RVers Skeptical Over RV Parks’ ‘Green’ Claims

April 20, 2010 by · 2 Comments 

Plan-It Green logoA survey over the weekend by reveals that most RVers are unimpressed with RV parks that advertise “going green.”

Nearly three quarters of the more than 1,100 readers who responded to the survey said they would be no more inclined to stay at a park that promoted itself as “green” over a park that did not, according to a story posted today by the RV News Service. The survey question was:

“If an RV park advertises itself as ‘green’ (environmentally friendly), how does that affect your decision to stay there?”

Only about 7% of respondents said they would be “much more” inclined to stay at such a park, while 19% said they would be a “little more inclined” to stay.

Private campgrounds across the country are increasingly making investments in solar and wind power, as well as other energy, water and natural resource saving programs, according to the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). Some parks, the group says, are making green investments on their own initiative, while others are doing so with active encouragement from the association, which launched a green parks initiative three years ago called “Plan-it Green.”

Comments to the survey indicated that at least some RVers believe going “green” is nothing more than a marketing ploy. “It is just a politically trendy catchword that makes people feel good without really thinking about what it means,” one RVer wrote.

“If the owners care enough to go green, then they must care more about their park in general — spaces, garbage removal, the overall cleanliness and appearance of their camp,” commented reader Jan Balzano.

“While there is little doubt that at least some RV parks are paying more attention to operating in more environmentally responsible ways, the perception of our readers appears to be that their efforts are more about hype than concern for the environment,” said editor Chuck Woodbury.

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