Idaho’s Park-A-Way RV: 50 Years Old in 2010

June 16, 2010 by · Comments Off on Idaho’s Park-A-Way RV: 50 Years Old in 2010 

To watch KPVI-TV’s newscast on the following story, click here.

Nearly half a century later, Park-A-Way RV in suburban Pocatello, Idaho, is not only still open, it is booming with business.

Their secret is to stay not too small or get too big. But right now, the owner says they still have room to grow, according to KPVI-TV, Pocatello.

Some of the greatest fishing and hunting is less than a hundred miles away from East Idaho. No wonder it is a family tradition for parents to load up the RV and show their children what life is like out in the wilderness.

Customer Cal Rowe said,  “It was a lot of fun but now our children are grown and my wife and I have decided it’s time for us to go out and enjoy a nice trailer.”

The Rowes aren’t the only ones planning for their future outings, away from the traffic, to enjoy the peace and quiet. Park-Away RV moved to a larger location in Chubbuck fearing they would not be able to keep up with overhead costs, only to find that within a month they needed even more room.

The current owner’s father is the one who laid the foundation for success.

Ryan Smith, owner, said, “Everybody thinks their dad is the greatest but my dad was truly the best craftsman. Basically, we don’t sub out anything. We have two welders and a gentleman that just does fiberglass work. So, there’s no part of the RV experience that we can’t handle or fix. We do it all.”

Besides the convenience of the service department, it is the outgoing staff that reeled in the Rowes.

Rowe added, “When people go to buy anything, in the end, it’s what you really feel inside that really sells ya.”

Smith has already hired a handful of people and will be hiring more technicians in the near future when he expands his operation further.

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