MOR/ryde Riding High as Industry Rebounds

June 5, 2014 by · Comments Off on MOR/ryde Riding High as Industry Rebounds 

          When the Great Recession of 2008-09 slammed the brakes on many recreational vehicle production lines in Elkhart, Ind., the local companies that supply those lines were also hit hard.

Five years later, as RV industry production hits its highest levels in nearly a decade, one of those suppliers, MOR/ryde International Inc., is again enjoying a smooth ride while constantly looking for opportunities to protect against bumps in the road.

The Elkhart Truth reported that Bob Moore Jr., who owns the company with his brother, Rodney, said they are trying to walk a fine line.

“Some companies will say we don’t want to do business in the RV industry because of the ups and downs, but the truth is, every business, maybe other than food, is cyclical because people have so much money to spend and if there’s less, they’ll cut back,” Bob said. “There are cycles in every other industry as well. Being in Elkhart, we’d be foolish to turn our backs on the RV industry. At the same time, we don’t want to put ourselves in a box.”

With three Elkhart plants, MOR/ryde has grown its workforce from about 180 people at the depth of the recession to 583 today. More than half of those new jobs have been added since the start of 2012, and 77 of them have been created this year. And more are coming.

The company plans to hold its third job fair this year June 26 from noon to 4 p.m. at 23208 Cooper Drive. It will look to hire about 50 more people, focusing on second and third shifts. The hourly pay will range from $12 ($10 an hour plus a production bonus) for assembly to $18 for more skilled positions.

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MOR/ryde Products Well Received at RV Shows

February 4, 2014 by · Comments Off on MOR/ryde Products Well Received at RV Shows 

MOR/ryde Easy Reel Spooler

Elkhart, Ind.-based components supplier MOR/ryde International Inc. reported strong response to new product introductions during the early round of consumer RV shows.

According to a press release, MOR/ryde added several new offerings to its flat-screen RV mounts, allowing for easy removal and reattachment without the hassle of unscrewing the TV from the mount. The capabilities range from small, medium and large rigid mounts, swivel mount, and extendable mount. MOR/ryde’s full product range of heavy-duty flat screen TV mounts are designed to keep a TV safe while traveling the rough roads.

Also well received at recent shows is the new version of the Easy Reel Spooler. The REEL56-001H came out in early 2013 offering a strain-free storage solution to heavy 30- and 50-amp power cords. The REEL56-009H offers the same convenience, but with a smaller footprint and at a lower cost. The new reel measures 14.3 inches wide, 12.8 inches deep, and 13.4 inches high and can hold up to 30 feet of cord.

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MOR/ryde’s ‘Slidezilla’ Awarded at SEMA Show

November 15, 2013 by · Comments Off on MOR/ryde’s ‘Slidezilla’ Awarded at SEMA Show 

Slidezilla truck bed slide from MOR/ryde

MOR/ryde International Inc.’s Slidezilla truck bed slide was recognized with a 2013 Global Media Award last week during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. According to a press release, the Slidezilla represents the Elkhart, Ind.-based supplier’s entry into the truck aftermarket sector.

Slidezilla doubles a truck’s cargo space, the company stated. Positioned above the wheel wells, SlideZilla’s patented design creates an easy-to-use, bunk-storage system that creates more storage than competing truck slides. The truck bed slide also carries a five-year warranty.

The SEMA Global Media Awards Program recognizes companies that manufacture specialty equipment products and accessories that would have mass appeal to consumers around the world. The products are voted on by a prestigious group of international journalists who serve as judges.

This year the program included 36 judges from 19 countries. Each judge carefully reviewed and evaluated nearly 2,500 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products that they felt would resonate and appeal most to consumers in their home countries. SlideZilla was chosen as one of the Top 10 products that would be of most interest and most likely to succeed commercially in the U.S.




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MOR/ryde Nears Approval For Expansion Plan

June 20, 2013 by · Comments Off on MOR/ryde Nears Approval For Expansion Plan 

Expansion is imminent for MOR/ryde International Inc. in Elkhart, Ind.

As reported by the South Bend Tribune, both the city planning department and the CEO of the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce have endorsed the company’s petition to Elkhart City Council to close Moyer Avenue between Bar and Folsom streets.

A public hearing was held Monday (June 17) regarding the request. The proposal could pass in July.

The move would allow for an expansion that includes redeveloping the area into a campus that includes a corporate headquarters with green space and additional parking. It could result in 40 to 60 new jobs.

The company would construct a 58,000-square-foot building for manufacturing with another 5,000 square feet for office space, said Bob Weaver, an engineer/owner of Anchor Construction, which is the designer and builder.

“The property they own now is split in two pieces by Moyer,” Weaver said. Other than traffic for the company, Moyer sees very little traffic in peak time, he said.

Another MOR/ryde project on Cooper Drive that Anchor Construction is involved in was recently approved by county commissioners. That project, which would add about 40 jobs, is for a new manufacturing facility adjacent to the city limits.

Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of this year or early 2014, Weaver said.

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MOR/ryde Expansion in Elkhart Gets Approval

May 21, 2013 by · Comments Off on MOR/ryde Expansion in Elkhart Gets Approval 

After months of debates about noise issues, property values and proper land use, a manufacturing company northeast of Elkhart, Ind., will be allowed to expand one of its three plants between an elementary school and a group of residential subdivisions.

The Elkhart Truth reported that MOR/ryde International has been cleared to rezone 12 acres west of C.R. 15 as an extension of its Cooper Drive facility, but opponents of the project did not go down without a fight. Close to 100 people on both sides of the issue showed up Monday (May 20) to a public hearing on the company’s rezoning request in front of the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners.

It came down to a split vote between two of the commissioners, Frank Lucchese who voted against the rezoning project and Mike Yoder who voted in favor of MOR/ryde’s request. Terry Rodino, president of the county commissioners, recused himself from the public hearing because MOR/ryde is a personal business customer of his.

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MOR/ryde Expansion Decision Set for Monday

May 18, 2013 by · Comments Off on MOR/ryde Expansion Decision Set for Monday 

A 12-acre grassy piece of land sandwiched between a school and a cluster of neighborhoods will be getting a lot of attention May 20 when the fate of a manufacturing company’s request to expand in the area will be decided.

As reported by the Elkhart Truth, MOR/ryde International Inc., a company that designs products for commercial and recreational vehicles, wants to expand its Cooper Drive plant between Eastwood Elementary School to the north and a residential area to the south. The Elkhart County Board of Commissioners will decide Monday morning whether to rezone MOR/ryde’s land off of C.R. 15 from residential and agricultural to manufacturing.

The Elkhart County Plan Commission recommended approval of the rezoning in April, but the decision was not unanimous. Five of the plan commission members voted in favor of the rezoning while three others, including county commissioner Frank Lucchese, opposed the project.

To read the entire article click here.

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