Rexhall Relocates, Partners with E-Bus Builder

April 10, 2013 by · Comments Off on Rexhall Relocates, Partners with E-Bus Builder 

Rexhall Industries Inc. today (April 10) announced the relocation of its manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters to a smaller 40,000 square-foot facility in Lancaster, Calif.

“With the California economy where it is, banks have been hesitant to work with any RV manufacturers in California,” said President and CEO William J. Rex in a press release. The builder filed for Chapter 11 in 2009, citing “extenuating circumstances unrelated to the downturn in the industry.”

The relocation is in conjunction with a new partnership aligning the company with China-based BYD Coach & Bus LLC, a leader in battery technology and sustainable energy technology, as Rexhall also unveiled plans to build a “truly green motorhome.” Rex said that BYD would be moving into the company’s former manufacturing facility in Lancaster, adding, “We view this as a prime opportunity for California and our city, bringing a substantial number of new jobs immediately with significant growth potential in the years to come.”

As Rexhall plans to build a smaller, more economical motorhome for 2014 and beyond, Rex noted that the timing was perfect for downsizing from their current manufacturing facility. Their new plant already houses Rexhall’s sales, service and warranty departments, which will continue operating and servicing the firm’s current recreational vehicle products and specialty vehicles.

In addition, Rexhall will begin designing and developing its new motorhome, utilizing their patented T-Rex full-body sliderooms that add greater space to smaller, easier-to-drive RVs.

“Rexhall has been working for years to develop a truly green motorhome,” said Rex. “We believe BYD’s battery technology could be the long-term answer for a truly green, affordable electric motorhome of the future. We plan to spend the rest of 2013 developing a new motorhome with an expected launch date and dealer showing of March 2014.”

Rex has also accepted the position of general manager for BYD, the new company formed to build the e-bus here in America. “I am very excited about this opportunity, as are several of our current Rexhall employees who will be working with me at BYD Coach & Bus,” Rex said. “We look forward to working hand-in-hand with our international partners to bring investment, resources and jobs to California.”

Hillory Rex, Rexhall’s director of marketing, added “Today’s economy is both global and interdependent. To thrive in today’s marketplace, America must continue manufacturing and selling products around the world, while international firms do the same here in the U.S. This interdependence strengthens the economies of countries across the globe while providing new growth opportunities for individual firms. We are proud to partner with BYD to bring green jobs and investment to our home state of California, and we look forward to the incredible potential this partnership offers for Rexhall Industries to begin selling American-made motorhomes in the massive Chinese and global marketplace.”


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