Red Lantern’s Smart RV Will Exhibit in Louisville

October 25, 2012 by · Comments Off on Red Lantern’s Smart RV Will Exhibit in Louisville 

Red Lantern Labs Smart RV

The Smart RV monitoring device, developed by Solana Beach, Calif.-based Red Lantern Labs, will be on display as part of the upcoming National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. According to a press release, Smart RV will be located in Booth No. 634 in the arena floor section of the Kentucky Exposition Center exhibit hall.

Smart RV, applicable to all towables and motorhomes, provides the exact location of the RV. The GPS-based wireless device can track the RV’s trips, stops and has alerts, such as low battery and service reminders.

Red Lantern said that owners are eligible for insurance discounts by employing Smart RV. Dealers also benefit by being able to offer specials and service reminders based on time or usage while also getting a percentage of data plan renewals.

Smart RV’s new retail packaging and sales literature for consumers will be available at the show. The product is an inexpensive investment for owners and becomes a profit center for dealers and manufacturers, according to Red Lantern

For further information, contact Jon Corn or Don Levy at (855) 367-5190, or visit


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RV|ID System Helps Police Nab Motorhome Thief

February 7, 2012 by · Comments Off on RV|ID System Helps Police Nab Motorhome Thief 

A stolen motorhome worth nearly $100,000 was recently recovered and the thief who took it apprehended in less than two hours because the vehicle was equipped with an inventory monitoring service that allows dealers to monitor inventory in real time.

According to a press release from Carson Marketing representing McMahon’s RV, the Pleasure-Way Excel motorhome was taken from the dealership in Irvine, Calif., by a woman identified as 51-year-old Terri Gibson. The Irvine resident had been on a test drive, but when the salesman briefly left the vehicle, Gibson took the opportunity to drive away.

The release stated that after contacting the police, McMahon’s used the RV|ID monitoring system to pinpoint the RV’s precise location as it traveled north through the Mojave Desert at a high rate of speed. This information was communicated to law enforcement in real time enabling the CHP to apprehend the surprised thief and recover the RV within two hours of its theft and less than 20 miles from the Nevada state line.

Gibson spent the night in jail, but was released the next day on a legal technicality.

“Nobody beats McMahon’s, not even thieves,” said Brent McMahon, owner of Mega RV Corp, which owns and operates McMahon’s RV. “We are ecstatic to have recovered the stolen RV so quickly and easily. The RV|ID system worked perfectly and deserves all the credit for helping us recover this RV before it found its way to a chop shop out in the desert. This happened on a Sunday afternoon, yet the RV|ID customer support team was there to help us through this ordeal.”

“We’re pleased that RV|ID was able to help McMahon’s recover their RV so fast and without damage,” stated Jon Corn, president, sales and business development for Red Lantern Labs, which offers the RV|ID and Smart RV services. “We work hard to ensure RV|ID’s precision and reliability so that our customers can closely track and monitor their inventory.”


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Humphreys Joins Red Lantern’s Advisory Board

November 28, 2011 by · Comments Off on Humphreys Joins Red Lantern’s Advisory Board 

Red Lantern Labs, the developer of the innovative RV|ID and Smart RV services, today (Nov. 28) announced the appointment of David J. Humphreys to its advisory board.

Having been president of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) for 27 years, Humphreys has been a leading spokesman for the RV industry and a popular interview guest, according to a press release. He has appeared on television and radio shows from coast-to-coast explaining the advantages associated with RV travel.

In recognition of his leadership and numerous accomplishments, Humphreys is the recipient of the RV industry’s highest honor—the Distinguished Service to the RV Industry Award. He has also been awarded the industry’s National Legislative Award and was inducted into the RV Industry Hall of Fame in 1997.

In addition the recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA), has presented Humphreys with the Titan Award, RVDA’s highest award. And in 2006, RVIA established the David J. Humphreys Industry Unity Award to be presented annually to an individual from any segment of the RV industry who has distinguished him or herself in promoting RV industry unity.

Humphreys was also the leading force in the creation of the American Recreation Coalition (ARC), a nonprofit federation of more than 100 recreation-related associations and companies active in government policy-making on recreation issues, and he served as chairman of its board of directors from 1979 until 2006. In 2001, ARC’s members honored Humphreys with the prestigious Sheldon Coleman Great Outdoors Award in recognition of his more than two decades of service as a central player in national policy matters affecting recreation, travel and tourism.

“Dave is truly one of the giants in the RV industry and we are incredibly fortunate to be able to draw upon his vast experience as we expand our exciting new Smart RV service for RV dealers and owners,” said Don Levy, CEO of Solana Beach, Calif.-based Red Lantern Labs. “As a member of our advisory board, Dave will help make our vision of RV|ID as an industry solution a reality.”

“It’s exciting to be involved with such an innovative and useful service as RV|ID,” said Humphreys. “I’ve been in the RV industry for a long time and RV|ID has huge potential not only for manufacturers and dealers, but also for RV owners through the exciting new Smart RV service. Having a Smart RV allows a RV owner to stay in touch with their RV and share location and travel adventures with other owners, friends and family, all in real time.”



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VIDEO #2: ‘Capital Talk’ Examines RV|ID System

November 8, 2011 by · Comments Off on VIDEO #2: ‘Capital Talk’ Examines RV|ID System 

Jon Corn, president of sales and business development for Red Lantern Labs which developed the RV|ID system, visits RV Capital Talk to discuss the benefits and features of the service.

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FRVTA Offering RV|ID System to Dealer Members

October 4, 2011 by · Comments Off on FRVTA Offering RV|ID System to Dealer Members 

The Florida RV Trade Association (FRVTA) is teaming up with RV|ID to offer a new telematics and inventory management solution for RV dealers, according to a news release.

FRVTA said that using GPS and wireless communications technology, together with a sophisticated software analytics engine and an online portal, RV|ID gives RV dealers a new tool to efficiently manage their new and used motorized and towable inventory, while also providing the myRV|ID consumer service to RV purchasers.

“We are pleased to work with FRVTA to offer a valuable new service and revenue source for its dealer members,” said John Mancinelli, vice president of RV dealer development for Red Lantern Labs, which developed and offers RV|ID. “RV|ID’s real-time inventory management system makes it very useful for dealers who are seeking better ways to manage their inventory, while the myRV|ID service enables dealers to offer a valuable new product for RV purchasers.”

“This new technology could benefit the entire RV Industry, but most importantly our FRVTA dealers and their customers,” said FRVTA Executive Director Lance Wilson. “FRVTA dealers will be able to provide their customers an RV that will enhance their RV experience while providing our dealers a tool that will improve rolling stock management while increasing sales and profitability.”



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