Big Crowd Expected for New Brunswick Show

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Moncton RV show venue

Moncton RV show venue

From Friday (March 4) through Sunday, New Brunswick’s largest and longest running RV show returns to the Moncton Coliseum, the Moncton Times & Transcript reported.

Each year this is the place to check out the newest models, see what accessories are out there and even get information on local campgrounds.

Some people tend to think of a recreational vehicle as opulent and perhaps a retirement plan, but starting at $6,000 there is actually something for everyone.

“We are bringing everything to the show,” says Steve Barr, of the Moncton RV Center, “from a 34-foot hard-top tent trailer all the way up to a $90,000 luxury fifth-wheel.”

In fact, that one dealer alone will have 38 different models on the floor.

“This is an opportunity to see the newest and most exciting models of all the lines,” says Denise Miller of Master Promotions. “We will have over 200 units on site representing some 70 different lines.”

In 2010, RV sales were up an impressive 21% across Canada, with many of these sales happening at RV shows. Dealerships are reporting sales have surged close to pre-recession levels. At the Moncton RV Show in 2010, over $3.74 million in inventory was sold right off the show floor.

“This has been an incredible year for RVing in Canada, particularly coming out of such a turbulent period for the Canadian economy,” said Go RVing Canada spokeswoman Alana Fontaine. “More and more Canadians are discovering the fun, freedom and flexibility that an RV vacation provides, and this is why we’ve moved close to pre-recession sales levels across the country.”SetWidth220-MONCTONRV

So why did over 7,000 people show up last year to check out the RVs?

GoRVing, the No. 1 promoter of the RV lifestyle, puts it this way: an RV is a home on wheels.

Whether you tow it or drive it, you are bringing along all the comforts of home, including all of your own possessions, while you travel.

On top of that, with an RV you prepare all of your own food in your own kitchen, camp with power and water, and probably even a flat screen television, and enjoy the great outdoors without any of the hassles.

“Add up airfare, a rental car and a hotel stay and a family vacation can put you back thousands of dollars. That’s why many are hitting the pavement for quality family time,” says Scott Sprague, the show manager.

Studies show that an RV actually saves you about 70% of the cost of a traditional vacation. And RV vacations are now being touted as the perfect getaway for anyone, whether you are retired and want an adventure, or you are a family with kids who are fussy and hard to please, or even a busy double income family with hardly any spare time to prepare.

With an RV you can get away almost every weekend.

Here are some interesting statistics to consider:

  • 14% of Canadian households own an RV.
  • There are over 1 million RVs on the road in Canada.
  • 67% of RV owners are under the age of 55.
  • 40% of RV families have children.

“The Baby Boomers are still our big market,” says Barr. “We see a lot of people buying units as they retire. Some of them are even selling their homes and hitting the road; but we see more and more that families are getting back into it, and we are selling a lot of bunk models.”

He goes on to say that they are selling a good mixture of all types of units, from tent trailers, through towable, fifth-wheels and bus models. The type of unit you want depends a lot on what you are using it for and what stage of life you are at.

“We can tell at the show as well that the popularity if RVing is increasing,” says Miller. “We see a lot of different ages coming to the show. You see people coming in with babies on their hips and they are buying RV’s and they will do it all their life. It is affordable and something you can do every weekend.”

Barr says that the Moncton RV Center has been involved in this show from the very beginning over a decade ago.

“We keep going because it is a perfect environment to show our new and current models,” he said. “Anything new in 2011 we bring it to the show, plus we get to go out there and see what everyone else is doing; it is a good start for our season.”

And if you are in the market for an RV this is the best place to buy one for two more reasons; the first is the $10,000 dollar promotional contest that each RV purchaser gets a chance of winning. One of the people who buy on-site will win this money back.

There is also a contest for all visitors to win $500 from Action Car and Truck Accessories.

“It is a way of life,” concludes Barr. “What we like to think is that we sell a lifestyle, with today’s hustle and bustle and fast pace of life, and mom and dad both working, this gives families an opportunity to get out to nature and enjoy the weekend.”

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