Northshore Debuts Four Honeywell Inverters

May 14, 2010 by · Comments Off on Northshore Debuts Four Honeywell Inverters 

Honeywell Mobile Power InvertersNorthshore Power Systems (NSPS), the exclusive licensee for Honeywell Generators, has introduced four power inverter models designed for use by vacationers, business travelers, tailgaters and campers, as well as for other uses in the outdoor recreation market. These Honeywell Power Inverters convert 12V DC battery power from cars, boats or RVs into 120V AC household electricity. The HW100SPI, HW100PI, HW400PI, and HW750PI Honeywell Power Inverters will be available to retailers for purchase on Aug. 1. The HW100SPI and HW100PI 100-watt power inverters are compact devices and are plugged into the DC accessory plug (cigarette lighter) in vehicles. Both models feature a 115V AC outlet as well as a USB port and are suitable for charging small electronics such as laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, video games and cameras. The HW100PI is designed for storage in a vehicle glove box. The HW100SPI is a travel model for storage in briefcases, suitcases or handbags on-the-go. The HW400PI and HW750PI are more powerful models designed to provide additional output to power larger electronics, small appliances and power tools. The HW400PI is a dual-use inverter that can be plugged into a DC accessory plug to yield 100 watts of power. It can also be connected directly to a car battery to yield 400 watts of power. The HW400PI has an on/off switch and includes a USB port and two 115V AC outlets. This inverter is suitable for powering TVs, VCRs, DVD players, halogen lights and other electronics requiring higher output for operation. The Honeywell HW750PI is designed for use with devices requiring more power yet, such as orbital buffers, small refrigerators and even household appliances during a power outage. It includes battery cables — which also connect directly to a vehicle’s battery — to yield 750 watts of power and features an on/off switch, USB port and two 115V AC outlets. All models of Honeywell Power Inverters include built-in safety features to safeguard the user and the vehicle powering the equipment. An LED indicator signals when power output is ready. The devices also feature high/low voltage shut down, overload protection and short-circuit protection. Their modified Sine Wave provides safe power for electronic equipment. All are backed by a two-year limited warranty. More information may be obtained at Northshore Power Systems LLC, (414) 332-2375.

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