Park Models Deemed Illegal at Maine Resort

July 5, 2011 by · 1 Comment 

An RV resort on the Maine coast has been issued a notice of violation and an order for corrective action after replacing recreational vehicles with park model cottages. reported that the town of York considers the six new cottages at Flagg’s RV resort LLC to be “dwelling units,” which represents a change of use from the RVs that are allowed in the campground. The notice was issued June 28 by Code Enforcement Office Ben McDougal.

Flagg’s is ordered to remove the new units no later than July 22, or face fines of up to $2,500 per day.

Flagg’s is appealing the violation notice to the town’s Board of Appeals, as the six units are still RVs, according to Bob Moser, president and co-owner of Morgan RV Resorts LLC, which owns Flagg’s.

“They are RVs; they are manufactured by an RV manufacturer,” Moser said Monday (July 4). “They are a newer type of RV.”

Morgan RV Resorts, out of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., owns numerous campgrounds from Maine to Florida and has no problems with the cottages in other towns, he said.

Locally, he said, Sea-Vu Campground in Wells offers cottages for rent and for sale, and there has been no problem in that town, he said.

Sea-Vu Campground, made up of the Sea-Vu, Sea-Vu South and Sea-Vu West, is independently operated and not owned by Morgan, according to Sea-Vu West manager Jason Talevi, a member of the Talevi family, which opened the campground in 2006.

Sea-Vu West has 140 park model cottage units, he said.

“They might look like a cottage,” Talevi said. “(The town of) Wells has no problem. They’re under 400 square feet, so they’re classified as an RV. If they’re over that, it’s a manufactured or mobile home.”

The Sea-Vu units are about 12 feet wide and 34 or 35 feet long, he said.

In his notice of violation, McDougal said Flagg’s new dwellings don’t meet the town’s definition of recreational vehicle or trailer.

“These new dwellings are approximately 13 feet by 30 feet, and they appear to be small, manufactured houses,” McDougal said in the notice.

McDougal inspected the cottages on June 17, he said.

Morgan starting bringing in the six cottages this spring, putting the units in a space formerly rented to an estimated 10 RV owners, who were told to move out this spring. The campground changed its name from Flagg’s RV Resort to Flagg’s RV & Cottage Resort.

The cottages rent for $1,499 weekly, compared to the estimated $5,000 cost per season to park an RV there.

Some of the estimated 70 seasonal RV owners remaining at Flagg’s have voiced concern they will be next to be asked to leave the park. Selectmen at a June 13 board meeting said neighbors on Garrison Avenue and Webber Road, where Flagg’s is located, fear the change from seasonal to nightly and weekly rentals will increase traffic.

Morgan bought the former independently owned campground around 2006.

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