday Rambler brand to the state of Montana. Gardner’s RV, along with all our dealer partners, will continue to play a vital role in our future as we move the 57-year-old iconic Holiday Rambler brand forward, and solidify Holiday Rambler as a premier maker of family friendly, affordable RV’s for generations to come.” For more information about Gardner’s RV and Trailer Sales and their products and services, visit

For more information about Holiday Rambler products, visit

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Monaco Debuting ‘The Next Generation’ RVs

November 22, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Monaco's new Vesta

Monaco's new Vesta

Monaco RV LLC has announced it will unveil “The Next Generation of RVs” at the National RV Trade Show, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2, in Louisville Ky.

In partnership with Navistar and its 175 years of transportation expertise, Monaco will display in its products the adoption of the leading design strategies and production techniques from the transportation industry. This Next Generation of RVs from Monaco will elevate the RV experience for owners and dealers alike, according to a news release.

Products from all three Monaco RV brands, Monaco, Holiday Rambler and R-Vision, will be on display.

  • From the R-Vision brand will be the all-new half-ton towable Onyx fifth-wheel, along with the affordable SilverCreek and Onyx travel trailers. The iconic nameplate Presidential fifth-wheel returns for Holiday Rambler Towables, along with the new half-ton towable Aluma-Lite fifth-wheel and Ion travel trailer.
  • Holiday Rambler Motorized line of family-friendly affordable models will debut the all-new Aluma-Lite Class A, Aluma-Lite Class C and Vacationer to name a few. The Monaco brand will showcase the Vesta, the first fully vertically-integrated RV, where chassis, engine and house are all from the same manufacturer.
  • Also on display from the Monaco brand will be the new Platinum interior of the Knight Diesel motorhome and the redesigned Camelot motorhome.

The Product Reveal will take place at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 30 in Booth No. 3200, Monaco RV displays the “Next Generation RV from Holiday Rambler.” This never-before-seen product will redefine the Holiday Rambler brand for the future to come. Representatives will be on hand daily, conducting seminars on the Maxxforce Advanced EGR engines and its benefit as a no-hassle solution for meeting 2010 emissions requirements. This clean emissions alternative is proven effective and simple to maintain, while providing a low-cost of ownership, as no additive is required.

Food and refreshments will be offered throughout the three day show, along with special giveaway events. Dealers and industry professionals are encouraged to stop by and discover “The Next Generation of RVs” at Monaco RV.

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Oregon RV Outlet New Holiday Rambler Dealer

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Monaco RV LLC, Coburg, Ore., announced Thursday (Nov. 18) an expansion of its West Coast dealership network with the addition of Oregon RV Outlet, Grants Pass, Ore., as a new Holiday Rambler motorized dealer.

“Oregon RV Outlet is a dealership with an experienced and knowledgeable staff, making them an ideal partner to carry our products,” said Scott Jacobson, Holiday Rambler national sales manager motorized. “We look forward to working with them and bringing quality, family friendly and affordable Holiday Rambler RVs to their customers.”

Oregon RV Outlet boasts an extensive 150 years combined experience in sales, parts and service. The dealership has a large inventory of new and used products, along with a service department staffed by two RVDA certified RV technicians with more than 20 years experience. A full line parts department carries a wide selection of commonly needed supplies and parts.

“Some of us have actually worked together since we were teenagers, all of us going through both the good and the bad together. Just like your family,” noted Trevor Seven, owner and sales manager for the Grants Pass dealership. “So it’s not surprising that we would support a wonderful Oregon-based company through the good and the bad times. We started with Monaco and their R-Vision line five years ago and the natural progression for us is to take now is into their Holiday Rambler motorized line, value for dollar, it’s a line of RV’s we see our families in.”

For additional information about Monaco RV LLC call (541) 686-0855 or visit For more information on Oregon RV Outlet, call (877) 777-1571 or visit

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