Nebraska State Parks OK Extended RV Stays

August 1, 2011 by · Comments Off on Nebraska State Parks OK Extended RV Stays 

Recreational vehicle owners and other campers who want to stay longer than two weeks at some Nebraska state parks and recreation areas will be able to do so beginning in January.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission on Friday (July 29) extended campsite stays for up to 90 days — but only at 25 state parks and recreation areas across Nebraska. Currently, campers can stay no longer than 14 days, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

The commission made the change after getting feedback from campers who said the high cost of fuel made it expensive to haul their RVs, said Roger Kuhn, administrator of the parks division.

About 5% of the campsites in a designated state park or recreation area will be set aside for longer stays, Kuhn said, adding that they will be in low-use areas.

Regulations that allowed the change were approved by the commission in May and a fee schedule was approved Friday at the commission’s meeting in Lincoln.

Campers who stay longer will receive the following discounts on their nightly overnight camping fee: 20% for 15-to-30 days; 30% for 31-to-60 days, and 40% for 61-to-90 days.

Fees at each state park and recreation area will vary, depending on what facilities are available, Kuhn said.

Commissioner Lynn Berggren asked if the extended-stay campsites will be scattered or concentrated in one area.

Kuhn said he believes they would be in one area of a campground.

“We don’t want them scattered all over because it causes confusion,” he said.

Kuhn said the agency does not know what the demand will be for the extended-stay campsites, so it started with a small number at selected state parks and recreation areas.

Campers who leave their RVs and camper trailers for long periods, do so at their own risk, Kuhn said, because they will not be covered by insurance (other than the owner’s) and there won’t be any security.

The the state park system consists of eight parks, 11 historic parks such as Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City, 64 recreation areas and two recreational trails.


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