Elkhart Paint Shop Expanding, Adds More Jobs

December 5, 2013 by · Comments Off on Elkhart Paint Shop Expanding, Adds More Jobs 

Mike Suski thought he saw a need.

As reported by the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune, it turned out he was right. When the RV industry slowed down in 2008, Suski, a manager at Newmar Corp., a maker of motor coaches, wondered if there was room for another paint shop locally in the industry.

He looked around and found there was room, especially a quality paint shop. So he started his own, Pro Custom Paint, in 2010.

“Not to bash anybody else but not that many put out as good of a paint job as we do,” he said. “It didn’t take long for us to start painting a little bit and for the word to get out. And it took off, mostly by word of mouth.”

The first year business was gained mostly by making cold calls. “But after that pretty much everybody calls me and asks me if I have capacity to do their units,” Suski said, “which has been really, really nice.”

Things are going so well that the company, which had three or four employees in 2010, has grown to 50 in three years.

With the aid of commercial realty broker FM Stone, Pro Custom Paint recently purchased two buildings totaling 66,647 square feet on 7.4 acres in Elkhart. Because of that, Suski believes more expansion is coming. In fact, he hopes to double his work force in 2014.

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Pro Custom Paint Expanding Elkhart Operations

November 20, 2013 by · Comments Off on Pro Custom Paint Expanding Elkhart Operations 

Pro Custom Paint, an Elkhart, Ind.-based automotive paint shop servicing the RV and related industries, is expanding with the acquisition of two additional industrial buildings. FM Stone Commercial, which assisted Pro Custom Paint in securing the properties, reported that the facilities total 66,647 square feet and are situated on 7.4 acres on County Road 3 in Elkhart.

“The plan is to consolidate our existing business under one roof,” said Pro Custom Paint President Mike Suski in a press release. “We will use one of the new buildings which is roughly 33,000 square feet, add a new addition of 25,000 square feet and move the operations from our two other buildings under one roof for more efficiency. Then we will take our other two buildings (18,000 and 20,800 square feet) and create two new businesses. One will focus on paint for smaller parts related to the RV, marine and automotive industry and the other will focus on catering to existing RV owners who want things like special paint jobs or need repair work on their vehicles.”

All four of Pro Custom Paint’s buildings are within a quarter mile of each other. Founded in September of 2010 and currently employing 50 people, the company expects to add another 30 employees by the end the January, 2014.



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