Australian RVers Taken in by Motorhome Scam

June 19, 2013 by · Comments Off on Australian RVers Taken in by Motorhome Scam 

A motorhome scam in Australia has claimed at least 10 people who have each been conned out of $15,000, thinking they were getting a cracking deal on a motorhome worth almost five times that amount.

According to a report by The Border Mail, Victoria police have warned people against a motorhome advertisement that has been placed in regional newspapers across three states. The advertisement appears to have been copied from an original advertisement, which listed the vehicle and lists a New South Wales registration of $50,000.

Police spokeswoman Adam West said similar scams have happened in the past where someone has placed an fake advertisement in a newspaper, having ripped off the details from an authentic listing on a Internet classified site like eBay.

“It looks like that is what has happened here,” Senior Constable West said.

A fake phone number is listed with the advertisement so interested buyers end up making contact via the email address which is, Senior Constable West said.

Details are exchanged and the seller says that they have to return to the United Kingdom for a family emergency. The bogus seller says the vehicle will be delivered within days after cash is sent via a bank transfer, but the motorhome never arrives.

Police inquiries have lead them to similar advertisements in three different states and at least 10 victims of the scam. “That’s 10 we know of,” Senior Constable West said.

Police are warning the public about the dangers of sending money overseas for items they have never seen in person.







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