Roadmaster Hires Repco as SE Factory Rep Firm

December 21, 2013 by · Comments Off on Roadmaster Hires Repco as SE Factory Rep Firm 

Roadmaster Inc. announced the addition of a new factory representative firm, Repco Inc. According to a press release, Repco will be responsible for sales in the southeastern United States — specifically Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi,Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina.

“We are pleased to have Repco as a part of the Roadmaster team,” said Eric Jason, national sales manager at Roadmaster. “Collectively, Woody Singleton, Dana Hoffman and Kenny Young bring 86 years of experience in the RV aftermarket industry. We’re anxious to apply that experience and skill to Roadmaster products.”

Contact Repco at (407) 973-5653, or email

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Roadmaster Earns Magazine’s Readers’ Award

November 28, 2012 by · Comments Off on Roadmaster Earns Magazine’s Readers’ Award 

Roadmaster tow bars and supplemental braking systems have been chosen by the readers of Motorhome Magazine as 2012 Readers’ Choice Award winners.

Thousands of votes were cast for 104 brands in a total of 24 categories during the magazine’s first-ever readers’ award vote. The award recipients were announced Monday (Nov. 26).

“Recognition by our customers is the highest accolade,” David Robinson, director of marketing for Roadmaster, stated in a news release, “since it comes from the people who make the ultimate decision on the merits of our products.”

The magazine’s readers voted for Roadmaster’s All-Terrain series of tow bars, with the patented Freedom Latch, cable guide and storage latch and for its series of proportional, pre-set and progressive supplemental braking systems. The braking systems include Even Brake, BrakeMaster and InvisiBrake, which in March also won the Best New Product of 2011 Award at the annual NTP dealer show.


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Roadmaster’s Quiet Hitch Fits Larger Receivers

September 24, 2012 by · Comments Off on Roadmaster’s Quiet Hitch Fits Larger Receivers 

Roadmaster Quiet Hitch

Roadmaster has introduced a larger Quiet Hitch product, designed to fit the 2 1/2-inch hitch receivers which now come standard with many GMC, Chevrolet and Ford trucks, as well as other full-size, long wheel-base trucks, vans and SUVs.

According to a press release, Quiet Hitch eliminates the irritating rattle that vibrates through the frame when driving over a pot hole, speed bump or railroad tracks. It also curbs sway and wander by eliminating any free play between the ball mount and whatever is inserted for a solid, seamless connection.

In addition, consistent pressure keeps the towing combination tracking straight through crosswinds, curves and sudden maneuvers — all with considerably less effort for the driver. Quiet Hitch also helps reduce tire wear, as well as wear and tear on the hitch and the receiver, by limiting free play.

Roadmaster said that the Quiet Hitch bolts on in seconds and is especially effective on towing combinations with multiple hitch extensions.


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Distributor NTP Awards Roadmaster InvisiBrake

March 5, 2012 by · Comments Off on Distributor NTP Awards Roadmaster InvisiBrake 

Roadmaster's InvisiBrake

Roadmaster’s InvisiBrake was awarded the Best New Product of 2011 at NTP Distribution Inc.’s recently completed dealer show in San Diego.

According to a press release, InvisiBrake is a fully-automatic, progressive towed vehicle supplemental braking system so compact it can be installed under most seats.

InvisiBrake is designed for simplicity and ease of use — there’s nothing to put in or take out of the vehicle for towing or driving. “We set out to make the ultimate no-hassle braking system,” said David Robinson, national sales manager at Roadmaster. “And we’re thrilled with the success we’ve seen since InvisiBrake was introduced last June.”

InvisiBrake also constantly charges the battery during towing and comes with a two-stage motorhome monitor. For more information about InvisiBrake, click here.



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Roadmaster Automatic Battery Disconnect

March 28, 2009 by · Comments Off on Roadmaster Automatic Battery Disconnect 

2041831_roadmasterEliminate the inconvenience and danger of pulling your battery cable with the Automatic Battery Disconnect from Roadmaster Inc. After the initial installation, your vehicle can be towed and then driven without any further adjustment to the battery. The Automatic Battery Disconnect is ideal for anyone towing a Jeep Liberty, Jeep Wrangler or any other vehicle that must be towed with the battery cable disconnected. The Automatic Battery Disconnect provides a constant charged current to the battery during towing, charging the battery up to full capacity. There is also a positive current source for break-away systems or other accessories which must be connected to the battery. The unit works on virtually all 12-volt batteries. For more information visit Roadmaster.

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