Hoosier RV Industry Reacting to Rising Prices

April 13, 2011 by · Comments Off on Hoosier RV Industry Reacting to Rising Prices 

Click here to watch the WRTV-TV, Indianapolis, video on the following story.

As gas prices near the $4 mark across Indiana, one of the state’s largest industries is already feeling the pinch.

RV manufacturers in northern Indiana are still recovering after the economic downturn. Now skyrocketing gas prices threaten to keep potential buyers away, WRTV-TV, Indianapolis, reported.

“When people are seeing that $4 gas price every day, every day, every day, it keeps so many people from coming in. It definitely affects the traffic on the lot,” said Ken Eckstein, who owns Mt. Comfort RV in Greenfield, an Indianapolis suburb.

Craig Miller, 37, who helps build churches, bought his home on wheels four months ago, when gas prices were dropping.

As he travels across the country, filling up his RV can put a major dent in his wallet.

“It’s making it difficult to get from one church job to another job just because every time I fill up, it’s $450 to $500 a tank,” he said. “You can only go 400 to 500 miles depending on the head winds or depending on the mountains.”

At Mt. Comfort RV, Eckstein said they’ve seen an increase in customers opting for towable units, instead of the bigger motorized coaches.

Despite the gas price spike, Eckstein said he’s confident his business, and the industry as a whole, will survive.

“At this location, we’ve had two tornadoes and three hailstorms. We’ve had a tough five years,” he said. “We’re still standing and we’re still selling.”

Two-thirds of the RVs built in America are built in Indiana.

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