Oregon Dealers Upbeat, Despite Pump Prices

May 16, 2011 by · Comments Off on Oregon Dealers Upbeat, Despite Pump Prices 

Those gas prices really add up when you are filling 100 gallons of gas or diesel, and for the rebounding motorhome and RV industry, high gas prices is the last thing they want to see.

As reported by KDRV TV in Medford, Ore., the RV industry took a huge hit when Americans lost their disposable income with the recession, but new models are out on the lots and so are buyers, and high gas prices don’t seem to be slowing anyone down.

AAA says they estimate a 3% increase in the number of campers and motorhomes on the road. Those in RV sales say the industry is enjoying a rebound as people’s disposable income starts to rise again. The smaller models are selling better than the bigger motor homes.

The industry is working on some more fuel-efficient models and hybrids, but it will likely be years until they are mainstream and you start seeing them on the road and at the campground.

Click here to link with KDRV and watch the video.

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