Chef Ralph Pagano to Hit the Road in an RV

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Ralph Pagano

Ralph Pagano

Ralph Pagano, the Hell’s Kitchen alum and erstwhile Executive Chef of the restaurant formerly known as Customs House is headed back to television, according to the Broward (Fla.) New Times blog.

It turns out his split with the Boca Restaurant was mutual. While Customs House will now be known as Chris Michael’s Restaurant and Lounge, an eclectic steakhouse/Italian/sushi/seafood concept, Pagano is getting back to the small screen with a show that will take him on the road. Literally.

The show, tentatively titled “RST RV,” will center around Pagano as he hits the open road in search of food that’s “renewable, sustainable, and traceable.” Pagano will drive a 45-foot, fully green RV that runs on bio diesel (hence, the name) out into the country where he will document people making food “the old fashioned way.”

Pagano says his inspiration for the program became clear during his time filming Pressure Cook. “I really became more aware of these types of foods while traveling the world,” he said via e-mail. “Now, [I have] the opportunity to tour this country and meet all these cool people who are making [sustainable] food.”

According to Pagano, “RST RV” will also feature an online component where viewers can follow the green-mobile live as it rolls into new destinations.

“There will be some great stories, people who’ve changed careers [to do this], third-generation farmers, and scientists,” says Pagano. “Groovy [people] looking to make a difference and while making some kick ass product along the way.”

Pagano doesn’t have a timeline on when the show will air as of yet, but says the network (also undisclosed as of now) is “finalizing the nitty gritty on the deal.”

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