UVS, NADA Guides Releasing New ‘Digital Tool’

September 11, 2013 by · Comments Off on UVS, NADA Guides Releasing New ‘Digital Tool’ 

UVS Junction and NADA Guides announced today (Sept. 11) the release of a new digital tool for use by all UVS website clients.

According to a press release, the NADA Guide Digital Tool is now loaded in all UVS website consoles and ready to use. It includes a mobile version  of the NADA Guides, which is exclusive to UVS Junction. The back-end tool also includes print options.

“Having this tool will keep our clients current as updates are more frequent than the book version,” said Angie Cellucci, director of UVS Junction.

UVS clients will have unlimited users and calls to the NADA Guide database and, providing they have an active account with UVS Junction, the mobile version will be included in the monthly service. The partnership resulted in “never before pricing for our clients,” according to Celucci.

“The idea came through our company like a train,” said Cellucci. “We knew our clients needed it.  Lenny’s team got us the data and we built it into our back end in microwave speed.  We styled it so it’s easy to use.  In less than a week it went from pencil and paper to living and functional.

“Our clients are thrilled.  It’s brining this tool to the next level of convenience,” she added. “It’s a new relationship focusing on new technology for the RV industry. This is a necessity for our clients and getting it loaded into our UVS consoles was a priority.”

Cellucci said she worked closely with Lenny Sims, vice president of operations for NADA Guides, to put together the partnerhship. “I knew the value of NADA and got with Lenny to orchestrate the new UVS Digital Tool,” she added. “It’s just another ‘thing’ for our clients to stay on top of the game.  This marriage is long overdue and it’s so exciting to work with Lenny and the NADA team.”

For more information and to watch a video, click here.

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