Northwood Mfg. Launches Redesigned Website

August 30, 2013 by · Comments Off on Northwood Mfg. Launches Redesigned Website 

Northwood Manufacturing Inc. announced the launch of its newly revamped website today (Aug. 30).

According to a news release, the site sports a clean, modern look with enhanced visuals and navigational tools. The site’s content includes larger scale photographs and floorplans, highly detailed feature lists, multi-platform navigation and updated video content.

Given that Northwood garners one of the industry’s most satisfied and loyal customer bases, the site remains committed to focusing on customer testimonials as well,” stated Donald Cochran, national sales director.

The site’s address is:


Northwood Manufacturing Inc. is a dominant towable manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Northwood produces the iconic northwest brands: Nash, Arctic Fox, Arctic Fox Truck Campers, Desert Fox Toy Haulers, Wolf Creek Truck Campers, Snow River Rugged Lite Trailers, and Fox Mountain fifth-wheels.

Contact Northwood Manufacturing via the following: Toll Free: (800) Ron-Nash (800-766-6274);; or visit the website


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Northwood Partnering With Winner’s Sierra RV

August 22, 2013 by · Comments Off on Northwood Partnering With Winner’s Sierra RV 

Northwood Manufacturing Inc. announced that Colfax, Calif.-based dealer Winner’s Sierra RV Center has recently become a member of the company’s expanding dealer network. According to a press release, the dealership will be carrying Northwood’s Arctic Fox and Fox Mountain fifth-wheel lines.

“We are excited to be in the northern California market with Winner’s Sierra RV Center,” said Ward King, COO for La Grande, Ore.-based Northwood. “They are 100% committed to a quality customer experience. Winner’s Sierra runs their business based on the philosophy that it all starts with a quality product and then follow it up with superior customer service. That’s the only way either of us will do business.”

“We’ve been looking for a quality-built, West Coast RV manufacturer and Northwood fits that bill to a tee,” said Lee Gurtner, RV manager for Winner’s Sierra RV. “We wanted a product that has a well-known reputation for quality and excellent customer service,” stated Gurtner.

Northwood CEO Jim Jones added, “We are very enthusiastic about our fit with Winner’s Sierra RV Center in terms of our shared  commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It is gratifying to have such fine representation in the northern California market. Together, Winner’s Sierra RV Center’s attention to retail customer satisfaction coupled with Northwood’s well-known reputation for quality RVs will serve the consumer public well.”



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Northwood Owners Gather for La Grande Rally

June 27, 2013 by · Comments Off on Northwood Owners Gather for La Grande Rally 

Towable builder Northwood Manufacturing Inc. hosted its annual owners rally last week as 70 rigs converged on the builder’s campus in La Grande, Ore.

According to a press release, the event continues to grow and this year brought together more than 150 participants from as far away as Florida and Canada. The rally is organized each year by the Northwood RV Owners Association (NROA ).

National Director of Sales Donald Cochran noted, “We are particularly excited to see an increasing diversity in our participants. Our newer brands are appealing to our traditional buyer as well as younger, contemporary families. It was wonderful to see so many children at this year’s rally.”

Cochran added that the rallies offer a great insight into what is important to Northwood customers. To facilitate that effort, Northwood sets up a display of new models to collect feedback from the RV users/buyers.

Speaking to the group, Northwood COO Ward King stated, “We are as committed to remaining accessible to you, our customers, as we are to maintaining the culture of quality Ron Nash instilled in us. Our ‘Absolute Northwood’ philosophy is our guaranty of unmatched quality, strength, and durability.”

The rally culminated with a Northwood hosted barbecue luncheon and an “all win” raffle.


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Scott Richgruber Joins Northwood Sales Team

April 16, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

Northwood Manufacturing Inc., La Grande, Ore., announced that Scott Richgruber has joined the company’s sales team as district sales manager.

According to a press release, Richgruber is a 20-year veteran of the RV industry. His first 16 years were spent with two of the top RV companies in the industry before heading up the toy hauler division for MVP RV Inc. Most recently, he managed a store for a major California RV dealer.

“Scott has held various sales positions on the wholesale side of the business and with his current, strong retail experience is a great addition to Northwood’s sales team,” said Donald Cochran, national sales director.

Richgruber will working with Northwood dealers located throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

To contact Richgruber, call (760) 534-2136 or Fax (760) 406-5601.


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Northwood Marks 20th, Holds Dealer Showcase

November 6, 2012 by · Comments Off on Northwood Marks 20th, Holds Dealer Showcase 

Northwood rolled out new product at its dealer showcase

Marking its 20th anniversary, Northwood Manufacturing Inc. recently held its dealer showcase at the company’s headquarters in La Grande, Ore. According to a press release, dealers from across the Western United States and Western Canada attended the event, highlighted by the rollout of Northwood’s new product lines.

“Of course, we wanted to write orders, but that was a secondary goal,” said Donald Cochran, national director of sales for Northwood. “We celebrate our team approach, working with our dealer family to refine our products to satisfy today’s consumer and lead to improved sales and profitability for our dealer partners. We received several ideas here that will be worked in based on that dealer feedback. By remaining open to dealer input, we all succeed – our dealers, the retail consumer, and all of us here at Northwood.”

The builder showed new models in all four of its established brands, which are available as the winter show season gets under way. They include:

• The dual-slide Arctic Fox 996 truck camper.

• Nash DLX 25C model with rear bunks, a center slide and tailgating accessory options.

• Two new Desert Fox toy haulers models including the completely redesigned 24AS and the all-new 27FS.

• The new 32A Silver Fox model in the Arctic Fox trailers lineup.

Cochran noted, “With our ongoing drive to increase the value of our products, along with the introduction of these new models, we have provided an exciting alternative to our current customers as well as new consumers.”

Two major product revisions were also revealed to dealers. Fox Mountain, Northwood’s light-duty fifth-wheel line, has undergone a complete revision and retooling. With all-new floorplans, cabinet styling, an exterior appearance and contemporary furniture styling, Fox Mountain provides an “attractive lighter weight alternative packed with value and signature Northwood craftsmanship,” according to Cochran.

The Snow River-Rugged Lite was also introduced offering a lightweight, laminated, welded-aluminum framed travel trailer with “eye-catching exterior features and a warm, rustic cabin-feel interior.”

Northwood said the new models represented a continuation of its commitment to quality off-road construction and four seasons functionality.

COO Ward King and CEO Jim Jones were on hand throughout the event and able to spend one-on-one time with all dealers attending. King stated, “Northwood’s objective is to provide our dealers and the end user with the best built towable products in the market. Northwood’s reputation of providing dependable, high value recreation vehicles by insisting upon quality components and demanding quality craftsmanship from our dedicated production line associates has been earned over time and remains our highest priority.”



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Northwood Sells 1st ‘Milestone Edition’ Camper

October 3, 2012 by · Comments Off on Northwood Sells 1st ‘Milestone Edition’ Camper 

La Grande, Ore.-based Northwood Manufacturing Inc. reported that its first “Milestone Edition” 990 Arctic Fox truck camper was sold during Oregon’s 29th Annual Portland Fall RV & Van Show. According to a press release, the “Milestone Edition” marks the manufacturing of its 10,000th truck camper. In recognition, Northwood developed a special, limited production series of their popular Arctic Fox camper. With special interior and exterior features and a distinctive appearance, the company expects retail activity on the “Milestone Edition” Arctic Fox campers to be brisk. “Our organization was very excited about this product,” said Kevin Baker, principal of Apache Camping Center which sold the camper. “We felt that Northwood really knocked it out of the park with both the appearance and amenities. Consumer reaction was very favorable but when our first sale of the show was the ‘Milestone Edition,’ we knew we had a winner.” Donald Cochran, director of sales for Northwood, observed, “What a testament to the caliber of this dealership. Apache Camping Center retailed the very first Arctic Fox truck camper ever sold. It seems fitting that they should also retail our 10,000th unit.”



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Northwood Mfg. Ships 10,000th Truck Camper

September 25, 2012 by · Comments Off on Northwood Mfg. Ships 10,000th Truck Camper 

La Grande, Ore.-based Northwood Manufacturing Inc. marked production of its 10,000th truck camper, recently shipped to Apache Camping Center.

According to a press release, Portland-based Apache principal Kevin Baker took delivery of the Arctic Fox 990 “Milestone Edition” along with an inscribed photo of the Northwood production line associates posed in front of the 10,000th camper.

The “Milestone” Edition is a special, limited production truck camper developed specifically to mark the 10,000th unit built. It sports special interior and exterior features, and an appearance that distinguishes itself from others in the marketplace.

“Ten thousand truck campers, what an incredible achievement,” Northwood CEO Jim Jones told Baker. “You and your organization have been a significant part of that success. Apache has been a constant and loyal contributor as well as a good friend that we sincerely value as a dealer partner.”

In accepting, Baker noted, “This has truly been a mutually beneficial relationship. You have come so far since that first camper. We really value the history, the relationship and Northwood’s commitment.”

Apache Camping Center is a family-operated RV dealership specializing in towables, truck campers and folding trailers. It is a prominent RV dealer in the Pacific Northwest with locations in Portland, Everett, Wash., and Tacoma, Wash. Apache has been a Northwood dealer since 1994.


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Northwood Welcomes 68 Rigs at Owners Rally

July 10, 2012 by · Comments Off on Northwood Welcomes 68 Rigs at Owners Rally 

Northwood owners attend rally in Oregon

Northwood Manufacturing Inc. recently welcomed 68 rigs and 140 people to Eagles Hot Lake RV Park in picturesque La Grande, Ore., for the company’s annual owners rally. According to a press release, attendees traveled from as far away as Florida and the Canadian provinces for the event, organized by the Northwood RV Owners Association (NROA).

In close proximity to the builder’s manufacturing base in La Grande, owners were able to view the production process during several in-plant tours while all-new models were on display at the RV park for review. Northwood also assigned a team of technicians to visit the campground and help the owners with product concerns that may have arisen.

“(Owner) Ron Nash and the La Grande community are the heart of what we do,” said National Director of Sales Donald Cochran. “Having our customers join us here at the plant is such a positive for everyone. Our customers get to see first-hand the people, materials and processes we use to build the highest quality towable products in the industry.

“Our people have an opportunity to get to know our customers and their priorities. And it also brings business to our local economy, further supporting our people and our community.”

Ward King, Northwood COO, told attendees that, “Northwood Manufacturing truly values this organization of fine people. We value you for your ideas and input as much as for your business and loyalty. These rallies offer a great insight into what is important to our customer. We are as committed to remaining accessible to you our customers as we are to maintaining the culture of quality Ron Nash instilled in us.”

The rally culminated with a barbecue luncheon with Northwood staff and executives mingling with the owners. In a show of appreciation, the executives conduct a raffle in which every attending RV is assured of winning an RV related prize.


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Broadmoor RV Expands, Renovates Dealership

May 4, 2012 by · Comments Off on Broadmoor RV Expands, Renovates Dealership 

Broadmoor RV and Truck Center recently completed an expansion and renovation at its long-time outlet in Pasco, Wash. “There is a fresh look to every aspect of the dealership,” said owner John Ramsey in a press release.

The dealership expanded its parts store along with the addition of new interior service bays that double the previous capacity. The makeover also included an upgraded customer lounge and a larger customer parking area with improved access.

A grand opening is scheduled for May 8.

“There is no doubt that Broadmoor RV Super Store has been and will continue to be a dominant force in the Tri-Cities market,” noted Donald Cochran, national sales manager for La Grande, Ore.-based Northwood Manufacturing Inc., a key OEM for Broadmoor RV.



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Northwood Ships First Nash DLX to Thunder RV

January 5, 2012 by · Comments Off on Northwood Ships First Nash DLX to Thunder RV 

Dan Woollard (center), owner of Thunder RV, takes delivery of the first Nash DLX model produced by Northwood. On hand from Northwood were CEO Jim Jones; COO Ward King; Director of Manufacturing Keith Williams; Director of Sales Donald Cochran; and District Sales Manager Jim Baehmann.

Just in time for the spring show season, La Grande, Ore.-based Northwood Manufacturing Inc. has entirely recreated its Nash trailer brand while rebranding the product as the Nash DLX. According to a press release, Northwood recently delivered the first unit to Thunder RV, also in La Grande.

Launched with five initial floorplans, the Nash DLX will become a full-line product offering featuring travel trailers and fifth-wheels. The additional models will be incorporated into the lineup over the next year.

“The Nash DLX offers floorplans not available in any of the other Northwood brands and boasts a unique look as well as some signature features,” said Donald Cochran, national sales director.

The exterior features a “striking” gray fiberglass exterior with black trim and accents. As with all the Northwood products, Nash DLX models ride on Northwood’s exclusive Certified chassis. In addition, each Nash DLX features a chassis mounted receiver, rated at 2,000 pounds, to accommodate assorted carriers or an optional barbecue. A generator-ready compartment and a 10-gallon water heater are standard.

The Nash DLX also creates functional storage space with “Campers Closets” (closets with shelves rather than hang bars) and bunk models feature “Stow-n-Go” kids storage compartments. Even with these dramatic changes, Northwood said it offers the product at a price point that is well below the cost of last year’s conventional Nash product.

Don Woollard, owner of Thunder RV, said he is excited about this product repositioning and how it will translate into increased sales volume. The family owned dealership has been a key retailer for Northwood products since 1997.

For additional information on Northwood visit


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Northwood Mfg. Hosts New-Product Preview

October 19, 2011 by · Comments Off on Northwood Mfg. Hosts New-Product Preview 

Dealers peruse new models at Northwood Mfg.'s product preview, Oct. 3-7 at the company's headquarters in La Grande, Ore.

Arctic Fox’s Northwood Mfg. brought dealers from throughout the western United States and western Canada to the company’s manufacturing complex in La Grande, Ore., Oct. 3-7 for its 2012 product preview — and to let those retailers know that in spite of all the changes the products have undergone, Northwood as a company and the way it conducts business has not changed.

“Northwood’s objective is to provide both dealers and the end user with the best-built towable products in the market,” said Ward King, Northwood COO, in a release. “Northwood has built its reputation by providing dependable, high-value recreation vehicles by insisting upon quality components and demanding quality craftsmanship from our dedicated production line associates. Ron Nash’s stamp is on everything that we do — it is our company culture. We could not abandon that influence; it is the solid foundation on which we build. That commitment will never change.”

Donald Cochran, national director of sales, led the dealers through all the exciting changes the company has been working on over the last year.

“Using input from owners and our dealers, we have spent the last year fine-tuning our brands to provide product solutions that will satisfy today’s consumer and lead to improved sales and profitability for our dealer partners,” Cochran said. “Our products have been revitalized and energized. They are positioned for a major resurgence when the winter show season gets under way.”

All Arctic Fox models now feature laminated construction complete with welded aluminum frames. Additionally, Arctic Fox is now sporting a bold new look thanks to an aerodynamic front fiberglass cap with integrated LPG tank cover as well as an updated logo and graphics package. All exterior compartments have been equipped with “slam latch” catches.

The Silver Fox Edition, in particular, was on the receiving end of a host of new features, including a new stylish aerodynamic grey fiberglass cap with integrated LPG tank cover. Interior enhancements include solid-surface galley countertops, antique-glazed deep maple cabinet doors and, in the bedroom, a large skylight with blackout shade and Northwood’s Tru-Rest memory foam mattress.

Like all Arctic Fox models, it also enjoys the convenience of an Interior Command Center — a centralized location for switches and the monitoring station.

“This is a new Arctic Fox that looks dramatically different than previous versions. We have increased the value of our products. We want to give our current customers a reason to buy a new Arctic Fox and we want to attract new buyers. All these improvements were incorporated without a price increase,” stated Cochran.

Other major changes to the Northwood lineup included:

Interior of the Arctic Fox 32-5M.

•Silver Fox Edition fifth wheels. Redesigned from the ground up with a wide-body design, they feature a grey aerodynamic cap complete with docking lights and “Tight Turn” radius design. The stack-rail chassis design allows for cavernous below deck storage; other exterior enhancements include keyless entry and an exterior convenience center complete with 12V disconnect.

Interior upgrades include solid-surface counter tops and antiqued-glazed, deep maple cabinets throughout, new furniture styling, new window-treatment applications and designer Iron décor items. Livability was greatly enhanced as a result of the 6-foot, 6-inch tall main floor slideouts in conjunction with the wide body design.

•Returning to its original position in the market, Nash has been repositioned and rebranded as Nash LT and Nash DLX,  both featuring the certified Northwood off-road chassis with 15” radial tires, an enclosed, insulated and heated fresh water tank and a durable, easy to clean fiberglass exterior siding. The Nash DLX also includes a 10-gallon water heater, a generator-ready compartment and a 2000-pound receiver.

•A new look to the Desert Fox. Sporting bold body-wrap Desert Fox icon graphics, this toy hauler also features 16-inch aluminum wheels, solar reflective windows, motion detector patio lighting, and electric awning. Interior highlights include a stainless-steel appliance group, Kicker Premium Sound System w/Amp, CD/DVD player, designer interior with logo accents.

•Two new Snow River fifth-wheel models — Northwood’s “step-up” product — were showcased. The 2665RKSS features a rear u-shaped kitchen as well as a super slide; the 2765RLSS features a center galley and super slide with a pair of recliners in the rear. Both of these models are less than 30 feet, and are mid-profile, half-ton-towable units that provide full stand-up head room on the upper deck.

•Fox Mountain, Northwood’s aluminum-framed, laminated mid-profile fifth-wheel brand, was displaying two new models as well. The new 245RKS is a rear kitchen model and the 265RLSS is a rear-lounge model with a center galley and super-slide that features a pair of recliners in the rear. Both models have a GVWR of 9,500 pounds, making them towable by new half-ton trucks.

In addition to the company’s new-product preview, Lance Rinker, Northwood’s director of materials and marketing was on hand to report on the launch of Northwood’s new user-friendly website and provide some insight into the planned marketing efforts currently under development. According to Rinker, one major focus will be on developing materials that help communicate some of the unique processes/features that distinguish Northwood products — including the launch of the “Absolute Northwood” campaign. He also reported that all Northwood towable brands will now feature a decal at the entry door that boasts the certification of Northwood’s chassis by a third-party engineering firm that conducted aerospace Interference Grid Technology Design Analysis for optimum performance and safety.

“This certification proves that Northwood is committed to building better products and further distinguishes Northwood products from others in the market,” said Rinker.

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Northwood Debuts Customer-Oriented Website

October 10, 2011 by · Comments Off on Northwood Debuts Customer-Oriented Website 

Northwood Manufacturing Inc. has redesigned its website, offering visitors a sleeker look with enhanced features.

According to a press release, new features include simplified navigation, 360-degree virtual tours, additional video content and new printed material formats.

Keying in on the La Grande, Ore.-based builder’s loyal customer base, the site also has a renewed focus on testimonials.

The website launch coincides with the unveiling of four major product redesigns including: Arctic Fox truck camper – Silver Fox Edition; aluminum superstructure Arctic Fox; Nash travel trailer; and the Desert Fox toy hauler.

Visit the website at to view all the new product innovations and enhancements.



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Northwood, Torklift Launch ‘Ultimate Back Porch’

September 21, 2011 by · Comments Off on Northwood, Torklift Launch ‘Ultimate Back Porch’ 

La Grande, Ore.-based Northwood Manufacturing Inc. and Torklift International joined forces to produce the “ultimate back porch,” according to a press release.

The new Fox Landing, fabricated by Torklift, is engineered specifically for Arctic Fox truck campers and features an innovative, expansive entry platform that affixes on an even wider standard bumper.

It is equipped with four equal-height steps, including a mid-step between the extra-wide bumper and threshold. The steps conveniently fold up and out of the way in seconds.

The stairway can be installed to the left or right of the landing and folds up, out of the way, for travel or when hitching your boat or trailer. A convenient single pin locks secures the folded steps. Additionally, Glow Step Treads offer extra safety in low light situations.



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Northwood Aligns With Alaska Dealer Valley RV

August 18, 2011 by · Comments Off on Northwood Aligns With Alaska Dealer Valley RV 

La Grande, Ore.-based RV builder Northwood Manufacturing Inc. has added Palmer, Alaska, dealer Valley RV Center Inc. as the newest member of its expanding dealer network. Valley RV has been operating in the Anchorage market for 15 years.

Northwood COO Ward King, stated: “This is such a great fit for us and for Valley RV Center. Northwood enjoys a very strong market share in Canada due to our reputation for durable, all-weather construction. It makes sense that these product attributes make Northwood a perfect choice for the Alaskan RVer. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with this quality dealership.”

Wayne Boitz, owner of Valley RV Center, added, “Northwood products are very desirable but the dealers who carry them won’t part with them. We jumped at the opportunity to grab their new brands.”

Palmer will represent Northwood’s new Wolf Creek camper line as well as the Fox Mountain half-ton fifth-wheel line and the Snow River travel trailer and fifth-wheel products.

“Our new brands are already beginning to gain traction. We believe they will soon enjoy the same owner satisfaction and referral rate we enjoy with our established brands” said Northwood’s National Sales Director Donald Cochran.

Northwood produces the several towable brands including Nash, Arctic Fox, Arctic Fox truck campers and Desert Fox toy haulers. In addition, Northwood has launched new brands: Snow River, a step-up travel trailer and fifth-wheel line; Fox Mountain, a mid-profile fifth-wheel line; and Wolf Creek, a value oriented truck camper. You can contact Northwood Manufacturing via the following: Toll Free: 800-Ron-Nash (800-766-6274);; or visit the website:


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Northwood Partners With Nevada Dealer A1 RV

August 9, 2011 by · Comments Off on Northwood Partners With Nevada Dealer A1 RV 

La Grande, Ore.-based Northwood Manufacturing Inc. has added Sparks, Nev., dealer A1 RV to its expanding retail network.

“We are excited to be back in the Reno/Sparks market with A1 RV,” said Northwood COO Ward King. “They are commited to customer satisfaction and realize that it all starts with a quality product and a quality experience.”

Jami Heiskanen, owner/operator of A1 RV, was pleased with the opportunity. “We are grateful for our partnership with Northwood Manufacturing,” he said. “A1 RV chose to become a Northwood Dealer because we were looking for a lifelong partnership with a manufacturer that upholds our same beliefs. We believe that Northwood products are built to last, that the quality is unmatched and the people are integrity driven.”

Jim Jones, Northwood’s CEO, added, “We are thrilled about this response to our brands and our quality commitment.It is gratifying to have dealers and consumers seek our products as a result of our track record for building quality RV’s. Our reputation for quality is well known among the consumer public. It has been particularly rewarding this year to receive broad-based dealer recognition via RVDA’s Quality Circle Award.”

For additional information on Northwood call 800-Ron-Nash (800-766-6274); e-mail; or visit the website at



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