Norcold Refrigerators Control Energy Usage

July 28, 2014 by · Comments Off on Norcold Refrigerators Control Energy Usage 

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.17.58 AMNorcold Inc. has introduced new 2.7-cubic-foot N305 and N306 refrigerators, providing the same cooling performance found in the N300 and N302 models they replace, but with improved controls that give owners more ability to guide the unit’s energy usage and operations.

The company reported in a press release that the new N305 and N306 are also more aesthetically pleasing, with controls hidden behind a flip-down cover, providing a sleek and more modern look.

Like all Norcold refrigerators, the new N305 and N306 are specifically designed for RVs and provide high performance while meeting the rigors of the road. Norcold is one of America’s leading makers of gas-absorption and AC/DC refrigerator/freezers for the RV, marine and truck markets.

“The new N305 and N306 models are perfect for today’s RV lifestyle,” said Mike Mesharer, director of sales, North America, noting that , units are available to order now. “In addition to being even more attractive, they provide the high performance that consumers have come to expect, while, at the same time, providing improved operation control.”

Features include:

• Improved LP temperature controls, including a “gas off” setting, direct control rather than thermostat control and a new “medium” setting for the flame.

• Upgraded A/C temperature controls, with an “A/C off” setting.

• Increased control – now built into the gas control knob – of the gas interlock valve.

• A control panel door to hide controls and provide a sleek and modern look.

• AC and DC (on 3-way models) selection indicators that can be viewed with the control panel door close.

• Available in black and taupe trim,

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Norcold Ups Production Capacity At Ohio Plant

March 6, 2014 by · Comments Off on Norcold Ups Production Capacity At Ohio Plant 

Norcold Inc., a leading maker of gas-absorption and AC/DC refrigerator/freezers for the RV, marine and truck markets, recently expanded its capacity at its longtime Sidney, Ohio, refrigerator manufacturing facility.

“Simply put, Norcold added capacity to meet demand,” said Mike Mesharer, director of sales, North America. “Along with the industry rebound, our successful ‘Colder-Bigger-Lighter’ campaign has increased consumer interest. The additional manufacturing capacity was necessary to meet increased demand as more customers switched to our products.”

Norcold is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thetford Corp.m a privately-held company with seven manufacturing facilities in four nations.

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Attorneys Reporting Norcold Class Action Suit

December 21, 2012 by · Comments Off on Attorneys Reporting Norcold Class Action Suit 

Consumers in California and Florida have filed a lawsuit alleging that the manufacturers of Norcold brand gas absorption refrigerators used in RVs and boats knowingly sold defective refrigerators that posed a serious fire risk but hid that information from the public and federal regulators, according to a press release from the plaintiff’s attorneys, Zimmerman Reed, PLLP, Minneapolis.

The release states that the class action lawsuit filed Dec. 12 in Orange County, Calif., seeks relief on behalf of all persons who purchased or owned RVs or boats in California and Florida equipped with three models of Norcold-brand gas absorption refrigerators. The complaint names Norcold Inc., Thetford Corp. and Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation (DKM) as defendants.

“Although Norcold has not been officially served with the class action suit, we have in fact received a copy of the court filing as well as a copy of the press release issued by the attorneys who initiated the suit,” Norcold spokesman Larry Weis told via email on Thursday (Dec. 20). “We’ve referred the matter to our lawyers for review. On its surface, the claims are totally without merit. The suit apparently was filed in the Superior Court of California in Orange County. There’s no indication that a similar suit was filed in Florida.”

The lawsuit alleges that since 1999 Norcold’s refrigerators have caused at least 2,000 fires resulting in millions of dollars in property damage, personal injury and death.

“The refrigerators contain flammable gases under high pressure, including hydrogen,” plaintiffs’ attorneys state in the release. “The gases are heated by electricity or propane to circulate and provide the refrigeration effect. Fires are caused when defects in the refrigerator design release the flammable gases, which can then explosively ignite and spread quickly through the refrigerator compartment and into the passenger area of the RV.”

The lawsuit alleges that the companies knew of the potential fire hazard associated with these refrigerators, yet “tried to conceal and minimize these dangers through a series of limited manufacturer-initiated product safety recalls through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), beginning in 2000.”



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Thetford Equips Group’s Mobile Dental Clinic

December 14, 2010 by · Comments Off on Thetford Equips Group’s Mobile Dental Clinic 

Thetford and Norcold provided refrigeration and sanitation products for the Community Dental Foundation's newest mobile clinic.

Thetford and Norcold provided refrigeration and sanitation products for the Community Dental Foundation's newest mobile clinic.

Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Thetford Corp. and its Norcold Inc. subsidiary announced today (Dec. 14) that the companies had partnered with The Community Dental Foundation in Arizona to equip a mobile clinic in an effort to help the foundation provide dental services to underserved children without insurance.

“Community Dental’s volunteer service to children without insurance is generous and fulfills a real need,” said Kevin Phillips, vice president of Thetford Corp. “We are glad to be able to help them with their mission with this donation of our products.”

The companies recently provided the foundation with two AC/DC refrigerators and a Porta-Potti for the foundation’s third mobile clinic.

“Many families don’t have transportation or can’t take time off from work to take their child to the dentist,” said Carsten Loelke, Community Dental chairman and CEO, “so our foundation takes dental service directly to them.  Our state-of-the-art dental clinic provides everything from preventive work, such as cleaning, sealants and dental exams to restorative work, like fillings and stainless-steel crowns.”

According to Loelke, Thetford’s expertise in mobile refrigeration and sanitation made them the only choice for Community Dental.

“Arizona weather is very hot, so our mobile clinic needs refrigerators to store anesthesia and dental supplies that require certain temperatures,” he said. “Sometimes, we are on-site for over 12 hours, so a portable toilet can be essential.

“Thetford and Norcold are reputable companies with quality products for mobile use.  We know they are a big supporter of the community,” Loelke added, “and we are very grateful to Thetford for supplying these products.”

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Thetford Corp. Named Top RVAA Supplier

September 1, 2010 by · Comments Off on Thetford Corp. Named Top RVAA Supplier 

Distributor members from the Recreational Vehicle Aftermarket Association (RVAA) rated Thetford Corp. and Norcold Inc. as the highest performing Tier-1 supplier for 2010.

RVAA logoThe award is based on how RVAA distributor members rated performance in 14 categories, including marketing, philosophy, delivery, product warranty and customer service, according to a news release.

“On behalf of all the associates of Thetford and Norcold, we would like to express our pride in being recognized as the top-performing Tier-1 supplier,” said Kevin Philips, Thetford vice president of sales and marketing. “We are honored to be recognized for our best-in-class performance as a leading supplier to the RV industry.”

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., Thetford Corp. is the world’s leading supplier of sanitation and refrigeration products for the recreational vehicle, marine and heavy-duty truck industries.

Thetford subsidiaries include Norcold, America’s leading manufacturer of gas-absorption refrigerators and freezers for the RV, marine and truck markets; Tecma, a producer of fine-china toilets and powerful waste-transfer systems based in Italy; and Spinflo, a unit in England that manufactures high-quality cooking and heating appliances as well as accessories.

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